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Tuesday, 2 December 2008 12:12


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Dear Nick Wilding

This monthly newsletter puts you in touch with the latest action on the FierySpirits site. Get back
online soon!

Forum: Private Land... Public Benefit?

Kate Braithwaite's forum discussion asks about ways to value land managers' contributions to "national
targets for cabon reduction, renewable energy and water catchment management". This was inspired by the
Communities at the Edge? conference at Floors Castle, Kelso - see John Gold's blog entry and photos.

Forum: EcoTowns and EcoVillages

Offer Tony Kendle feedback about Eden's proposed new neighbour, an ecotown: "The actual eco-town
proposal begins at our front gate, and it extends over a territory where more than a third of our staff live. We
couldn’t ignore it." For an inspiring vision, check out the Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary video.

Events: Cashel Convention

Tipperary Institute hosted a highly successful convention. Feedback so far (leave yours here) heaps
praise on the field trips. Taste the energy we created together by watching the convention 2 minute video.

Groups: International Connections emerges

Tara (IACD) has created an 'International Connections' group. Why not welcome your new international
colleagues from the USA to Pakistan... (see, for example, Cornelia and Shakeel)? Welcome also to Debi
and Ben, IACD project workers. NOTE: Any member can create their own group (a mini 'CoP') within

Carnegie UK Trust News: Rural Sparks Competition Launched

TV personality Jimmy Doherty is joining forces with Rachel’s Organic founder Rachel Rowlands and the
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TV personality Jimmy Doherty is joining forces with Rachel’s Organic founder Rachel Rowlands and the
Carnegie UK Trust to recognise unsung rural champions across the country. 'Rural Sparks' has been
launched to recognise the rural champions who have helped transform the areas where they live. News
Release and application form is here.

Invite: Over 100 members in our first month

Members are joining FierySpirits at a rate of twenty per week at present. Why not invite friends you
judge to also be rural activists or practitioners who would benefit from participation?

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