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Alif Bareizy
Essay for Telkomsel Ambassador

SMA 1 Blora Jl. Tentara Pelajar21 (0296)531152 (0296)531152 4/26/2011

Free My Mind in Social Network

owdays, Im not able to deny that social media is important enough for me. I

have to realize, that I live in global era that everything use computer. One thing again, that we have realized that Im not able to separated by social media.

Facebook, twitter, kaskus, blog, myspace, etc. Sharing, friends, connecting people, that what Im able to get from the social media. Thatas great, isnt it? When I tried the social media, I felt something different. On social media/network Im able to say anything. It makes my life so free. Social Media/Network for me is a kind of medicine, that if one day I dont open it eventough just once, Im going to unergetic at all. Im addicted with social network, that a little description of me. Im able to share what I fell in social media/network. Im able to write what I fell in social media. Sad, happy, confuse, love, angry, and everything Im able to write in social media. Sometime the problem solved when one of my friend commented on what I wrote. Gave some recommendation, thats great, or one of them ask me to calm down, thats enough, or someone abuse me about the problem, thats bad. Write something on social media sometime doesnt make the problem solved, but make it worse. Whatever their comment on my write, but Im happy. When I wrote my sadness on social media, it was fell like I shouted loudly, so I felt better, I felt so relieved. Another things that Im able to take from the social media is Im able to tell my whole friends that I know. Im able to write something, about myself, or my argument about the situation, some ridiculous things, and it could be something that not important at all. In social media Im able to say something that too long if I use conventional chating. I fell different when I write someting on it. There is some sensation that I fell, that cant be explain by word. You have to try it by yourself. Distance is nothing when I use my social media. Near far, everything fells so close. Im able to stay connected with my friend eventough they are far away. I live in Blora, but I stay connected with my friend in Semarang, Bandung, Jakarta, or in abroad like France. All of it

because of social network. We know what they fell, where do they live, where do they work, what is their relationship status, and everything about them. That help me so much to know about them. Social network is just not talking about writting something, but also to know someone. Thats one of reason why I addicted with it. Another thing that Im able to take from this one is Im able to find a new thing. I called it a new world. Find new friends with a different characteristic, culture, and language. Thats a new thing that I can get from this social media. Imagine, it looks like around the world, enventough only the people, not the place. At least, I know a little part of the world, this is one of my reason, why Im not able to leave social network/media. I have to say thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, as the founder and co-founder of Facebook. Because of them, I fell so life, more than before. I have told you, everything the goodness about social media/network. But, noone is perfect. It has some badness that I have to give attention. Such as forget the time, socailize with unknown person, cheated by someone, and you could be kidnaped by someone. Thats hoorible, isnt it? I have to have filter to choose the good one for me, and throw away the bad one. I dont want to loose my future by just online at all time. I stay have to manage my time as effective as I can do. Im addicted, but its not like when someone addicted to something like narcotic. Im still able to control myself about this one. And Im aiming something positif by use social media/network, and I hope the result also postif. By extremely using social media/network, my positive aim will be nothing. And everything that I have told about social media/network, overall, I love social network.