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ADAMSON UNIVERSITY College of Education and Liberal Arts Social Science Department

Final Examination: Colonizing the Red Planet

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Geopolitics

Submitted by: ESCALANTE, Erwin Gerald N. AB Pol. Sci./2nd yr. 1300-1400H/MWF

Submitted to: Prof. Don Emmanuel Nolasco

March 2012

A human mission to visit and land on the planet Mars has long been a subject for science fiction writers and a dream of space exploration advocates. Though various mission proposals have been put forth by multiple space agencies for such a mission, the logistical and financial obstacles are considerable, and many critics contend that such a mission would be a risky sub-optimal use of government resources. Regardless, preliminary work for such a mission is being undertaken by NASA and the European Space Agency. Since then, debate surrounding whether to go to Mars has been very prominent. Even the Soviet Union attempted this Mars exploration named as Martian piloted complex. It featured a six-Cosmonaut crew on a 900-day mission, with a launch in 1975. There is an ongoing competition happening between the NASA and Soviet mission. Is it a race in colonizing the mars? Will the scheme of geopolitics will shift its focus on another planet which is the Red Planet? Is it going to be another West versus East battle but in another arena? The question of taking on Mars as an interplanetary goal is not simply an aerospace accomplishment, but one of reaffirming the pioneering character of our society. So this race of Mars colonization is not just a dominating stance that one empire can affirm to the human race but it is also a matter of character in a society. Of course, as a human you have this kind of innate personality of being adventurous or have this kind of love in exploring. One may not be aware that by fulfilling this, we are already making another part of the history which is the Mars colonization theory. Before its just a part of science fiction books and a dream of space exploration advocates but now its not. With the help of the advanced technology, the life can be already sustainable and affordable. There are a lot of inventions nowadays that made the Mars exploration possible. And to the extent of living there and make it a sovereign. We are not abandoning the earth, but with the help of exact science we are increasing the survival of the species.

Yes, in Earth the survival of the species there is in danger, if we are all aware the lifespan here in the Earth is decreasing as the years passed. So imagine Earth that has a lot of humans residing in it. The human population is the one suspect of the decrease in life expectation. Most likely, our life here on Earth is at risk because of global pandemics, nuclear and biological warfare, global warming and super volcanoes. Thats why US and Soviet is preparing for a wide-range battle for the ownership of Mars. Before theres already an issue of who did really first land the moon. Some said that the US wasnt the first to land the Moon (what do they teach in history these days). Soviets were the first and planted a flag there. In 1959, the US declared that planting a flag on the moon was only a symbolic gesture, like planting one on the top of mountain and did not claim the ownership. That would require establishing a permanent base. The battle of conquering the moon goes like this: First, claim it and second, defend it. Thats how the moon ownership with regards to the international treaties that the America and Europeans are the first to register the ownership of Moon. The Soviet did not like that thats why they are planning to for this cold revenge against the America. Soviet is now focusing on searching for the chances of capturing the Red Planet. For them its not just a potential colony but its already their colony because of their technological advantage and those engineers that are willing to jump on the Red Planet for the sake of discovery and colonization. Earth and Mars has a lot of similarities thats why for them its not really risky to make it as their new home. Mars days are only 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth. Mars seasons are similar to the Earths seasons just twice as long. And another reason is that Mars is definitely close to other planets making it possible for another intergalactic accomplishment. With the proper use of resources on Mars, theres already a high percentage of capturing the whole world and even ruling it. If we understand the law of science, anything is possible. For Soviet, great power comes great responsibility. Thats why they are not going to let the America to tactically capture the Mars and other planets. Is it the time for the East to be dominating now? Or is it just an extension of Western domination? Now to look at the geopolitics sphere as God-like, not to mention how possible it could be, the intergalactic space has so much subject to be discussed which is the most

interesting part in my paper. We became familiar with the Earth as the only planet that we can live on, but here I am introducing a new thesis about the shift of geopolitical sphere with the association of intergalactic space as my arena and the East and West as my characters with their overflowing endeavors. Even on Earth, the East and West conflicts made it as their arena but as we are all aware the Earth cannot provide the adequate necessities in these possible next conflicts that going to happen. Population, Financial conflicts and even the large destruction of the environment are the major factors that made me think that the world is in danger. Both parties are very dangerous, they both have the capacities to end the world in just one snap. As what Mr. Albert Einstein said: If theres going to be World War III, the World War IV is going to be fought with rocks and stones. Thats the rationale of my subject matter here. Before that said World War IV come to our consciousness, we must not let the Earth fall just like that. We should at least think of other places where we can continue our living.

