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EDU 3103 STUDENTS AND WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE It is because of less work and fat and this thing is should

not happen in the future.

2. Encourage them to strive and succeed, and always work hard

3. Ensure the student work hard every time and thus always remind them to be a successful person. Never repeat the same situation of students failed more than once because this will lead to students incompetent. 4. help student to understand deeply about their attitude that will lead them to the successful/failure

5.2.5. Expectation Theory x value

According to Victor Vroom, we actually being motivate to do something by basically follow what we think as the impact of what we are doing.

We also search for the reward of what we had done and continuously working with the same method that lead us to gain the same reward or bigger reward

EDU 3103 STUDENTS AND WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE Expectation Theory ( x value) viewed that the motivation is the combining with two important elements, which are value and expectation. On the other hand, motivation function means that people would get their motivation when to achieve something. Motivation is a hope and value, which if the both factor is zero, then there is no motivation to achieve something. For that, the teacher need to ensure their responsible toward the development which lead students to be successful.

2 important concept:

a. value of work which had been interpreted This value is based o the trust of personal cognitive which include objective, value and interest.

b. Expectation The trust worship of personal competitive including the ability toward the work.

According to this theory, is a must for the teacher to : -

initiate students to appreciate the education value as one way to improve their life style give strength and spirit about the value of education coming out with model who is successful to share with the student highlighted that the model once before is the average student that become successful in future ensure the student to master all the work given as well as the development for the students to achieve the success.


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