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Today, we have evil twin towers in Malaysia, namely right-wing racism

and uncontrollable serious crime that have now become the unbearable
yoke thrust upon the necks of the people, courtesy of the incompetent
and racist BN administration in the country.

These two deadly evils go hand-in-hand in Malaysia, as official statistics

would be able to show, provided the hidden data could somehow be revealed.

Aided by widespread corruption and the lack of professionalism among the

rank and file in the police force and other enforcement agencies, crime
has slowly been spiralling out of control in the last several years.

Meanwhile, as a consequence of the shocking results in the March 2008

general elections, right-wing racist organisations and groups such as
PEWARIS, silently encouraged and aided by the BN federal government, have
decided to step to the fore and have started plans to"enforce" the "race
supremacist" policy in areas and states that were won by the opposition.
Recent acts by these criminal racists have shown that they are prepared
to use violence if anyone dared to stand in their way.

Such reckless and immature moves would raise the stakes in the country,
and eventually, something would give. It does not take much to send the
country headlong into another May 13 episode, which would then surely
provide the BN the chance to regain absolute power in Malaysia.

The police force in the country these days seem to be more interested in
the political ebb and flow in Malaysia, rather than their real job, that
is to keep society safe from lawbreakers and criminals. Nowadays, it is
no longer unusual to see dead bodies and even rotting corpses popping up
in public places such as on the highways, by the roadside, drains, farms,
estates, burnt-out vehicles and rivers after the night has passed. Worse,
many of these unfortunate victims bore marks that indicated they suffered
extreme violence before death.

It is most ridiculous and laughable that Malaysian politicians often like

to boast about "civilisation" in Malaysia, given that right-wing crooks and
violent criminals are given the free hand to lord it over the lawabiding
citizens in the country. And, as the lawabiding citizens watched silently
and helplessly, the police force proved to all and sundry, that they are
totally inept and completely untrustworthy. They have truly betrayed us all.

The racist right-wing groups are said to be planning big "roadshows", to

show who's the boss, and in the same breath, the police are helping them
to put their big fascist foot down. Meanwhile, the hours after nightfall
in Malaysia now belong to those who prefer to make a living out of violent
crime. Surely, ordinary Malaysians can now start to look forward to very
interesting times as the country builds and nurtures the two terrible towers
of evil that have now cast such a dark long shadow over the country.

Malaysian citizens who refuse to bow to these evil twins should not go
out into the streets to make their stand. Such acts would play into the
hands of the very people they want to resist.

It would be much better if we pleaded with foreign investors to stay away

from Malaysia, since their presence here would lure even many more foreign
workers to come over, and, in the process, worsen corruption and provide
greater leverage to the government to make bigger unwanted boasts.
The citizens should boycott products that advertise heavily on TV stations
like TV3, as such stations have shamelessly and very irresponsibly acted in
full support of the inept, racist and malice-ridden rulers in the country.

It would be good if our awakened citizens could realise that they should
not help our disgustful politicians by patronising their sports events and
other functions as our support and participation would enable them to make
unbridled boasts about the country and thereby erect a false facade for
foreigners to see. Stay away from the so-called "open houses" !

We should take our skills and investments abroad, to other places such as
Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, India and even Eastern Europe. We should refrain
from buying locally-produced goods and services, we should stop purchasing
Proton cars, remember, if Proton had not received unstinted help from the
BN, it would have fallen into the sea ten years back. Meanwhile, the Proton
factories are almost exclusively filled by workers from one particular
community. That, by itself is nothing wrong or criminal, but when taken into
account the encouragement and help given by the BN to those who want to see
the rise of the right-wing fascist tide in the country, even that becomes
unswallowable. Please boycott Proton. If Proton suffered, there is a chance
that the ruling racists might possibly sit up and take notice.

All of us need to record for posterity the evil acts done by those who would
like the innocent in our society to suffer just because they had lost in the
elections. These people fail to understand that, in a democracy, victory can
never be permanent. These people, far from being "civilised" are truly evil.

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