The exploration of Mars has taken place over hundreds of years, since it can be visible to an unaided eye, but was aided by the invention and development of the telescope starting in the 1600s. Space probes sent from Earth in the late 1900s yielded a dramatic increase in knowledge about the Martian system. This topic is also covered at Mars landing. It has been an important part of the space exploration programs of Soviet Union and US with their allies. Robotic spacecrafts, orbiters, Landers and rovers have been launched since the 1960s. This is for the scientific purposes during this time without interest on making it as territory. The US thought that since they are funding this program, they should also gain something from it. First, they think of it as for science, now they are taking it as for business. As far as this business goes, there is a hoax that the America is spreading worldwide. They are claiming that life on Mars is isnt possible, they even added that if the people of the Eastern Hemisphere insist their mission is just going to fail. But its just one of the best delaying tactics of US, so that they can get all the treasures on Mars. The Soviet Union became suspicious of this because they know that the US has their dirty little secrets. Thanks to the dedicated scientists that never stop questioning if the life on Mars is possible. The Soviet Union continues to send out missions to find the truth lying on this mysterious Red Planet. Months had passed and both teams are still trying to search for the truth. Out of boredom, the US tries to propose a new business plan because Christmas is coming to town. The US team urges the NASA to search for the place for at least 1000 people can stay at Mars. The US team wants to call it Christmas on Mars. Business-minded people already informed that there is a trip to Mars for a whole Christmas vacation. The NASA was alarmed with this, they think that if the businessmen continue this project, there are going to be a crisis. So the NASA did what they could in meeting the expectation of the business freaks. They send a lot of missions and even used rodents and mice as an agent for their experiment. Some of the experiments succeeded and some didnt. The president of America got pissed off because he thinks that they are just wasting the funds for discovery and they no longer afford the trips. So the foresight of the scientists was correct there is going to be a crisis.

Meanwhile at East, a group of Eastern philosophers are having a discourse about the question of morality and consequences of Colonizing Mars. One philosopher said that one of the member of Mars exploration team has already send some machines that can take pictures and samples in the place of human beings. He even added, they are really determined to send out a human on Mars to step on it. The philosopher on green garment abruptly remarks that there are also scientific communities who look to a day when humans can eventually terraform Mars, so humans can travel there, breathe freely, vacation and eventually, some people could possibly live on another planet (in case anything dire happen on Earth whether it be by our own destruction or a comet should happen to pulverize us). Different perspectives were heard on that discussion while they are facing a bonfire. They continue to ask questions in regards to Mars colonization. In the middle of the heated discussion, one mysterious man with a black dog appeared out of the dark, and laughed loudly and told them that: What I want to know is, does human race have the right and/or the obligation to do this to the mysterious red planet? Is it ours for the taking just because we can get there? Do we know that there is no other life on Mars and if there should be, how does that change our endeavors? Do we have a moral obligation, or should we just leave Mars alone? Do we risk being a one planet species; at mercy of whatever force may destroy us, or do we risk polluting yet another planet? At the base for intergalactic missions, the team is preparing for their newest invention thatll enable human beings to step on Mars without any intervention of the gravity at Mars. Artificial gravity, it is. The team has dedicated many years for this invention and another year for testing it to human subject. Now that they already have the key to step on the mysterious Red Planet, the professors and scientists is now preparing their equipments needed to discover something on Mars. Finally, the team together with the other new members had already discovered the Hydrogen Fuel (Deuterium) or heavy hydrogen, hard to obtain on Earth. Five times more abundant form of Hydrogen-Deuterium-Oxygen. A milliliter of liquid heavy hydrogen fuel would produce as much as 20 tons of coal. The team is now ready to bring home the bacon and spread to the world the good news.

Because of the previous successful mission, the Soviet team is now more motivated and organized to send out more mission to the Red Planet. Geologists and Miners are sent to gather platinum, gold and silver which are abundant in Mars. The Soviet team is now receiving the full benefit of this space exploration. They sell the minerals on Earth where they are rare and extra-valuable and allow them to construct more goods and make money to provide the budget needed to have more missions on Mars. Soviet Union is now becoming richer. Most journalists said that the Eastern Hemisphere is dominating. The Western countries became uncomfortable with these previous achievements of the Eastern countries. The Western countries are now REALLY on crisis. They are no longer entitled to the full benefits of the NATO because the NATO had recently declined because most of the countries felt that the force of America is now becoming weak and they cannot support America anymore. They think that if they instead give the support to the Eastern countries, the system will flow smoothly with the exact amount of benefits on both parties involved. In the end of the day, the countries withdraw their connection to America but they are still updated with the dynamism in Europe. But its a sad fact that Europe has already been captured by the Eastern countries because of their strong influence in the East. Thanks to the Eastern philosophers for enlightening the people of Europe. They are no longer under the dictatorship of the America. They are now aware that the America is not just destroying them psychologically but physically. With that, even some part of Africa is now under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union. Its a blast! the mysterious man with a black dog said. Its payback time. He added. Who are you?! said the president of America. I told you so. Another world is possible said the mysterious man wearing a white shirt saying defining good politics with black dog. Another world is really possible. The Soviet team became empowered with their previous achievements and assistance coming from the countries coming from the West. The team is now targeting technology. They concluded that spin-offs improve technology. Mission to mars creates mere spin-offs. The Soviet team developed cell analysis tools, intelligent robots and sensors for biological threats. And they became more familiar with the obstacles upon traveling on space. They improved the ion

