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I3.Product specificationsr E Soecifications

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~ofthepump l ~

3q 20012001220 V, 50160!60 1-17. 2 9 200i200i220 V, 50160150 Hz (Supply fioiii controllcr) DC 12/2 4 V No-fiiiction


F inotorofthe oil cooler ~ ~ ~


Relay ,for alam output Coniiol stop srgnal ;tanda& painting

Vote 3,


AC 10 O V (5 0/6 O Hz) MaxlA DC 24V (Rate 5mA) Black

setup pressure is set ~ i in the Mau. working pressure at sipping. (standard products). p Vl'hrn it is used continually Max. working pressure, use it less thaii of i o w 5.0 Lliiiiii. Wlien there is tlie possibility lo change PC presslire, tise the equip~nent \vliicli has option NO."V. Tlie cliange oftire PC pi-essure beconies ?as)! ( the setup pressure is 1.5 MPa at sipping). (Noie 2) : It is pi-ese to be Max. flow at sipping. (h4ax. flow is theoretical valuz, and it is not by the giiarantee valiir.) ( ~ " 1 ~ : Refer to the taLle of 20-page b) Setup iiiode ,and tliat's coluinn of the initial setup value, for a setup ef 3) aiarni at sipping. @As for other specificatioiis, confirin a delivery specifications. (form drawings)


1) : PC

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F# Woiking condition
Hydiaulic oil Petroleumse~~es specific hydraulic oil i aiiti-weai hydraulic oil of (Refer to our [General Sample ofHydraulic Machineq~ (HK196A j] to r e e tiie recomiiended bmnds ) Viscosity giade ISO V G 3 2 4 8


Gil teniperature O 6 O "C (iecoininended workin Etiviioninen: temuerature 0 3 5 ": Huinidity Beiow M%RH lnsrallation place lndoor (iuiust be fixed by screws) Otlieis b e sure to insta11 no-fuse-bieakerand circuit breaker. .The eiectric u'ire conri~ctlng wired to satis@ an European stan0ard ENFC204-l. is D o not tuln ON/GFF the poiver Ilequently, it may cause rermikableshoii Iie oftlie coii-oller. Use the sip coi-iii-o1fuilctioi~, c.ase of using this condition in tlle fi-cquc in A s forEHU**-LO4 does no1 equipped with theconirol stop ~inction standard. in Please consult us it neerbdi-1, +Ground (eaiih) teiinmal muct be doivn $0giound

Viscosity rangade Contamination leve1

15-400mn ?S . within NkSclass 1 O



i ;

1) Do iiol tise any IiydiauIic fluid otlier tlian :niiie?a! type (Iiydsous or synthetic) iiydraitiic oil (Ijke ~iztei-olycol).

Note 2 j in case of usiiig except recoiiiineiided \?oi-k.i;i~ iernperaruse raiige, i t iiiay cause 1:rge pulsaro~y motion o pressure or reduce disciiarge voliiiiic b;iT i! is iiot abiioi-iiial.

t>.Alfiil':i !AID TXCTI?IES3LIB.


14. Parts nainel

(The arrangement of tbe standard port is sliow~. Refer to the forin drawing and the delivery specifications for the non-standard products.) Drain pori (DR 2)

Top view of the unit

SR motor and pump

Oil inlet por7 wiih air

Sainple pon witli drain cap



L," ..,



[5. Hydraulic circuit]

5Hydraulic circuit

[:Points for transporting, moving and installing] Tliough the vibration absorbed rubber Sattaclied to tlie leg of the motor pump because of tlie low vibration and low noise. It ir fixed with a hexagon socket bolt (2 of M6 x L35) as to protect thevibration absorbed rubber from transport vibration countermeasure at shippirig. HOperation Before operation, remove tlie liexagon socket bolt (2 of M6 x L35). I it is operated without rernoving these bolts, it may cause loud vibration and noise. f

/ 1


ISTransporting Wlien it is being transported, install thespacer which protect the vibratioii absorbed rubber with hexagon socket bolt (2 of M6 x L35), and fix the motor pump and t l ~ e tank upper board securely. (Refer to the below figure.) Be silre to suspend it with eyebolt. In this time, move tRe unit carefully about balance so as not to be damaged the piping by fhe hook.

