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Blessing by Imtiaz Dharker

and Night of the scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel

Imtiaz Dharker was born in Pakistan in 1954; she is a Scottish Muslim woman, who was educated in London. Now she lives in India and works as an artist. Blessing is set in a very large area of India called Dharavi, where people have a problem with water. Nissim Ezekiel was born in India in 1924 and died in 2004; he was educated in Bombay and London and is one of Indias best poets. I am going to compare the different views of two poems Blessing and Night of the Scorpion, both poems were are similar and their topic are very important. In Blessing the poet describes the people rushing to get some drops of water after a water pipe has burst. Water is seen as a very important component of life as writer composes it to blessing from God. On the other hand Night of the Scorpion tells the story of a mother being bitten by a scorpion. In Blessing the writer shows the reaction of villagers towards water There never is enough water in this poem we see sudden accident of bursting of municipal pipe (main pipe which supplies the whole town), the water drops looking like diamonds for people, sudden rush of fortune. The writer shows water is miracle and blessing from the God for the villagers by using the word congregahan. The children running around the water and celebrate this gift, when water touches the small bones of childrens it look like gift from God. The first lines of Blessing compare the human skin to a seedpod because of heat the skin of the villagers is very dry and has cracks in it, which we see in this quote the skin cracks like a pod. There never is enough water. In the next stanza there are words like drip, splash, echo, tin, mug, the writer wants

the reader to imagine the dripping of the water slowly on land and how one drop of water is very important. In the third stanza we see the consequences of bursting pipe, which is seen as good luck for the people, and they all rush to get one drop of water, the sudden rush of fortune. The flow has found a roar of tongues. The end of this poem shows that when the sun rays crossed the water drops, water look like diamond and when that water touches the small bones of the children it is like a gift from God. The poet shows the celebration of people in last stanza, especially the children and their playing in the water. This poem has the metaphor as the sudden rush of fortune in this quote we see that the good luck of villagers compare to rush because when they get water, they also run to get only some drops of water. There is another quote a roar of tongue which shows how much water is precious for them. In some Asian country, it is common for rich to throw silver coins on the ground and then poor people take them. This quote sliver crashes to the ground, silver coins which crash to the water drops are compared. The poem does not rhyme however the language highlights the chaos of the water burst by using the following words rush, burst, flow, and roar. These words are used to show and imagine the scene at that time. This poem is very brief and recreates natural speech by using words man, woman, child and the instruments she described in the 3rd stanza pots, brass, copper, aluminium and plastic buckets. This poem also contains the religion theme and the language reflects this Blessing for instant, means a gift of God. Water an important component of life and without it nobody can live. Also writer compares this fortune as God, a kindly god. The religious word in the poem congregation which also showed people gathering for worship. The poem ends with the children naked and screaming which also showed the helpless of villagers and looked like they pray from God for water and when the sunlight touches them, this poem tell us the value of water in human life. It looks a miracle. Blessing sings over the small bones. In the poem Night of the Scorpion, is about the night the poets mother stung by a scorpion. This poem is set in a village in India; in it we see the reaction of people towards this incident. They all people around her, the neighbours and

his father, they all tried to help her and try to save her. But we see that time is the best healer, like this quote shows after twenty hours it lost its sting. At the end of the poem, his mother was very happy and thankful to God that scorpion stung her and for saving her childs life. Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children.