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Technical Architecture and Landscape of the SAP BusinessObjects GRC Solutions with a Focus on the Implementation and Technical Enhancements of the GRC 10.0 Release
Kurt Hollis Deloitte Consulting
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In This Session

Details of SAP BusinesObjects GRC 10.0 suite technical architecture Understand the hardware and software requirements to implement SAP Business Objects GRC 10.0 suite of products Review how the architecture is simplified through consolidation of components and systems while contrasting the differences from the previous architecture End-user front end requirements for SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), SAP NetWeaver Portal, and Crystal reports Sizing the GRC systems Best practices for the technical implementation and upgrade including pre-installation, installation, and post installation activities

In This Session (cont.)

Learn what is involved for migration and upgrade from the previous software versions to the current SAP Business Objects GRC suite 10.0 Migration of the Access Control application from the SAP NetWeaver Java stack to the ABAP stack Understand the skills needed, the technical resources required, and how long it takes to implement

What Well Cover

SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 technical architecture Implementation of SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 Upgrade and migration to SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 Resources and planning Wrap-up

Technical Architecture Based on SAP NetWeaver Platform

SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 suite is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.02 EHP2 architecture SAP NetWeaver Platform = Great Choice Highly scalable Solid application server as a stable foundation Same platform as used with all other SAP business applications Being a main platform release, SAP NetWeaver 7.02 EHP2 remains in IT landscapes for a prolonged period of time to form a stable core Maintenance support until 12/31/2017 (from SAP support PAM) Provides capabilities needed, such as SAP NetWeaver Portal, PDF printing, Web services, workflow, and Java J2EE engine Continuous innovation mode where additional features may be applied with optional enhancement packages

Technical Architecture Overview of Components for SAP Business Objects GRC 10.0 Suite

Required SAP NetWeaver 7.02 ABAP Application Server system Plug-ins for connected systems such as SAP ERP, HR, or other SAP NetWeaver-based systems (needed for Access Control and Process Control only)

Technical Architecture Overview of Components for SAP Business Objects GRC 10.0 Suite (cont.)

Optional SAP NetWeaver 7.0x Java system (needed for Adobe Document Services) including the BI Java usage type for ALV support SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.02 with GRC Portal Content for UI front-end component Can be shared with Java system above, or any other portal in the environment meeting requirements GRC search or SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search uses TREX for document searching in Process Control and Risk Management applications only BI content for custom reporting Nota Fiscal Content (for regional Brazilian authorities on electronic invoicing)

SAP Business Objects GRC Suite 10.0 Technical Architecture

Source: SAP Master Guide

Global Trade Services 10.0 Technical Architecture

Source: SAP Master Guide

SAP Nota Fiscal Eletronica 10.0 Technical Architecture

Optional Nota Fiscal Content (for Brazil), needs a P.I. system

Source: SAP Master Guide

SAP BusinessObjects GRC 10.0 Upgrade Paths

Source: SAP


Access Control Migration Architecture

http://<HOST>:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/sap.com/grc~acmigapl/GRC2010Migration Deploy the GRC 10.0 Java Migration package to export the AC 5.3 data.

Source: SAP

Additional Resources

SAP Support Portal http://service.sap.com http://service.sap.com/instguides GRC guides are now under SAP BusinessObjects Master Guides Installation Guide (Components), Upgrade Guide Configuration Guide, Security Guide, Operations Guide http://service.sap.com/notes (alias notes) GRC 10.0 system IMG information is key (Configuration Guide is not provided externally) http://service.sap.com/releasenotes Release Notes (alias releasenotes) Solution Help http://help.sap.com/grc_ref SDN and BPX Communities http://sdn.sap.com Great Information at http://sdn.sap.com/irj/bpx/bpx-grc


SAP GRC Suite 10.0 Good Installation Notes

Read the following notes before starting your installation!
SAPNote Description GRCSuite10: 1490996 GRCFND_A,Inst/UpgradeGRCFND_AV1000onNW7.02EnhancementPack InformationaboutinstallingSAPBusinessObjects AC/PC/RM10.0 1504131 GRCFND_A,UpgradetoSAPBusinessObjects AC/PC/RM10.0onSAPNW7.02 1503750 UpgradetoSAPECC600withGRCPIERPV1000_700,Supplementalinformation relevantfortheupgradetoSAPECC600 1509636 AdditionalinformationforGRC2010installation 1509639 PreparationforInstallingGRCRM2010,CAUTIONReviewthisSAPNotebefore attemptinginstallation 1510002 InstallingSAPGRCPortal10.0,Informationaboutinstallingthe GRC_POR1000 softwarecomponent 1505255 TransferclientspecificCustomizingforPC/RM10.0 1522608 TransferclientspecificCustomizing,InformationforcopyingPCrelevantclient specificCustomizing(upgradefrom3.0to10.0) 1526732 TransferclientspecificCustomizing,InformationforcopyingPCrelevantclient specificCustomizing(newinstallationof10.0)


SAP GRC Suite 10.0 Good Installation Notes (cont.)

SAPNote Description GRCSuite10 CRYSTALREPORTADAPTER: 1353044 InstallationGuide,CrystalReportAdapter 1366785 CrystalReportsALV,Integration,FunctionalRestrictions 1362730 CrystalReportsALV,Integration,Troubleshooting GRCSuite10 OTHERIMPORTANTNOTES: 1514346 BRF+VariousBugFixesinEHP2(SP04SP06) 1519164 CreateBRF+applicationname&IDforContinuousMonitoring 1533832 AC10.0:Changestodoc.byfunctionalcorrectionsinSPs AC10.0 1536525 GRCAccess/ProcessControlUpgradeAddonHandling,Thisnoteprovides informationaboutupgrading 1470670 UserdefinedFieldsforRM


SAP GRC Suite 10.0 Plug-In Installation and Upgrade Notes

SAPNote 1504132 1504243 1503749 1503750 1500689 1500691 1500690 1500692 1501882 1501881 1501880 1501879 1497971 1498033 1497972 1498034 1500168 1500169 Description ReleaseStrategyforABAPaddonGRCPCINW ReleaseStrategyforABAPaddonGRCPIERP GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS710NW GRCPINW,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS710NW GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS700NW GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS700NW GRCPIERP,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS700ERP GRCPIERP,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS700ERP GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS640NW GRCPINW,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS640NW GRCPIERP,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS640ERP GRCPIERP,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS640ERP GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS620NW GRCPINW,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS620NW GRCPIERP,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS620ERP GRCPIERP,UpgradeSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS620ERP GRCPINW,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS46CNW GRCPIERP,InstallSAPBusinessObjects GRC10.0PluginonSAPBASIS46CERP


SAP GRC Suite 10.0 New Installation and Upgrade Notes

SAP Note 1662113 1590030 1352498 GTS Notes 1492741 1492740 1492739 1492734 BW Notes 1312030 1667517 1551203 Description Using Access Control 5.3 with your 10.0 plug in systems GRC10 Plug-in & 5.3 VIRSA Plug-in (RTA) Co-Existence Support Pack Numbering - GRC Access Control Support Packages for SLL-PI 900_XXX. Upgrade with SLL_PI 900_ Installation or delta upgrade of SLL_PI 900_ Installation/delta upgrade of SLL-LEG 900 on NW 7.02 BI Content FAQ for GRC PC 3.0 and GRC RM 3.0, supplemental guide attached to note GRC AC 10 Integration with BI PC/RM BI Datasources, PC/RM 10.0 BI extractors can be used with GRC PC/RM 3.0 BI content

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