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Getting the most out of the network, meeting subscriber demands and developing new revenue growth plans are key drivers in the uptake of LTE as a new technology. There has never been a more critical time to look at network evolution. Data growth, which is expected to reach over 1.1 Exabytes per month by 2017*, is being driven by the proliferation of broadband-capable mobile devices, and the sustained and successful challenge to the wired broadband world by 3G and HSPA. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a complete step change, moving the mobile world from legacy voice-centric networks to full IP connectivity. The migration to LTE presents considerable challenges to operators across their radio, transmission and core networks. AIRCOM is able address these challenges through a suite of products and services to ensure a successful migration to LTE for operators.

aIRCoM ltE

AIRCOMs offering covers 3 key areas designed to assist an operator through every stage of their move to LTE.

PRODUCTS Working with LTE early adopters and network equipment providers, AIRCOM has added best in class LTE capability to its product suite and been able to validate this functionality in the field. We are well placed to meet all your tools needs with LTE products covering: Radio Network Planning Backhaul Network Planning Performance Management And coming soon: Core Network Dimensioning Configuration Management

CONSULTANCY SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS AIRCOM offers a broad range of LTE consulting services to cover the full network lifecycle including: Initial financial analysis Business case validation Roll-out planning Network design Vendor selection and management Spectrum re-farming Cluster validation Network optimisation AIRCOM also runs a certified device testing lab.

TRAINING AIRCOMs comprehensive LTE training courses will ensure your key personnel have a complete understanding of the technology its benefits, challenges and potential. AIRCOMs training programmes are designed to cover not only the technical aspects, but to help operators understand the business challenges, rollout scenarios and deployment alternatives.

* Source: Fierce Wireless Europe, 2009.

LTE promises to increase network capacity, improve QoS and significantly enhance data rates. Finding and maintaining the most efficient network design whilst reducing the total cost of ownership, brings new design and optimisation challenges. AIRCOM has a product portfolio to help operators address these challenges. RADIO NETWORK PLANNING ASSETTM, the number one Radio Network Planning product, now includes detailed modelling of LTE network elements, parameters and traffic, allowing you to maximise all that LTE has to offer.

ASSET LTETM enables you to: Determine the lowest site count and optimal site configuration by planning and optimising your LTE network configuration, including traffic planning, network analysis and network dimensioning. Ensure excellent data throughput rates and seamless mobility with LTE coverage and capacity analysis, detailed PCI code planning and multitechnology handover planning. Determine where and when to deploy LTE, and where to opt for another solution such as HSPA+. Perform financial analysis on your LTE radio network,

reducing overall deployment costs and maximising ROI. Understand the interaction between your new LTE and legacy networks especially at the LTE network borders, which is key for inter-network mobility and continued quality of service for customers. With ASSET LTE you can simultaneously analyse LTE network performance with other technologies (GSM/UMTS/CDMA). Quickly validate vendor produced plans to ensure they meet your planning and quality criteria.


BACKHAUL PLANNING With the capability of LTE to deliver large data volumes, backhaul will become a more significant network cost component. Revenue growth is however not proportional to data traffic growth and therefore operators need to scale their networks while keeping costs under control efficient backhaul planning is the only way to manage this challenge. CONNECTTM enables you to: Target bottlenecks with the ability to plan point-topoint and point-tomultipoint network links for your LTE network.

Determine what technology to adopt at various points within your network by modelling TDM, IP and Hybrid transport modes to support LTE technology evolution as well as 2G and 3G traffic. Handle multiple technology networks in a single tool. Map 2G, 3G and LTE traffic into transmission links through the Unified Capacity and Route planner and identify bottlenecks quickly. Plan efficient use of Adaptive modulation and PS aggregation to support S1/X2 traffic.

Reduce OPEX in the backhaul network by automatically identifying the most cost-effective transmission network intelligent frequency, capacity and route planning. Seamlessly integrate with ASSET to enable carried traffic analysis and unified backhaul route planning, providing the ultimate integrated RF/TX platform.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT After committing significant investment into building an LTE network, ensuring it is running as efficiently as possible for maximum return on investment is an obvious decision. AIRCOMs performance management tool OPTIMA can help you achieve this. AIRCOM OPTIMATM enables you to: Gain visibility to your LTE network by loading network performance data from eUTRAN and Evolved Packet Core network elements.

