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March 2012

Dear Customer,

Let's welcome March with some heartwarming stories from the house of ACK Media. This month, we have for you a 3-IN-1 collection featuring the stories of extraordinary sages from Indian mythology. 'Powerful Rishis' throws light on important incidents from the lives of Vishwamitra, Agastya and Parashurama. Tinkle this month is packed with some delightful stories featuring the wily Tantri, clever Zim Zim and our very adorable Shambu. We also have an all-new spread full of letters, opinions and some outstanding art from our readers. The March issue of Brainwave gives us insight into gases - some common, some unusual. Get spooky with mystery gloves and venture into the world of the unknown. There is a lot more in store for you. Tinkle Digest has for us some crispy-fresh stories, a wonderful new look for the Editorial and Letters Page, and a surprise pull-out poster by Savio Mascarenhas. Tinkle Double Digest is as usual, filled with a double dose of exciting stories and features, guaranteed to double your fun. Happy reading! Prakash Batna, Vice President, Sales ACK Media Pvt. Ltd salesoperations@ack-media www.ack-media.com www.amarchitrakatha.com www.tinkleonline.com www.karaditales.com


Author ISBN Size Pages Category Binding MRP

: Reena Ittyerah Puri : 9788184827088 : 24.13 x 17.78 cm : 96 : ACK 3in1 : Paperback : ` 100

Description : Rishis or sages were extraordinary individuals who spent their entire lives in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. Some of them gained such immeasurable powers through their penance and meditation that even the gods did not dare to cross them. This collection features the stories of three such rishis. Vishwamitra was a king who gave up everything to become a sage and attain higher consciousness. Agastya used his powers to help the devas whenever they were in trouble, restoring harmony in the world. Parashurama, an avatar of Vishnu, was a sage famous for his fiery temper and his skill as a warrior.

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Volume 01, Issue 3

Size Pages Binding MRP

: 7 x 9.5 : 72 : Paperback : ` 50

Description : In the March issue of Brainwave, we fearlessly wade into the bowels of stinky, deathly, noisy and electrifying gases. We also learn the secret identity of a movie star, watch gloves behave spookily, make a robot arm and lots more!

Magazine No. 595

Size Pages Binding MRP

: 7 x 9.5 : 72 : Paperback : ` 30

Description : Is March as mad as the March Hare? Lets find out. Theres Tantri going bonkers in Clone Mania, an owlet driving Shikari Shambu crazy, ZimZim the Demon trapped in a mirror world in Mirror Mire and a truly zany story which won the first prize in the Tinkle Original Story Competition Professor Pandu E. G. (Evil Genius)! We have a whole new double spread called The Great Tinkle Circus, where we have reader letters, their opinions, their likes, dislikes and some truly outstanding art. And if thats not enough, this time, Tinkle turns the Spotlight on Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman on Mount Everest. Read all about her experiences and adventures. Enjoy!


ISBN Size Pages Binding MRP

: 9788184827644 : 12.2 x 17.8 cm : 80 : Paperback : ` 50

Description : The all-new Digest gets better and better! This month, watch out for the continuing Polynesian epic by Ani Sengupta, the return of Those Mongol Barbarians, all wrapped up in armour and colour, Tantri the Mantri's brand new look, Alicia Souza's Factually, and her wonderful new look for the Editorial and Letters page. PLUS! Savio Mascarenhas brings you Shikari Shambu in an allcolour pull-out poster! Butterfingers and Bhootnath and Vetal! Holi special cover!


ISBN Size Pages Binding MRP : 9788184827521 : 12.2 x 17.8 cm : 192 : Paperback : ` 85

Description : Whats in the Double Digest? Double the stories! Double the fun!