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Case Study

Kandia / The maturity of an evergreen brand

Visual identity
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Package design

In the second half of 201 Kandia Dulces management team concluded that the Kandia chocolate brand 1, has reached a new stage of development, attaining its full maturity within the confectionery category. Consequently, Kandia needed a rebranding process to reclaim its rightful territory on the market and, more importantly, in the consumers lives.

Kandia stands for the intense taste and multi-sensory appeal of real chocolate, so BrandTailors consultants and designers decided to introduce the rich cocoa content reason-to-believe and the brands upscale heritage into its very core the visual identity.

In a category in which milk was paradoxically given the lions share by being over-communicated and used as a reason-tobelieve by so many brands, Kandia has always been the cocoa brand, the spokesperson of real chocolate whose main qualities depend on cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

In order to insure a complete multi-sensory brand experience, the product design was also an important part of the project, its development being able to render the soft melting benefit more obvious.

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The package design solution helps taking the brand one step further in terms of price segment by positioning it in the mainstream plus category. The new brand identity was created to cover the brands presence in all subcategories chocolate tablets, bars and pralines.

Full of impact, delicious, daring and appealing, the new Kandia package design introduces a new approach to the brands visual territory embodied by the less is more principle, also well coordinated to the brands DNA real chocolate with pure cocoa butter.

Brand consultancy - Andreea Florea Logo design - Ovidiu Pop Package design - Melania Moisi Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea Project management - Alina Crang, Cristina Ionescu
Project implementation started in March 2012. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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