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BULLYING AMONG TEENS The terms bullying is define as a systematic and repeated type of aggression involving peers that

was associated with a range of psychosocial problems which includes low self esteem, asseptance of antisocial behavior and delinquence. Bullies can be accour among the teenagers because of some factors. This is including the external and internal factors.

The example of external factors are such as the environment factors like the condition of family, the social status in school between friends, the pattern of community and also the condition of the teenagers surrounding life. Besides, the internal factor that will lead to the bullying is such as the teenager faced with the identity crisis in their life.

Nowadays, there are many external factor that will causes the bullying among teenagers. For example is the condition of family. Family is the first and most nearly among the teenagers life. Therefore, family will play as the main role for the growth of positive value in the teenagers life. Based on the statictic, mostly teenagers that involved in the bullying is comes from the problem family.

In the modern city life nowadays, parent mostly concern about the external requirements of their children compare to the internal requirements. The example of this phenomena is parent is always busy with their carrier to meet the needs of ther children. This is happen continuously without they realize that the emotional needs of their

childrens was neglected. The teenagers that lack with the attention and supervision from their parents will find their own way to get the attention and pleasure from their family. This is the common problem that identified causes the bullying among the teenagers.

Besides, mostly of parents does not regonize their children in total. This is happen when they doest know their children interest. Parents always concern about their childrens learning achievement compared to the emotional needs of children. There are also the parent which is force their children to achieve their ambition even it is contrary with the children interest themselves. This is will cause the children depressed and involve in bullying to overcome their depression.

Moreover, the parent that educate their children with harsh and the strict discipline also can make their children faced with depression and involve in the bullying. The children will be strees out life in their family and prefer to revenge against their parents by bullying the other student. The attitude of some parents which is overly pemissive towards their children also can encourage their children in bullying.

Bullying also identified accour because of the environment factors. This is will accour in the life of teenager in their community life and also their school life. The teenagers will encourage themselves in bullying when their surrounding is always exposed to violence. For example they live in a home where violence is accepted and used as means for solving problems. The parents and the family members will be the main role to make the children adopted the attitude that they look surrounding them. Furthermore, the environment factor that will lead to the bullying among the teenager is the school surrounding. This problem will happen in school when students are forced into competition and social interaction which tend to polarize into groups that can lead to feeling of acceptance or non-acceptance behavior. The students which is not accepted by their friend will feel separated and this will cause them to envolving themselves in bullying. The bullying also can be accour because of the internal factor. The teenagers which is faced with the identity crisis was more likely to involve in bullying. This is happened when when they are fascinated or obsessed with video violence from the Television and video games. The obsession to the violence will lead them to be a children whose physical or psychological attributes which allow them to dominate other children.

Bullying can effect mostly part of the teenagers life either for the victim or the bulliers themselves. The teenagers will faced with many problems in their life. the bullying will effect to teens in school. The teenagers will loss of interest in school and extracurricular activities and tends to have difficulty making friends. Besides, bullying also can give the effect to family members. The teenagers whose involved in bullying will destroy their familys reputation and also faced with the families lose due their bullying. Moreover, they also need to pay an amount of money to cover their childrens due to violence. Lastly, the bullying can effect the society to often leads in serious acts of delinquency and criminal activities. It also effect mental health traps and order related diseases or even suicide situation among the teenagers. The conclusion is, to avoid this problem, parents should stay involved and always support their children by being a friend to their childrens and support them to attend the activities in the school such as extra-curricular activities. Besides, parents also should create a safe environment for their children and make them comfortable to be at home compared to the outside.