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Faculty @ DMS

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Faculty Speak
On behalf of Alumni Team Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi, It gives me immense pleasure in announcing the official release of the First edition of the DMS IITD Alumni Newsletter i.e. Anusmaran. Anusmaran is a Sanskrit Word which means to remember which is the main idea behind launching this newsletter. And this act of remembrance is not unidirectional i.e. just being for the alumni rather it is bidirectional and hence for the institute as well. The faculty, staff & students of this institute remember the alumni in the same way as they do. This newsletter is being launched to serve two primary purposes. Firstly, communicating to the alumni of this institute about the past, present and future events & happenings of the institute. Secondly, to provide a tool to the alumni of this institute with the help of which, they can take out a few moments from their busy schedules and get in touch with its alma mater & read the newsletter with a sense of nostalgia as well as awareness. Apart from that it is also a platform where the alumni can actively take part in writing & sharing their views and experiences. Its a concept of handshaking which is essential for making this concept and effort a success. These kinds of efforts are necessary for the success of any institute as they help in assimilating the real wealth of the institute i.e. its students and alumni. They are the ones who are the flag bearers of the institute. And a healthy relationship between the alumni and the institute plays a vital role for the success of the institute. I therefore, congratulate the Alumni Team for their initiative and expect them to keep up the good work & I also expect the alumni to equally support this effort for making it a real success.

Prof. Harish Chaudhary, DMS, IITD

Message from Dr. Deepak Dogra

On the occasion of official release of Anusmaran, it gives me immense pleasure to share that today, Department of Management Studies of IIT Delhi stands proudly as one of the premier institute of business learning within the IIT system in the country. Being closely associated with DMS since its inception, I can vouch about the immense knowledge of our faculty members in their domain area and of the world around. In order to have a global level of exposure in todays scenario for the overall development of our budding technomanagers, it is credible to be guided by such eminent faculty members. DMS is not only famous for its quality research work but, the emphasis on original work by the students makes the learning experience unique and the remarkable industry interface also helps to develop a positive image in the business world. Whether it is the summer internships or the live projects, the opportunities are limitless. The winter intern-ship facility of DMS helps students to get an edge over the other B-school graduates. There are a lot of activities that take place on the premises which contribute to the all-round development of our students. DMS alumni association along with the students regularly organizes guest lectures by industry heads. According to these industry honchos, it is always a pleasure to go back to the campus and educate the young minds by sharing experiences. Again Mentorship Program initiated by the alumni committee is an excellent way to cushion the entry of our graduates in the corporate world. In addition to this, various competitions where students showcase their problem solving and analytical skills, provide a major stage to test their mental capabilities of the students. The alumni meets in other parts of India are also attracting more and more members and effort by the recent batch in this direction is definitely commendable. As reflected in various rankings where we are figuring within the top 15 institutes, it validates that DMS provides so much to us that it is bound to prosper and prosper. So I hereby urge students to take advantage of the opportunities being provided at DMS. Not to mention that the sky is the limit. Wishing all the best to all of you.

Deepak Dogra, President, DMS Alumni Association



HR The New Marketing Department

Ajay went for an Interview with a Fortune 500 banking company. He was made to wait for three hours at the reception while nobody attended him except for an HR Executive, who was also missing for the last two hours. Ajay walked off, swearing never to apply in that company again. There are recruitments drives that happen all the time with IT and ITES companies, where half the candidates are sent back without any interaction. Then there are numerous cases where candidates are not replied to, or called multiple times for interactions for a position and later on offered a junior role. Now, imagine a client walking into your office: 1. Can you make him wait for three hours at the reception? 2. Will you not offer him coffee / tea? 3. In case he has to wait, will you not keep him informed? 4. Even if he doesn't buy, you will This happens in an era when HCL says "Employees Come First, Customers second", Marico has print ADs selling a career with the company. Every company is focusing on employer branding. HR team is the first to interact with a candidate. Very often, a candidate's decision to join an employer is influenced strongly by his interactions with HR. Imagine, you could lose a potential start performer for the company, just because the sourcing team did not clarify his doubts on Job Description. The challenge is that we do not train our talent management teams as marketing professionals. How about training them on Customer service orientation, Customer delight, Client engagement and Negotiations? Amit Tandon, Alumni, Batch of 2000

send him a thank you note and look forward to meeting him again? 5. You will send him a feedback form or even give him a feedback call? 6. If he mails you or calls you, you will promptly reply ? Now, the main question to be asked is that are we doing any of these things with our candidates.