Weieht table (hvdraulic oil in not includedl + Type

EHU 14-LO4





a Danger
If the vibration absorbing ivbber is suspended without spacer for its protection, it is dangerous tliat he vibration absorbing rubber inay bieak off and fall. In case that it is suspended except for tlie eyebolt (piiiiip pipilig), it is dangerous to fall and turnover. Confirrn tlie weight ofrhe hydia~ilic unit, and suspend it witliin the rated load oftlie hanger-hook.

Never approacli during csi-ry by hanger-liook. Tliere is daiiger of injuiy due to fa11 and turnover.

A Caution

Do not move the tank wirli filliiig oil. (The oil leaking md air-mixing will cause inferior operation.) Dui-ing ti-anspoi?aiioii,be sure lo fix ii so Uiat it iiia)l not be moved by vibiation and anothei force.



" - E = U " ~

L . , . "

I VI""

%'U>" IIIT\I""nL'


Br Points foi installation

Wecuring of space of inlialation/exhaust Do not put the obstacle that disturbs inhalatiodexhaust of tlie oil cooler within 1 Ocin fi.0111 the eiid of tlie uiiit. Moreover, install it in the good vetitilaiion so tliat the unir inay not be filled witli heat, and be careful tthzt teinperature of inhalation becornes fixed 5C. surrounding temperature (less than 3 )



A Warning

When it is used in where there is no space of inhalationlexhaust, and heat place, the heat exchange function of the oil cooler/fan motor declines, and finally, oil temperature and temperature of the hydraulic equipinent becoines unusual higli temperature. In case of touching high temperature part, you may be bumt

A Caution
When it is used in wliere tliere is no space of inhalatiodexhaust, and heat place, the motor becoines high teinperature, and the life of the motor will be shortened apparently When tlie motor becoines high teinperature, temperature proiection siispends its operatioii. (ln case "P02: ternperature alarm oiitput setiing" is "l"(as output), alarin sigiial are outpiined.) lf using under high temperature coiidition continuously, it causes rroubles and sliorten tlie life ofthe hydraultc equipment such as the motor puiiip. If tising under higli tempeiliture condition contin~iousiy, makes the quality of the hydtaulic oil lower, and it sliorten iCs life. installatlon on horizontal place Install the hydraulic unit on the horizontal table or the horizontal flooi-. Fix the hydraulic unit with bolts (4 of M8) not to inove.

Unit tnounling hole 6 9 (4 positions)

( Please prepare for fixing bolt separatel


- Iftlie hydi.aulic unit is not fixed witli bolt, it is daiigerous because of falling dowii and nioving arouiid by
ihe liydraulic reactive force in the pipes, so the unit must be fixed.

A Cautioii
case it is installed in ilie slope, thei-ewill be oil-leakiiig aiid sir-n~ixing catise unusual noise and s!iorien equipnient's life.


[7,P.repai.atio~ifor operationl
BPiping Since this.liydraulic iinit is provided with hvo returii poits (inside oil), two draiii ports (upper oil surface) and one discliarge por!, piping them if necessai-y. P.11 the piping poli is capped with tapes cap (vinyl cap). Bind t l ~ e piping with seal tape. ODraiii port (DR2 : Rpll2) Upper oil suiface

WKeiurn port t i

i :~


ODrain port (DRI : Upper oil surface OReturn port (T2. Rcl12) under oil suiface ODischaige port < P : Rc?/S)

BFillingliydraulic oil Reiiiove the oil inlet port with aIr breatliei-to toi-ii couiiterclockwise, and put piire liydi-aulic oil (witliin NAS 10 class) in the tank. Tlie oil voiuine sliould be kept tiiat tlie float of tlie oil gauge is between tiie i-ed line and tlie yello~vline. Use the hydrauiic oil appi-oprialeto the specificatio~is it was inentioned i i i page 6. as

@OiI inlet por; witli air breatlier

QYeliow line (Upper 1irnit:uO.OL)

@Red line (Lowei- liiirit :7 4 ) .1



If it operates ~~11!ioi11i t ~ ioii g tlie rank, biii-iit nd abrasion occur in the puiiip body, aiid it inay be p~ i ~ in dariiaged. Siiice oil is supplied ;o Lhe 1h)~di:iliccircuil ori ihe iiracliiiie at tlie jnitial operation of tiie iiiciiine, be carefui oftlie oii deri-ease insid: zi?e iaiik. Tl?e oil level inside tlie iank i.\'ill vaiy a lo1 wiili !he differeiit hydraulic cii-cuit o11rhe i~iacliirie,be. cdi.efu1 tliai i t h i oil is overrina'ed Ti-oin the tank or ilic oil ievcl is ioi?,er iiian its usiial l e i ( ~ 1 .