Communicate performance of your LTE network to relevant audiences with AIRCOMs LTE reporting packs or build your own custom reports. Schedule and distribute reports via email or publish them to a report portal. Ensure network problems are isolated and rectified quickly by analysing and troubleshooting your LTE network performance with OPTIMAs Inspector module. Proactively highlight network problems to the relevant people by raising alarms on the performance of your LTE network and forwarding them to your existing fault management system.

Load performance data from your other mobile, wireline, IP and backhaul network technologies for a consolidated view of your entire network in a single tool. COMING SOON AIRCOM continues to expand LTE support within its tool portfolio. Coming soon will be: LTE network parameter and configuration management with AIRCOMs DATASAFE LTE core network dimensioning with AIRCOMs I-VIEW Dimension

ConsultanCy tRaInIng

AIRCOMs consulting services has experienced the global expansion of GSM networks and the introduction and evolution of 3G networks. It is now one of the first consulting companies to participate in and support LTE business cases, trials and rollouts of the technology. LTE roll-out could cost tier one operators up to $8BN USD in CAPEX over the first 3-5 years. Adding LTE could add another 30% to todays OPEX. Taking the right steps at the right time can reduce CAPEX by 30% and incremental OPEX to as little as 9-12%. LTE Fast

Track is AIRCOMs consulting solution for operators who wish to deploy LTE in a timely and cost effective manner. It includes: LTE roll-out planning and business case validation. LTE vendor trials LTE pre-launch verification Spectrum analysis and refarming LTE handset device validation Vendor Management Other consulting solutions offered around LTE include: AIQ AIRCOM intelligent optimisation services is a managed service solution that targets the

improvement of your network KPIs and is particularly useful for spectrum re-farming to make way for LTE without degrading the quality of your existing network. AIRCOMs certified Device Test Lab can ensure all your chosen LTE devices are validated and meet the required performance metrics before they are offered to your customers. AIRCOM Contractor Services has a database of over 20,000 CVs with a rapidly expanding pool of LTE experts to assist you in building and running your LTE network.

AIRCOMs LTE training portfolio contains technically focussed courses for engineers as well as courses for managers providing an overview of the technology and more focus on the commercial aspects of deploying an LTE network. Courses addressing the migration path from existing technologies are offered, as are courses covering LTE

radio and backhaul network planning. Our position as a leading network consultancy means we can translate practical field experience into a classroom workshop environment for the benefit of our customers. Some of the training courses available include:

LTE fundamentals for Radio Network Managers LTE technology for Engineers UMTS evolution to LTE for Engineers LTE applied radio network planning Advanced backhaul transmission planning for UMTS/LTE mobile networks

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AIRCOM is an independent provider of network management tools and services. Our I-VIEW framework allows mobile network operators to rapidly, efficiently and seamlessly plan, manage, configure and optimise their networks. I-VIEW enables operators to regain visibility and control of their entire network, enabling radical shifts in business dynamics to become more efficient, more agile and more profitable. The market leader in the provision and deployment of network engineering tools, AIRCOM products are in use across 135+ countries by over half the worlds mobile operators. Every day, the 20 top global operators depend upon AIRCOMs tools and consultants to improve network coverage and quality for more than 1.1 billion subscribers worldwide. Established for 15 years, we have built our reputation on creating and releasing additional value from within cellular networks. With offices in 14 countries, we provide local and regional viewpoints and resource, as well as ensuring that our operator customers benefit from our global knowledge. By looking ahead of the market and sharing intelligence, we develop the skills and tools that network operators need to remain competitive, whatever the economic climate. With over four million hours working on 3G networks alone, our expertise translates into direct and measurable cost savings for mobile operators. From initial consultancy through project implementation, using our staff, training yours, or sourcing expertise for you to take in-house, we are dedicated to maximising the performance of your network, and therefore your business.

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