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MGT 351 | Sec: 4, 5, 6 | Presentation Topics | Spring 2012 | FCy Topic 1: Contact the HR Manager of a local organization and

nd out the following information: How the HR Manager is working as a strategic partner to manage HRM activities, given the organizations strategic goals and objectives. Interview the HR Manager. Based on the interview identify the job responsibilities of the manager and identify HRM roles in building more competitive organizations. Topic 2: Under what conditions do you think the following constitute sexual harassment? A female manager res a male employee because he refuses her requests of having dinner together. A male manager refers to his female subordinates as sweetie or baby. Two male employees are overheard by a female employee exchanging gender-oriented jokes. Assume you are the manager in a small restaurant; you are responsible for hiring employees, supervising them, and recommending them for promotion. Compile a list of potentially discriminatory management practices you should avoid. ! Topic 3: Select an organization and identify the following information about the organization: Mission, vision, strategic goal SWOT analysis Diagram of the HR department Michael Porters ve forces model Topic 4: Download NSU Code of Conduct from <http://www.northsouth.edu/php/codeOfConduct.pdf> and answer the following: Describe the Code of Conduct in generalize terms as per your understanding. To what extent do you think there is a formal process through which students can air grievances? How much freedom do students have in issues like: establishing student forum / politics, raising voice about any issue? Is it an effective process of managing the students problems and demands? What modication would you recommend? Topic 5: Conduct job analysis and prepare position descriptions for the following positions. Show the position descriptions - how does it look like? Lecturer of HRM, North South University Specialist Doctor of Medicine, a hospital Finance Manager, a bank Topic 6: Prepare an interview with 10 questions that you will use to interview candidates for the job of Marketing Executive. Discuss those questions. Prepare a presentation titled, How to be effective as an employment interviewer?. Prepare a presentation titled, How can you take preparation as an interviewee for a successful interview? Topic 7: Choose an organization of your choice which is operating in Bangladesh and do the following: How do they measure their employee performance. Provide in detail information. Identify the training and development programs offered by the organization for its employees. What are the benets of training and development program for that organization? Topic 8: Meet with three faculty members of your choice and identify the following information: The faculty member promotion and training process in NSU. What do you think about the processes? What is your suggestion to improve those? Response the following as per your understanding of the job market of Bangladesh: Which is the most demanding job for young graduates right now? Why? Which job do you think will be most demanding to young graduates after 10 years? Why? What is your career plan? Topic 9: Compile a list of 20 factors at your university which according to you can create health hazard. Describe those factors. How can you eliminate the hazardous factors which you have identied? Compile a list of the factors in your university that create dysfunctional stress for you. What methods will you use for dealing with the stress?