engines. Powerful ion engines can take travelers in just 9 days to Mars means travel will be less dangerous due to less time being exposed to danger decrease exposure to radiation and time out in space. The population on Mars now increased. The travels now became more safer because of the continuous technological advancement. The threat of radiation has been deflected by the Micro Magnetosphere shields, According to the New Scientists of the Soviet team the new force fields or shields have been developed by physicists thatll prevent radiation from reaching space travelers. Means no space travelers will be sick by radiation. The only problem that they are meeting now is the astronauts working at the astronomical teams safety measures because they are the agents that are protecting us from threats coming from outside Mars. Thanks to the New Scientists team they now discovered chemoprevention or the use of chemical agents, drugs, food supplements to prevent disease is one option to help radiation for astronauts. Meaning that there are no more dangerous radiation that will affect our brave astronauts. The colonization of Mars seems to be perfect and in favor of the Western team. The America is now depressed because of the accomplishment on another planet by the Soviet Union. Out of desperation, they even warned about if the countries will now restore their faith to NATO, the America will do not think twice of launching the Nuclear Bomb. But of course, the Eastern philosophers had already thought of this and even give a short letter to the union, thats why the Eastern countries already made a counter for the Nuclear Power and that is the Kryptonite. Kryptonite was become famous in Marvel Comics; now it was the term Kryptonite was coined from it. The said Kryptonite is like an anti-matter that can neutralize the Nuclear Bomb in just a nanosecond. This Kryptonite was developed by the New Scientists, before it was just one of the hypotheses of Stephen Hawking. He already thought about this obsessively and even made a possible timeframe of this Mars colonization and the clash of the east and west. He even said to one of interviews that staying on Earth or on one planet puts human race at risk of extinction, because of risk, of global pandemics, nuclear and biological warfare, global warming and super volcanoes. Meaning: In order to increase our species chance of survival, we need to establish a living base on another planet,

especially as we continue to deplete Earths resources & destroy environment with global warming. The Eastern countries together with the other countries from West are now living happily ever after. Jobs for the poor were created by the most revolutionary organization. There are no longer gap between rich and poor. The morality of Western countries is always the hot topics of the Eastern philosophers that made contribution in the formation of structure on Mars. The Eastern philosophers are the one leading the way toward the road of success of the Martians. The term Martians connotes positive light, if before it was viewed as fictitious and immature, now it is viewed as radical, progressive and fair. Eastern philosophers now became Martian philosophers. They do not show their faces to the people (Martians) but instead they are just keeping in touch to them using a device that was implanted in everywhere at Mars. People treat them as advisers but not leaders nor dictators. They realized that they needed government before to distribute, allocate goods and services to them and to protect them from harms. And because they learned that having power is just promoting evil and selfish acts. Thats why they chose philosophers to be their advisers, because the philosophers promote the love of wisdom. They cannot trust their fellow Martians, because if they trust them with the power, they know from the very start that that person is just going to be the same as the politicians before that supports a kleptocratic type of government. They dont need any constitution to guide them how the people should govern themselves, but instead they are just having concessions with each other. They keep the decisions visible to all people. And set a standard that if someone became bad, evil and illegal to the eyes of the majority the philosophers will give a proposal on how they will punish the bad person. No more people wishes to be rich, good-looking and having a lot of connection. If you ask them what is the most important to you, they will not hesitate and tell you, Working for the common good.

The long and exhausting race in colonizing the Mars between the US and Soviet Union is finally done. It is clear that the Soviet Union won the battle of colonizing the Mars and up to the extent, that it became their second home and base. At the beginning of the race, the US started to organize missions to determine if its possible to travel to Mars. In the middle of their pursuit, the US did not take it anymore; they need to gain something out of the said project which is going to be the turning point of the story. Because they really wanted to earn something even though they have zero discoveries at that time. With this stagnant situation it became a way for the Soviet Union to find a chance to run for another mission who is more effective because it is goal-oriented and not concerning only on personal gains but also for scientific and practical purposes. While on the way toward the numerous discoveries of the Mars by the Soviet Union, the NATO had declined because its members are starting to become suspicious and mistrustful of the activity of America. The members of the NATO had given assistance to the technological advancement of Soviet Union. The two parties now are meeting their minds and keeping the faith on the adventures of the astronomical team on Mars. Finally, the Soviet Union had successfully overcome all the obstacles and colonized the Red Planet. The Red Planet now is their home sweet home. The US team was abandoned and most of its members are now joining the Soviet Union and participating to the Newly Found Society. The Newly Found Society achieved all the goals for the people and the whole world. They achieved the goals because they are working for the common good.