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March, 2012

1st Priority Cobb

A word from the Executive Director Greetings to all our friends, family, and loved ones, this past year has been the most challenging and rewarding year weve had in over 20 years of ministry. We started a couple of years ago trying to quantify what public school ministry was supposed to look like for First Priority Cobb. We didnt want to keep doing what we had been doing the way we had always done it just because thats what we knew. So whats that going to look like? What if we were to be a bridge from the Christian community to

We exist to:

schools for the sole purpose of serving whatever need the school has? What if we were to reach the people connected to schools (students, teachers, parents, and staff) with the life changing message that has changed us? What if we were to grow those who get it to be bridge builders and

community and schools.

Bridge the gaps between the Christian

reachers in their own right? The answer is we would be achieving Gods purpose for this ministry! It has taken me a lifetime to realize that God doesnt need me! God wants me to care about what he cares about, but He doesnt need me to be the fixer. None of us have to look far to find hurting people, people who desperately need Gods love, grace, and mercy. These are the people God cares about. God wants me (or us) to care about them enough to live out Campbell HS, East Paulding HS, and Osborne HS; to bridge, reach, and grow that which God cares about. We would be honored if you would partner with us in these actions. You may be praying about how God would have you partner with us: to stand in the gap and pray for His favor in His work for us, or volunteer to work with us on these campuses, or be a financial partner to you to consider one more step: How can you bridge your Christian help fund this work, and all of that would be great! However we would like community to a public school campus or reach those who attend a public school campus or grow those on a public school campus? The fields are ready for harvest, come join us in reaping Gods blessings His love, grace, and mercy. That is the focus of our ministries in West GA.,

with the life changing message of Jesus Christ

Reach students, teachers, staff and parents

Grow students, teachers, and staff into a

deeper relationship with a living God

First Priority has kicked off the second semester of the school year by adding Doug Hawkins to our staff; his campus will be Campbell high school. He will lead 20-25 students and staff at Campbell in a weekly bible study. Doug will also be mentoring students through our new mentoring program. school level, with sports programs that Campbell high has in

Doug will begin to transition the ministry to the middle

place. The goal for this year is to seek a chance to be on campus at Campbell in full time ministry, being the hands and feet of Jesus that may never hear the gospel if it were not for First Priority

We served the wrestling team pancakes before their meet!

March, 2012

1st Priority Cobb

It has been an exciting year! To recap and fill in the gaps from the last newsletter; I still work very closely with the football team and co-lead the FCA huddle. While being transformed by God, he has been showing me His will for my life in this ministry. Watching Gods love blossom in high school kids has been like a defibrillator to my walk. This school year has been very fruitful, as I said before I was lucky enough to be involved with the football

team again and through that involvement, and some of your great financial support, we were able to help send the team to FCA football camp. At that camp, 17 kids in our program prayed to receive Christ!! Because of my close involvement with the team, I have been able to disciple many of those students and have had the privilege to see lives change.

Mentoring program just incorporated Bethany UMC Youth Pastor @ Life Church Smyrna Assembly of God was able to plug into the Osborne soccer team as the chaplain St. Philip UMC is constantly serving @ our weekly FCA huddle as well as tailgate parties and many other events Don was able to serve at the Black History Month Program and in doing so we extended our influence into the student population The Student Government Association and First Priority @ Osborne are working closely for the Senior Picnic in mid April The mentoring program is building relationships with students who are at risk in order to increase their success in life At Osborne and Campbell we are involved in the FCA huddle on campus (which is our weekly bible study) In our FCA huddle @ Osborne we have a team of 7 student leaders who we currently meet with, weekly to disciple Our FCA huddle is a great place for students to come and grow in their spiritual walk, as well as new comers to hear about Jesus Christ Through our involvement in sports and other areas we have access to kids who would never be involved with church, because of them and show them what Christ has done in us this we also get 1 on 1 opportunities to build relationships with

As the spring arrives, I am looking at this as a time for growth and new life in many of the students at Osborne. Thanks for your continued support, and I hope that all will be blessed by seeing God working in lives of students


Areas of need:
Prayer: Pray that God will lead us and that we will follow his will. Financial Support: We need monthly donors so that we can continue and grow the ministry at this campus as well as others


Volunteers: We have many areas where people can get involved. Whether its with your Sunday school class/Bible study group/Community group or all by your self

Church Partnerships: We need to build relationships with churches and members of those churches; we have a unique opportunity to be able to get people involved where others cannot