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A. B. Artists would observe society in order to best imitate society. Tenants realism
1. Art must depict truthfully the real physical world and since only the contemporary world can be observed directly, truth can be attained most fully through impersonal objective observation and representation of the world around us.


George II
1. Took over the theatre once he took office. a) 2. Complete control over everything in the theatre

Wanted to give full authenticity to every play. a) The play would not be altered to shelter audience.

3. 4.

Authentic upholstery for furniture Authentic costumes. a) Real medal, swords, armor

5. 6.

His success led to more industry, such as supply houses. One of the first to use the floor in the design of the set


Duke of Minengen
1. Considered to be the first director


1. 2. 3. 4. First published in 1850 In total he wrote 25 plays Important plays Brand and Peir Gent Complete abandoned verse with plays such as: a) b) Pillars of Society Doll House

c) d) 5. 6.

Ghost Enemy of the People

Nothing was ever resolved in his plays Ideology: a) The struggle between self and duty

7. Gave more attention to internal physiological aspect of the characters


A. Driven by a philosophy
1. Zola a) Heredity and environment

b) The artist can look at society as detached as a scientist looks at an organism. c) The writer was to figure out problems in society and fix them 2. Darwin a) 3. All species come from a common ancestor (false)

Andre Antwon a) Created the theatre libre [free theatre]

b) Had a private club he didnt have to pass plays through censorship process c) Would reverse the norms on purpose. (1) His plays gained reputation of depravity

(2) Strict adherence to the fourth wall [the invisible wall between actor and audience] (3) (4) Pay attention to ensemble Sough natural behavior


English Theatre Realism

A. Shaw
1. He was a critic and a novelist

2. He became a playwright to answer Englands need for plays attributed to a their country. a) b) c) 3. He wrote comedy He would create paradoxes Realist

Believed really strongly in the perfectible of human beings

4. He believed in freedom of choice for the individual, which in turn, dictates a persons state in life.


The Royal Court Theatre

1. Introduced the New Drama

2. They would offer one play for several weeks for the first time in England. 3. They gave matinee plays in order to determine potential success of a play. 4. 11 of Shaws plays were performed here and directed by him.


Herbert Beerbom Tree

1. 2. He was an actor manager He established the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)