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Basic Electronics Current, Voltage, Ampere, Wattage AC and DC supply. Resistor with its ohms low. Diodes with rectifiers. Capacitors. Inductors. Transformers. Transistors and MOSFET. Integrated chips Component checking by digital multi-meter. Using of Oscilloscope (CRO). Types of Power supply and its working. Adopter working principal

Instrument handling
Soldering and disordering Digital multimeter Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine). ICs re-balling by BGA machine. BGA Rework Oscilloscope Ram card tester Cpu socket tester Debug card

Advance Laptop Service Training (Chip Level) Laptop Assembling and dissembling. Digital electronics Laptop power steam & VRM Laptop different section working principal Function and block diagram of Laptop. Battery section LCD section. Inverter Section and CCFL. Keyboard and Touchpad. CPU fundamental Power sequence Function of MCH, ICH, Microcontroller, Clock, Bios Laptop motherboard. Different section detail. Bios programming

ICs detail and function. Different connectors and sockets. Fault finding procedure of laptop. Use of Debug card post error code. Common problem of different motherboards. Fault finding using digital multi-meter. Fault finding using Oscilloscope (CRO). BIOS update and password. Different password removing methods and steps.(Dell, IBM) DATA sheets of different ICs. HINGES & body fabrication etc. Practical chip level faults finding Software related issue solve by Hiren boot and mini XP

Option A: One month 11am to 6 pm daily (mon to sat) Option B: Two month 11am to 2 pm daily (mon to sat) Option C: Two month 4pm to 7 pm daily (mon to sat) Unlimited Practicals with many models and makes Practical Exposure Skill Enhancement Money benefit
Free Technical DVD (Service Manuals & Schematics ,notes, chips Datasheet, repair flowchart, password recovery tools, video & software, utility) 2>Hiren boot ver 12 Spares Sourcesing One Year Support after Course Completion Certification

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Fees RS 20,000\Language : ENGLISH, HINDI OR MARATHI

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DURATION ONE WEEK (Mon to Sat) Time 11Am to 6Pm Day 1: Basic Electronics, Hot Gun, BGA Rework, Oven reflow. Day 2: Laptop Power sequence, laptop different section working principle, block diagram. Day 3: Test Instruments (Multimeter, oscilloscope, debug card, CPU socket tester). Day 4: Bios programming, LCD & inverter, software (bios password recovery tools). Day 5: Fault finding procedure of laptop using multimeter, CRO and debug card. Day 6: Practical Diagnosing laptop motherboard, hinges & body fabrication, Q & A. Features: fully cutting edge practical basis course Free Technical DVD FEES : RS 10,000\-