@ .

Electric wiring
Be sure to carry out electric wiring in accordance witli the tern~irial wiriiig diagram (below figure).


Terininal box cover Screw for tightcningcover (M4 Cross-Recessed Screw x4) [Tigliten torque : I.ON rnl

BARN1YG:HIGH V L A E OT G Wiring diagrain (EHU25-M(L)07)

As for EHU0'"-LO4 does not equipped wilh DIGITAL 110 teuniitai. Piease consuli us if necessary.

To protect the electric circuit aitd prevent eleciric shock, insta11 tlie safeiy device such as a no fuse breaker o r a ground-fault interrupter on the main power soiirce of the hydraulic unit so as to be based on the European standard (EN60204-1). (Refer to below table for tiie capacity of each inachine) - In order to release the leakage froin inverier circuit, ground (earth) tenninal inust be down to ground over the third class. (Connect it directly not to pass through the breaker) Wire afier installing the macliine surely. Be sure to turn off the breaker of the main power source and confirm that 1116 powei. source \vas interrupte before the wiring, Do not connect the supply line to the input and output terminal. Never add tlie excessive power voltage beyond its specificatioiis of the hydraulic unir



Since tliis ltydraulic iinit has protect-over cursent fi~nction built in, tlieniial for protect-over current function is not iiecessary. In case of using thermal, it inay york wrong ivay by tlie inverter switching. [Rated current in iype]





9M'iiing point When wiring tlie main power source and tlie alann output signal wire, tlie cover of the terininal box Iias to be removed. (Removing the cover of the terininal box by looseningthe cross recessed screw (M4) tliat installed on tlie cover.)

6 The wiring of the main powei source 9

(1) Wire tlie electric cable througli tlie wiring port ofthe terininal box. Use the wire and the cable clamp to be suitable for the wiring port that satisfies protection grade over 1P54. [Recommended cable clainp :Lanp Co.,Ltd. made ST163 [screw size : PG163 (2) Gonnect the earth line to the eanh terminal of the terminal stand for power source. (3) Connect power source line to terminal stand jLl,L2,L3) of tlie power source. (There is not polarity.) Refer to the below figure to connect with the teiminal board.
(4) After wiring, be sure to iiistall tlie cover of the terminal box as it was.

powei source Refer to page 12, "wiring diagram" as for the ariangeinent of tlie terininal board

Wiring port for power source

Use alteinating current (AC) which is suitable for tlie power source specifications of the product. Use the electric wire which is suitable for A WG14 (2sq-2.5sq). Do not connect the power souize wit-e (LJ,L2,L3) to eartli connection point of power source terminal. The earth connection point is connected with the motor frame, and ground the earth over tlie third class ground. Be careful not to dainage rhe coiiductor when stripping electric wire. Be careful not to stick out tlie conductor of wiring from the terminal stand. Caution

- In case of preventing end of the wire from separating, treat its end with solder or use the below mentioned
criinping terminal with insulated sleeve. (Refer to maker's catalogue "WAGO made" for handling thein.) For 2 sq: 21 6-205 yellow For 2.5 sq: 216-206-bllie Press tool: 206-204 Bio- crimp Special driver: WAGO made 2 10-257 or 21 0-350101 etc. (Terminal stand: WAGO inade 745series) Special driver Wire inseit oori How to connect the power source wire to the tenninal stand board.

a lnseit special driver or pi.ecision driver (widtii

2 4-3inm) as leff figure. Make sure of sttipped \vire length, and insert tliem uiitil tlie end without separating. @ Pull special driver oilt. @ Make sure of wiring by pulling the eleclric \vire


L I N I~H ; U I



@n,e atiring of alarm signal line-----lt is able to tiansmit the siwal of the abnonnal condition and opeiation of the pressureswitch that is outputted from tliis hydraulic ~init. (The hydraulic unit can be operated without wiring.)
(1) Wire tiie electric cable through the wirhg port of the

terniinal box. Use tlle wiie and tlie cable clamp to be suitable for the wiring port. [Recommended cable clamp : Laap Co.,Ltd.made SlY] [screw size : PG9] (2) Confirm the terminal wiring diagram on the cover of the terminal box, connect to tlte alarm sigiial connection on the terininal stand for power source. *This diagram sliou~s power OFF condition. (alarm condition)

(3) After wiriiig, be sure to install tlie cover of the temiinal box as it was.

stand for Alarin connection alarm signal wirinc oort " a Refer to page 12, "wiring diagram" as for the arrangement of the terminal board.


