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NEWSLETTER OF August Issue 2007

PCR-WALEWIS COUNTY COMPOSITE SQUADRON PCR-WA-110 WASHINGTON WING, CIVIL AIR PATROL Published by Lewis County Sq., CAP PO Box 56 Chehalis, WA 98532 Editor: 1st Lt Ruth A. Peterson

Commanders Corner Lewis County Composite Squadron 110%

By 1st Lt Dan Whalen, LCCS Commander

When we join an organization such as the Civil Air Patrol, each of us has different reasons to get involved. It may be to help others, it may be to learn new things, or it may be to support your family members that are already in the CAP. In my role as unit commander, I am learning that each member has many things to contribute to the unit. I am excited to have new senior members join and take on responsibilities and begin their advancement in the CAP. I believe that the Lewis County Squadron is poised on the edge of true greatness. In fact we are already doing such a great job that I am amazed at the hard work that gets poured out by our members. My concern is that in our quest for activities and busyness we may be losing focus on the core missions that we have been federally mandated to achieve. As you probably know the CAP is mandated with three missions, Emergency Services, Aerospace education and Cadet Programs. Over the next few months we will be focusing on each of these areas more. In Emergency services we have opportunities to work with the Lewis County Search and Rescue Council (SAR) on getting certified in the requirements to get our State cards for Emergency Services work. In Aerospace education, we will be working with our new Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) Capt. Corder on Activities, field trips and getting into the community and schools to teach about Aerospace and aviation. Look forward to great things in AE! Cadet Programs has long been a strong area for our squadron. We have over 20 cadets attending encampment with 9 as staff members and the rest as first time basics. Watch for a group of fired up individuals to come back to the squadron! Looking ahead I see Drill and Color Guard teams going to competitions, cadets learning to fly, more Basic Marksmanship encampments, Advanced communications classes, NCO training, and advanced officer training for our cadet staff. The group of cadets we have is AWESOME and they are becoming a team that has so much potential it is amazing. Stay focused on the missions, read, learn, ask questions and be actively involved in the unit and the activities we are doing. Step forward to become a leader. Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifice for our unit and the community.

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2007 Air Fair August Birthdays Fund-Raising Results July Promotions Websites of Interest Upcoming Events 2 3 3 3 4 4

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Volume II, Issue 8

2007 Chehalis Centralia Air Fair

By C/CMSgt Jonathan Peterson, PAO

The Chehalis Centralia Airport held it's annual Air Fair on the last weekend of July. The Lewis County Composite Squadron was on hand for the entire weekend to help with a variety of tasks. During the weekend, over 25 cadets and 8 senior officers worked hard to make the weekend flow smoothly for the event. CAP helps the Air Fair by keeping crowds under control, marshaling aircraft, and recruiting new cadets. We had six tasks that were performed by six teams of cadets. These tasks were air marshalling, crosswalk guard, static display, recruiting, communications (comm.), and fueling. While doing flight line marshalling, cadets had two orange batons that they used to direct aircraft to their respective places. At the crosswalk, they kept the civilians from running across the crosswalk if an aircraft was coming down a taxiway. Yes, people will do strange and dangerous things; our task was to prevent that from happening. Static display consisted of making sure civilians didnt cross under the rope barriers to the taxiway. Recruiting is just a matter of talking to people and telling them about CAP. We have all done that at some point. Comm is the term used to cover all parts of communication. We had a base station, and each team of cadets had a radio. At first, all the cadets would take turns manning the base station, but to provide consistency, the staff eventually took over the base station duties. However, all who attended gained quite a bit of radio experience. Fueling was the same as crosswalk and static display, only at the fueling station. The first thing we did at the Air Fair on Friday evening was set up tents. We then deposited our gear and went to a safety briefing. We did an overview of flight line marshalling and got briefed on job positions. The Air Fair was a weekend encampment, but cadets were allowed to leave, if needed. As usual, we did PT in the morning and had breakfast. Our squadron also provided the Color Guard for the opening ceremony each morning. After the colors were presented, we went to work at our assigned position. The heat was intense the first and second day, but on Sunday it rained, and everything got soaked. The highlight of the Air Fair was the landing of an Army Chinook in the airport. The Chinook came from the north and circled the airport and landed near the windsock. Tours of it where given for free and you could sit in the cockpit and learn about all the controls, I was amazed that the pilots manage to push the right buttons and switches at the right time. The fuselage is similar to that of the C-17, just a whole lot smaller. The take off was amazing to watch as it moved around the airport before leaving. There were quite a variety of aircraft at the show including biplanes, an acrobatic aircraft, a helicopter, and others. One group that flew in was of formation flyers that flew around the airport in different patterns. The Young Eagles flights were free for any young person who had parental permission. That sums up this year's Air Fair. Next time, we need as many cadets as possible to help. Oh, and the discount ice cream was terrific.

