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Who We Are Contacts What We Do Home Downloads Login ============================== The team at 3mice is composed of business developers, software

engineers, e-business consultants, information a rchitects, art directors, project managers, account managers and solution design ers. The 3mice process through a collaborative philosophy and an iterative approach orchestrates the different disciplines to meet the client's objectives. It is the integration of these areas of expertise with 3mice that makes it outstanding within the field of digital communication. =============================== Web design Web optimization Web hosting Domain registration Internet marketing E mail campaigns E-cards Graphic design E-commerce =============================== www.freeflowkenya.com Free Flow Kenya is a web designing, web optimization, domain registration , web hosting, e marketing and graphic designing company based in Nairobi Kenya.The company has experienced web and graphic designers and has designed numerous web sites for various companies in the past few years.We have helped companies grow their customer base through the modern concept of e marketing.You can conta ct us to see how we can help you increase your customer base since it has now be come common, even in Kenya for people to look for products and services through the net through search engines like google. That's were we come in. We see that your web site is found through all the major search engines hence making you vis ible throughout the world. =============================== thegreencamelkenya.com Whether you are a start up dot com or a traditional business expanding with the internet we are here to help you build it. We deploy cutting edge technology and creative design to provide powerful web solutions for your company, so you enha nce your web presence. Our team of web site designers and programming profession als work tirelessly to effect your web presence as fast as possible. Our job is never finished until you are completely satisfied for we continue to provide sup port as long as needed. ===============================

peakanddale.com Peak and Dale Solutions seeks to offer the best in quality to our clients at aff ordable rates. Our services range from Domain Registration and Web Hosting to We b design and Web development. We also offer Search Engine Optimisation as well a s Software Development. Peak and tive and . We are tired of team has Dale Solutions was started on the premise of creating holistic, interac affordable solutions. We are tired of poor designs in the Kenyan market tired of websites that do not reflect a company's true message. We are solutions that are highly priced and inaccessible to most Kenyans. Our made a commitment not to do business as usual .

Our approach Our approach is focused on providing affordable, customized and user-centered so ftware and web solutions. We deliver great value for money without compromising on business reputation or performance. We keep to a simple uncomplicated approac h so that our clients can easily manage their solutions with little or no softwa re or web experience. =============================== http://www.kenyasoftnet.com/hosting.htm Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, an online presence is no longer a luxury. At Kenya Softnet we understand that your financial, marketing a nd strategic needs are unique and will tailor our solution to meet them. Our web development solutions will be delivered within time and budget. Our web solutions are scaleable, dynamic, interactive, and designed for 21st cen tury needs. You shall be involved in every stage of the process to ensure timely delivery and easy seamless integration with your other business processes. Our in-built, easy-to-use Content Management System shall assist you in keeping the website fresh and up-to-date. =============================== Ebits Online is a Kenyan Company that develops professional websites and e-comme rce applications, markets and promotes them to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. ( 0 ) FansFan( 1343 ) ViewsFlagEbits Online is a Kenyan web development and web marketing company that specializes in building, managing and promoting the perfe ct online presence for any size of company or organization in Kenya and around t he world. The company combines professional web design, web programming and prov en search engine marketing techniques to deliver powerful cost-effective online marketing tools for businesses and organizations.

As a provider of integrated online business solutions for Small and Medium Enter prises in Kenya, we provide simple, cost effective ways for businesses to utiliz e web technology for greater productivity and profit.


1: Web design and redesign Ebits Online offers professional web design and web re-design services to variou s clients, from small to medium sized business (SME's) to large companies and co

rporations. Our development work is personalized, hence our motto of "doing it y our way", we design and re-design simple static/brochure websites to complex CMS -driven website systems.

2: Website Application Development Ebits Online designs and develops web-based systems that are database driven, to cater for any function that our clients requires; from user data processing, ne ws and events systems, online forums, photo galleries, shopping carts, blogs to e-commerce applications. We ensure flexibility and compatibility with all Operat ing Systems.

3: Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization We offer web maintenance and search engine optimization for both our existing cl ients and other new clients. We update your website content, links, pages and ph otos monthly. Additionally we optimize and market your website to leading search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo every month with an ultimate goal of driving more traffic to your website.

4: Domain Registration and Hosting Ebits Online offers its clients reliable, efficient and affordable domain regist ration and hosting services for any kind of website. We do have various packages that you can choose from and all you need is pay a single annual fee to have yo ur website online. Our hosting servers are not locally based giving you ultimate speed and reliability.

5: Offshore Website Development Ebits Online provides its wide range of services to international clients with s imilar efficiency and dedication, enabled through our virtual web design service (VWS). This service provides the client with a private online console to monito r the progress of their project. Communication is via email, chat and telephone. http://www.designfirms.org/company/3111/ebits-online/ =============================== Our goal in every project is to create quality work, and to realize the potentia l envisioned by our clients. With sensibilities equally aesthetic and pragmatic, we offer a refined use of scale and proportion, media and history and site to p romote the possibilities of use and quality of experience. Ultimately, it is our belief that improving our ways of communicating improves our ways of relating t o each other. =============================== waridikenya.com =============================== http://www.ebitsonline.com/webdesign.html Welcome to Ebits Online, a Kenyan website design company that provides full feat ured web services to businesses and organizations in Kenya and also acts as an offshore d

evelopment center for overseas firms. We provide all the services that a company needs to g et online, from custom website design to web hosting and most importantly website marketing in all top search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. At Ebits Online, the top web design company in Kenya, we build, manage and promo te the perfect online presence for all our clients, so whether the website you need is a large dynamic database-driven website or a small brochure website, Ebits Online will p rovide a high quality solution for your requirements. =============================== http://www.loungelizard.com/ =============================== http://www.designfirms.org/directory/web-design/kenya/ =============================== =============================== ===============================