- Use the electnc wire, cab iyie cable with shield wliicli is suitable for AWG22 (0.3sq).

Be siire to treat the end of shield cable properly, and ground the one side. Do not connect the alarin connect line to the terminal stand for power source. Be careful iiot to damage the conductor wlien stripping electric wire. Use DC24V or DCl2V (minimum load-current IOmA) for alami connection circuir. Use ACI OOV (50160Hz) under alternative current conriol. (As for ACZOOV, it is not able to use in specification of voltage-resistance and insulation Use it under the maximum load-cument less than 1A (load resistance). Be careful no: to stick out tlie conductor of wiring from the tenninal siand.

- In case of preventing end ofthe wire from separating, treat its end with solder or use the below rnentioned
crimping te~minal witii insulated sleeve. (Referto maker's catalogue "M'AGO made" for handling tiiem.) For AWG22 0.3 sq: 216-322 light green For AWG2O 0.5 sq: 21 6-221 white Press tool: 206-204 Bio- cnmp (sme as for power source) Wiring port is common with control signal. (Terminal stand: WAGO made 256 series)

Pushing direction of tlie lever

As for alann output signal connect "ALMa" and "COM" ofwiring diagram at normal operation.

Wire inselt poit

How to connect to the terminal stand board

a Push the lever with a driver etc.

@ Make sure of stripped wire leno&, and iiisert
tliem until tlie end without separaring. @ Reinove tlie driver from rhe lever. @ Make sure of wii-ingby puiling tlie eleciric wire sliglitly. Stripped wire iei?gih:tnm


~ i i v bKUG I I U I VI V I H I V U H L ~ I


@The wiring of control stop signal line-----lt is possible to operatelstop unit by ordering contact input. ( n i e Iiydraulic unit can be operated without wiring.) ' @The wiring of opeiation ready output signal----lt is possible to output operation condition a h r power on. After this signal is outputted, start to operate the actuator and so on. (In case witliout wiring, refer to "Power supply turning on, a time chait related to alann" B of attaclied docu~nent for the time of starting operation of the actuator and so on.) 1 ) Wirethe electric cable througli the wiring poit of the terminal box. P. Usethe wire and the cable clainp ro be suitable for tlie wiring port. (2) Confirm the terminal wiring diagram on the cover of the terminal box, connect to tlie control stop sigiial connection on tlie terminal stand for power source. Refer to below figure to connect control suspend signal line to terminal base. (3) Aher wiring, be sure to insta11 the cover ofthe tenninal box as it was. (Wiriiig port is common witli alarin signal.) Refer to page 12, "wiring diagrrun" as for the anangement of the terminal board.

ZWiring of con stop signal OtiSavailab'eei~ller pllis or minus of power conimon.) source.) XNevei- connect except between DlN 1 nd D1N2 terminal. Wiring diaeram of ooeration readv o u t ~ usienal and coiitiol stoo sienal t

Y Wiring of operation

Ai Danger
Use the electric wire, cabtyre cable witli shield which is suitable for AWG22 (O.%). Be sure to treai tlie end of sliield cable properly, and ground tlie one side. Do not connect control connecr line to the terminal stand for power source. Be caieful not to damage tlie conductor when stripping electric wire. Use DC24V for control stop signal. Be careful not to stick out the conductor of wiring from the tenninal stand.
~~ ~ ~ ~


The control stop function is difference in signal input condition (operatelstop) by setting. (Refer to setting mode of "Operating manual of the control panel".) Ai shipping (standard pmduct), when it operates outside swiich is "OFF (opened)", and it stop "014 (closed)". The control stop function is standard function for EHU25-L07, EHU25-M07 and EHU30-h407. In case of not connecting well with separating the wire's end, treat its end with solder. U'iring poit is coininon witli alarm signal. (Terminal stand: WAGO made 234 series) Wlien wiring, ifthe lever is not puslied straight, the terminal stand may be damaged.

Pushing direction oftlie iever

How to coniiecr lo the terminal stand board

a Make sure of stripped wire length, arid insert

rhem until ihe eiid witliout separating. @ Remove tlie d r i ~ ~fro~n lever. e r tlie @ Make sure of wiring by piillingllie electric ltzire Stripped wiie length:6nim

O Pucli the lever widi a driver etc.