CIVIL AIR PATROL Drug Free and Proud!

Volume II, Issue 8

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August Birthdays
3 - 1st Lt Rita Whalen 10 - 1st Lt Gil White 20 - Cadet Tiffany Wehnau 23 - Cadet Kayla Hughes 6 - Cadet Jake Madaris 14 - Cadet Dustin Day 22 - 2d Lt Linda Williams 30 - Cadet Ivan Weber

Successful Fund-Raisers Provide Money for Cadet Scholarships

Civil Air Patrol provides a multitude of opportunities for cadets to attend encampments both locally, Wing-wide, and National. Lewis County Composite Squadron believes that all cadets should be able to attend as many events as possible. To accomplish that goal, we try to have many fund-raisers throughout the year that will enable us to provide scholarships to the cadets wishing to attend these events. Cadets wishing to take advantage of the scholarship activities should be willing to participate in our fund-raising events. During the months of June and July, we sponsored two fund-raising events; DeGoede Bulb Farm Flower Bowl sales and the STP bike ride. Many cadets participated in both of these very successful events, and we were able to raise over $1000.00 as a result. A special mention of thanks goes to several cadets who sold many of the flower bowls. Cadet Tibbits sold over 20, Cadet Judge, Madaris, and the Witt cadets each sold over 10, and Cadet Josiah Beresford sold six. 110% All the Way!

July Awards and Promotions

Cadet Cadet Cadet

Katina Isham to C/Amn Malissa Hail to C/Amn Zack Isham to C/A1C

Cadet Zack Hail to C/Amn Cadet Dominic Pastori to C/Amn Cadet Ivan Weber to C/A1C Cadet Frances Hodges to C/SSgt Cadet Jonathan Peterson to C/CMSgt

Cadet Eli Spencer to C/SrAmn Cadet Eric Tibbits to C/SMSgt Cadet Jonathan Shea to C/2d Lt

Civil Air Patrol

Websites of interest for Cadets: National CAP Website
(Check out the National encampments! You must sign up for them by the end of Dec.)


Washington CAP Website

6:30 pm SCOUT LODGE At 3rd and Adams Chehalis, WA

The Hock Shop (For Uniforms)


We are working on a squadron website that will allow cadets to find information about upcoming events, forms, and other information . Check us out at:

DATE August 2 August 9

TOPIC Business & Planning Drill Operations Training

www.lewiscountycap. org

August 16 Senior Training August 23 Cadet Programs

Important DatesAdd to your Calendar TODAY!

For More Info, go to www.wawg.cap.gov. Click on Members. Under Members, click on Cadet Programs. If you have any questions about events (price, how to apply, etc) call your higher-ups, and they can help you out!
14 - 18 August - Southwest Washington Fair. During the fair, LCCS cadets are tasked with finding lost children (or lost parents as the case may be) There will be 3 shifts of 4 cadets each every single day of the fair, so we will need help from all cadets. When you work a shift, you get a pass to get into the fair free. If you are not attending encampment and have not yet signed up for a shift, you need to call Lt Whalen 520-9413. WE NEED YOUR HELP! 8 - 9 September - We are trying to arrange to have a SAREX for the weekend. 15 - 16 September - Lewis County Search and Rescue is having a training weekend. The cadets and senior members who attend this event will be trained in the seven requirements for working with the Lewis County Search and Rescue. Anyone interested in this field should plan to attend.

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