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Do we know what we eat?

Research suggests that most of the people dont and that is the reason why nowadays a large proportion of the population suffers from dietrelated diseases like cholesterol, high-blood pressure, and so forth. That is the reason I agree that displaying nutritional information in the restaurants menu can help to a large extent people choose the best meal tha suites not only their taste but also their body neccessities. Most of the time we choose the dishes we are accustomed to eat bout not the most healthy for our bodies. Even though we try to be in a good shape, most of the time people dont know what they are eating and the can have a wrong idea of waht healthy is. By showing nutritional facts in a restaurant menu is a very good way to let people know about it. Another important factor of showing the nutrirional information at a restaurants menu is that many people hae diet-related diseases and that can help them to choose their meal wothout any fear. For example, it can help celiacs to choose flour-free dishes, it can help diabetics to select a sugar-free meal and te people who suffers from arterial hypertension to select a sodium free recipe. It is interesting to highlight how a small change in a menu can lead to better quality of life of people. Some people may argue that changing the menues is a costly and unnecessary action at restaurants because people prefer to eat what they want even if it have a negative impact on their healths. That may be true for the supperannuated but this generation pays a lot of attention to health and body shape, that is the reason you ca see in any city of the world many gyms and parks full of people doing fitness. To sum up, I think that adding nutritional facts in restaurants menu is a worthy decission. It can help people to take care and reduce the bad effects of diet-related diseases, it can educate people about their eating habits and lead the consumer to start living a healthier lifestyle. A small step for a restaurant, a big step for the peoples health.

Information should be available for anyone who needs it. Scientific journals are one of the most important tool for the development and betterment of mankind because they help to lead technologycal advances, medical research, and so forth. However, if scientific journals have a free subscription they will not have fund for working and they will be forced to close or to redue the quality of work they have been developing. That is the reason I dont agree with the authors prompt. Even though the scientific studies can be publicly funded, scientific journals are private institutions that need subsription income as their source of money. The latter should gain a profit in order to cotinue helping researchers in analyzing and critic their papers, to maintain their web page so that the people all over the world can easily and comfortably have the information they need with just search in the search engine. Moreover, scietific journals have a huge staff of qualified scientifics all over the world in order to help researchers to find betterment ways to their studies. Some people woud argue that information should be available for everyone and I agree. However, there are many other ways of getting the information for free. Almost every city in the world has libraries that can provide with the journals for free. Furthermore, there are public laboratories available elsewhere that can give them the information for people that cant afford paying. Scientific research is the way we can work towards the betterment of the world and money is the necessary tool to help that dream comes true. Scientific journals help the scientific community to stay connected, to have up-to-date inforation about the level of reasearch in different study areas, like medicine, space science, economy models, global warming. They have an important role in our society, so that maintaining them working is as important as research itself, and money is neccessary to that end. To sum up, scientific journals are a very important part if the scientific comunity to continue working. They have an important responsibility in connecting scientifics all over the world and to maintain research to the highest standards. Paying for suscription is the way the have for continue working.

The argument that advertising with Cable Communications Corp. will lead to increase profits of any bussiness or product is not entirelly convincing, since it igores certain crucial assumptions. The author bases this conclusion mostly on evidence from the increase in sales from a car company. If the author were to provide more support for his unfounded assumptions, the argument would be compelling. The primary assumption underlying the authors conclusion is that an increase in 15% over the previous month is only due to the advertisements. There could be ther factors that lead to that increase in sales, for example it can be that Adams Car Dealership is promoting on that month a especial offer with 50% discount in all its products. Moreover, the author assumes that Adams Car Dealership is not using other type of media publicity. I can be possible that they are publiciting ina very important national newspaper and that is the reason their profits increased. We just dont know. The author could strenghten his argument by providing information that the only enterprise that promotes Adams Car company is Cable Communications Corp. In addition, the author provides no evidence that the same reult will be profitable for every kind of bussinessor product that want to be promoted. In order to strenghten the argument, the author might provide statistical information about many other types of products that had the an increase in their profits due to advertising with them. The author of the prmotional campaign does not give a well-supported argument. The argument contains a large number of assumptions that are not properly validated. Because of this the argument remains unconvincing. The author could write a stronger argument if he were to include more informations about the impact that advertising in able Communications Corp. had in other types of bussinessess, the cost associated and information though a larger period of time of the positive impact that advertising with them had on Adams Car business.