Spirituality & Management

Are spirituality and management at odds with each other? Does a spiritual outlook and method aid or enhance managerial performance? These are typical questions that come to mind when we are exploring this confluence. As a practicing business owner manager and an Art of Living teacher, I can go so far to say that bringing spiritual principles into management are in fact taking management principles to their greatest height. Do you require a calm and clear mind for making effective decisions? Does one require high energy levels for better management ? Does taking more responsibility at the individual level make you a better manager? Do better working relationships aid in making organizations more effective? Do lower ego levels demonstrated too often by powerful managers help or retard organizations? The answers to these questions is , in most cases, obvious . Hence it becomes clear that inculcation of spiritual values and techniques which greatly assist in the abovementioned areas can be of great help in improving organizations and taking effectiveness to an entirely different level. The question then becomes : why are organizations still going slow in adopting any of the

Sanjay Anand, Alumni, Batch of 1997

sure to the corporate environment . To address this issue , Within the Art of Living movement , we have an APEX program to look after inculcation of spiritual and human values for the corporate sector, A Government Executive program for the government area and a SME program to look after the needs of Indias huge small and medium sector. There are special courses structured specifically for the areas . Delivery is handled by specialist faculty who have deep understanding of the needs of these sectors . Other well known organizations are moving towards specialized corporate courses but there is a lot still to be done . To sum up , bringing spiritual values into organisations is of the utmost essence for across the board performance improvement in organisations . The growing acceptance of spirituality in modern society presents a unique opportunity for business and other organisations to take advantage of this huge productivity enhancement technique . Future leaders will be those who quickly understand this unique opportunity and take full advantage of the same .

many paths available for standardizing across organizations ? The answers are many and some of them have validity. For example , there is still a strong concern about not being seen as propagating a single religion and / or belief system. The very controversy associated with religious thought sometimes acts as a barrier for organizations exploring what is, to a large extent, still uncharted territory. e.g. A large IT organization has explicitly banned professional development courses form any spiritual organization headed by a spiritual Guru. This greatly reduces the opportunities for gaining from the breadth of such knowledge . Organizations are also sometimes tied down by the need to justify such programs in ROI terms . It is indeed difficult to show a clear cut ROI on programs such as these. Research on organizational productivity through adoption of spiritual techniques is inadequate and these programs are, by their very nature , long term and broad based . However, long term feedback from participants from previous courses and tracking their effectiveness as individuals can go a long way in assuaging these concerns . There is also sometimes a lack of sensitivity to corporate needs on the part of the spiritual originations who do not have structured teams with adequate expo-



Freshers Party
Seniors, Juniors and Professors, all on the same stage the dance floor; if you think it cant get better than this, wait till you hear the rest. The fresher's welcome of the batch of 2013, can be described as a night of frolic, thought out leg-pulling, on and off stage humor, an exhibition of limitless talent and sheer exhilaration. And to think that this event was planned within a span of less than 2 days is simply unbelievable. The comic Induction week gathered a lot of smiles & laughter. Their was a lot of talent on display in the form of singing & dancing. The humorous on-the-spot performances of some of the seniors succeeded in bringing the entire crowd to life even towards the final moments of stage performances. The night ended with sweat and sizzle on the dance floor.

