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.Warning!: Is your Church 501c3? If so, this effects you directly, in fact, this affects everyone!

The Worldwide Church of God (under the leadership of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong) in the 1970-80s High ranking ministers looking for higher positions (perhaps in a Gov- sting. A coup to take over the Church from within and plant their ministers/agents and kick Mr. Armstrong out). But Mr. Armstrong saw the problem and rooted out these apostates. Six of these bitter ex-members went to the State of California with some serious and outrageous accusations. As a result, The Federal government, the State of California descended in the Worldwide Church of God campus in Pasadena, California and used these ex-ministers and their totally false accusations as an excuse to seize the church Campus , its (Very Valuable Property, and assets). What ensued was 1 and years of government control of the campus. The Government thought that they had now accomplished what they failed at attempting from within the Church. This was an excuse to plunder the church and get its money. This ultimately failed also the accusations of Mr. Armstrongs and the Churches of miss management of funds (and all other accusations) were proven totally false, and all of them were dropped. How this was accomplished was during the seizure, Mr. Armstrong and Stanley Rader co wrote (and got passed into Law) a bill Called the P E t r i s ' b i l l, SB 1 4 9 3. This bill (That was now passed into law) forbids the Governments infiltration or interference into any Churchs Books or affairs. Thus stopped the Federal Government dead in its tracks! But, after Mr. Armstrong died, the Feds swooped down on Worldwide Church of God again, and this time, Mr. Armstrong was not there to stop them. 501c3 was accepted, and, as the Church changed all of its beliefs (to comply with 501c3, and for other reasons) people of God left,with some ministers setting up new churches (501c3) These ministers were left with quite the dilemma they needed to be tax exempt. They were already tax exempt under the Constitution, but, the government duped all these churches into believing that in order to be tax exempt, you had to be 501c3 (that is not true). These men made the fatal mistake of going to the government through 501c3 (in order to obtain government loans, grants, and the assurance of having all their income tax free, the governments guarantee of free taxes and no audits) . As I just stated, This move was (is) not necessary because the churches are the only businesses in America guaranteed tax free status by our Constitution (Mr. Armstrong claimed that right under the Constitution, but, all these other churches including the churches of god did not, they chose to submit to 501c3). So, instead of claiming Tax free status (guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution) once the churches caved in and signed on to 501c3, they signed agreements allowing the government to come in and totally control the church. The Feds then send in their own Pastors into the churches (as well as training the churchs ministers to do the job) and thus change the churchs teachings to comply with government demands. This is exactly what Mr. Armstrong refused to do in the 70-80s and wrote & got the Petris bill signed into law to stop government infiltration and interference in All Matters including taxzation into the churches. But, to go around that law, After Mr. Armstrong died, the Feds bullied (scared) the splinter churches of God (as well as most churches in traditional Christianity in America) into signing into 501c3 agreement with the government which allows the government to come in and take total control over the churches and kick Jesus Christ (If HE was in charge) out of the church, in exchange for tax free income, low interest loans, and grant money, and the assurance that the church would not be audited in the future.

All that was needed was to sign on the dotted line and thus, compromise Jesus Christ. This (I believe) is exactly what happened! This has happened after Mr. Armstrong died in the Worldwide Church of God, and also what has happened in all of the 501c3 splinter churches , and most traditional Christian churches in America ever since! These churches cannot not follow Jesus Christ Exactly because their New partner (Satan the Devil and the Federal Government) forbids it. So they began to teach what they were told to teach by their handlers (Since They had to comply with 501c3 government rules, and, as for the splinter Churches of God. They could not teach exactly what Mr. Armstrong taught because they comply with Homeland Security rules. Which state that a new church cannot teach exactly what a Previous church had taught. So, Instead of Following & Trusting GOD, they traded GOD for money became (hirelings) and gave control of their churches over to the government (through 501c3). In order to comply with government dictates, these church of God leaders had to come up with Variations of the Truth (so they could be politically correct) and then, the Fables started. If you are attending one of the churches (either in Traditional Christian, or any of the Church of God splinter churches that are 501c3 tax exempt, then, you are receiving you teaching from the government and not from GOD. If it is 501c3, then, it is government run. This violates the First commandment (Ex 20:3, thou shall have no other gods before ME) > and we Christians Must obey GOD rather than men. Because of greed and fear, they compromised Just one of GODs Commandments, then, (were /are/will be) forced (through their handlers) to compromise more and more until they will be taken back in slavery to Babylon , and back to the Babylon mystery religion and forced submit to it and world religion and the mark of the beast. That is coming. With each day spent in a 501c3 church is another day into that deception & bondage. That is why I refuse to enter any of these churches. I will not compromise GOD one Iota! Mr. Armstrong refused this also, and look what GOD was able to do with him? Please Hold Fast and let no man (you have to allow it) to take your crown (Rev 3:11). Do you know who your Handlers are? They are behind the scenes. In the Ministry? perhaps they are in charge of church websites forums & blogs (popping up in different church sites, teaching different things in different churches? It is wise to find out. If you check into this and find that I am telling (I have personal experiences) you the Truth, then, you must decide whether you will obey God or man. The seal of God, or the mark of the beast)? I have warned you and now the blood is no longer on my head, The decision is yours! Sincerely Tim Kitchen SR