stage play of the juniors on their travails of the

C2K : Cricket Ka Kurukshetra

The quest is on, for the team who will take it all. Pride and Honor at stake, winning so many hearts isnt a piece of cake. Here spirits come together and hearts unite team owners and team members alike. Kurukshetra it is, were a family after all, though we may seem to forget, when confronted by a bat and ball. A magical spell, so simple yet so profound, reducing a class of dignified business men and women to

a madly jeering and hooting crowd. Words can only go so far in describing something that is so full of life. I know its clichd, but you have to genuinely be there to realize. Cricket is truly a religion in each corner of this nation. And were lucky to have a tiny little part of it all to ourselves. A way to belong, an occasion to throng; a heady blood rush, we can rely only on us; a

spell binding fray, where we swear and we pray. Welcome to Cricket ka Kurukshetra...

FMCG Weekend
FMCG Weekend 2011 concluded at DMS, IIT Delhi with cheers all around for a weekend well spent, hearing to Industry bigwigs who are the FMCG royalty if you will. The students were heard saying that the sessions acted as eye openers, as this weekend was an exclusive show of the FMCG sector through a management perspective. The event spanned 2 days 27th and 28th August and concluded with, the students thirst for knowledge of the FMCG sector satiated Prominent speakers are 1. Ms. Sudipta sen gupta, GM, Marketing, Del monte foods 2. Mr. Himmat Singh, Marketing Manager, Nestle 3. Mr. Aseem Soni, Director Sales, Cargill foods



Confluence - 2011
Continuing the tradition of providing its students a platform to interact and learn from some of the most experienced and eminent personalities of the contemporary industrial world, the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi organized its flagship event, Confluence the idea series 2011on 10th & 11th of September at Vishwakarma Bhawan, IIT Delhi. Confluence11 is the annual seminar series of DMS, which attempts to integrate the corporate and the academia to throw light on the issues of current relevance and share the experiences with the larger audience. Confluence11, the two day event, was divided into 2 sessions each over two days on Finance and HR.

Prominent Speakers: 1. Mr. S.P. Sharma, VP IFCI Ltd. 2. Mr. Lalit Gupta, Head of Capital Markets, Futures First Pvt. Ltd 3. Ms. Ritu Mehrotra (Director HR and Talent Management, Bristlecone) 4. Mr. Abinash Upadhyay, Divisional Head - Corporate HR, Apollo Tyres

Parivartan 2012
Parivartan 2012 is a b school fest conducted by Department of Management studies, IIT Delhi on 28th and 29th of January. It had lot of cultural and management events that attracted participants from various b schools across India and also other colleges. Some of the events are: Corporate Roadies, B school got talent, Nukkad natak etc. There were also workshops on Salsa dance, icapture. Inaugural session had some prominent speakers like 1. 2. Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind Ltd Mr. Rakesh Verma, CEO, Prasid Toys Pvt. Ltd Mr. Rajiv Nag, Senior Advisor, KPMG


IT Conclave
IT Conclave is an one day seminar event to enrich the students thought on Information technology. Speakers from industries gave an insight to students on various topics like Humanizing the Byte Trends of HR management in IT, Indian Labour laws and Legalities. It also included an IT Case study competition BytedCode Some of the Prominent speakers were 1. Mr. Alok Goyal, COO, SAP 2. Mr. Deepak Maheshwari , Director, Microsoft 3. Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, SR.VP, Accenture 4. Mr. Ashish Gautam, Director, IBM India



Mumbai Meet - 2011

Alumni Talk Series

The Alumni Talk series is a hit with the students at DMS. Alumni from various fields of expertise are invited on campus to share their experiences of the industries they are working in.

Pankaj NawaniBatch of 2004

Daman SinghBatch of 2005

Adarsh RecriwalBatch of 2010

2011 Batch Get Together

To share their newfound industry experience with the newly admitted batch of 2013, the batch of 2011 got together at DMS. The atmosphere was full of energy and excitement as the students were ready with questions about life at DMS, which the batch of 2011 answered gladly.



Achievements of DMSiites
Event College/ Institution
Henkel (Personal Care Company)

Position & Participants

Winner (Karan, Jaireet)

Henkel Innovation Challenge

M Health Business Plan Competition

Johns Hopkins University

Winner (Sonupam Kaur,Varun Arora)

Game Plan (Marketing Event)

MICA, Ahmedabad

Winner (Anujay Mathur, Aneesh Dubey, Ila Choudhary)

Face Off (A Live HR Case Study Competition) Byte-d-code (Case Study Competition)

IMT Ghaziabad in association with the Trident Group DMS, IIT Delhi

Winner (Charu Jha, Satakshi Komal, Salona Chandna) Winner (Kaaviya Mariappan, Varun Arora, Sonupam Kaur)

Strategem (Strategy Case Study Competition)

TERI University , Delhi

Winner (Ila Choudhary, Kaaviya Mariappan,Sonupam Kaur,Varun Arora)

Cinepact (Movie Marketing)

SPJIMR, Mumbai in Association with UTV Movies

Runners up (Adithya Rajaraman, Dharun Prasad R, Vadivel PL) Runners up (Adithya Rajaraman, Salona Chandna, Vignesh Nagarajan) Runners up (Nishant Kumar, Aadya Mittal)

Game Plan (Marketing Event)

MICA, Ahmedabad


IMT Ghaziabad



Memoirs 2012 Bengaluru Chapter

Memoirs is an Alumni meet series organized by Alumni Committee at Department of Management studies, IIT Delhi to bring together the Alumni from various parts of the country and fields to rekindle their old memories. Memoirs, so far, has happened in the capital city Delhi and financial hub Mumbai. The first in the Memoirs 2012 series promises to be more exciting, as it moves to Silicon valley of India Bangalore for the very first time. Venue: Parika Hospitality Service, Hotel Ramanashree, 16, Raja ram mohan roy road, Bangalore

Future Events 2012

In Association with IIT D Alumni Association Round the Year Event

CEO MeetApril 2012

Annual General Meeting Memoirs12Continues

Guest LectureAlumni Talk Series Web Connect With Alumni

Delhi Meet April 2012

Mumbai MeetOct 2012

Batch Reunion

Linkedin Job Portal



Alumni Committee Batch of 2012

Members (From Left): Aditya Sarda, Anu Dudeja, Prateep das, Kritika Swarup, Neeraj Gupta, Sudipto Basu, Rohan Gupta, Chirag Choudhary, Nidhi Arora, Dhiraj Jain

Alumni Committee Batch of 2013

The greatest asset of any institute lies in its people, the students, the faculty, the administration and you the ALUMNUS and when you keep reaching new heights you make us feel happier and rich. We feel that the nature of an educational institute is because of its alumni. But dont you remember the didactic education you received at DMS, the experiences and the exposure which laid the foundation for your management career. Just as important were the interactions with class mates, faculty, friends and peers at the college and afterwards that have allowed you to grow in the management world. Today, we feel as optimistic and energetic about DMS as the day we began this journey at Alumni Committee. We ask each alumnus to reflect on their own journey. Promote DMS to young friends. Keep our community growing. We encourage each and every one of you to get involved with your alma mater and continue this tradition of excellence. - Alumni Committee, Batch of 2013

Members (from left): Richa Chandra, Shefali Rattan, Charu Jha, Mayank Sharma Pulkit Maheshwari, Dharun Prasad, Shweta Mehar

Overview of Memoirs Moments

Memoirs Delhi Chapter 2010 and 2011

Anusmaran is an attempt to increase our connect with you (Alumnus). Kindly give your suggestions and recommendations to make it a successful one Drop your suggestions at alumni@dmsiitd.org Contact Charu Jha 9953872589 | charu.jha@dmsiitd.org (Batch of 2013) Dharun Prasad R 9911772627 | dharun.prasad.r@dmsiitd.org (Batch of 2013) Sudipto Basu 9999142470 | sudiptobasu2004@gmail.com (Batch of 2012)

Thank You!!!
Memoirs Mumbai Chapter 2010 CEO Conclave 2011