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I was wondering what is matter? Where does the universe get so much of matte? How
have the science taken the matter in there understanding? I had all these questions in
the mind. Matter is something that occupies space, having weight, and has capacity to
be in to billions of atoms. Bits in to bits it can be made and changed to its originality.
Matter as I thought has something extraordinary characteristics in them, which can’t
be forbidden by us. Matter is only the originality of our existence. This is the only
natural phenomena to which human intelligent and capacity couldn’t challenge,

Since matter is being the source of our existence and our originality, why have not got
so much knowledge about it? Without matter there is; not possible for the existence of
the universe too. Simply, we have understood what matter, which we learned in the
university, in the schools in the world, which don’t give comprehensive understanding
to the matter, At least we knew basic knowledge of the matte, though we didn’t go so
deeply. In one way matter is an indivisible and visible. Let alone the matter be visible
or not visible, but we have known only three matters, namely solid, liquid and the
gases. Only water components have all the form of the matter within itself
simultaneously. Rest other newly discovered matters are plasma and the BOSE
EINSTEIN CONDENSEAT; all of these have varieties of the characters within them

Basically matters are made throughout the universe only by the four elements, namely
air, earth, fire & water. These matters are acted only on two forces gravity the
tendency for air to rise, water & earth to sink and levity. On the basis of the water,
earth, air, & fire whole universe is run up till now; this is the continuity of the universe.

Liquid like water, petrol, diesel, all are liquids. Gases like oxygen, hydrogen and over all
atmospheres we can say so. solid like soil, bench, whole universe, all are solid, rest two
are plasma is the positively and negatively charged atoms and finally Bose Einstein
condensate is still in the process of learning by the scientist, until now the science
could study the matter in five manners, and still in the process of finding out. We
should have observed that matter behave in different ways in a different weather
conditions, in cold, hot and in many ways.

Let us see what exactly is the matter and true meaning of the matter objects and the
subjects. Matter is something which occupies space and having weight and has
capacity to build and get broken. Matter has been divided in to three concrete parts
and they are solid, liquid and the gas which are the fundamental constructions side of
the natures. These three elements can’t exist simultaneously, just to go thoroughly
about there characters makes a lengthy articulations of the matter. Why can’t they not
exist at once or with the same elements, there characteristics at once is a greater


questions to the world of science especially to the physics. To deal with the matter isn’t
an easy subject as comparison to the other subjects in the physics or the biochemistry.

As per our predictions or the natures we aren’t sure to that, however emptiness,
formations, abiding, expansions and ultimately destructions have been analyzed by the
scholars too in the world. In the emptiness, where do the things come in? For the
building or the formations source is required and in the emptiness where will the things
or the matter come in to or by? Has become a greater inquiry in the world of the
knowledge and the wisdom too, only ether exists even in the emptiness;

Why don’t the three matters namely solid, liquid & gas exist in one line at once? Why
can’t we convert all the three matter in to one and make a greater valid? Is it possible
or not, is there is a probability or not? Nature is very much of clear and cunning in its
mechanisms, as we have seen the phenomena’s of the nature. Matter simply can’t be
subjects in and easier subjects for any of us. Every angles have, every sides and all
these side make the angles. Some what we got to think and to act is different than
what we have been thinking all about the matter. It does make a sense and variable
that matter is not what we exactly see and smell it.

Matter which affects the gravitational field and have a very much attractions towards
the gravitational activities, this is sure of it. All matter consists of being an
electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic force. There is a strongest and the weakest
magnetic and the electromagnetic forces present in the universe and the whole of the
galaxies all the way in form of the matter. What are the strong and the weak matter,
has become a greater questions to all of us in the world, to find out, discover,
inventions and all fall under the fundamental sides of the human curiosity.

We do understand our selves, that we have limited our selves. To the one path or the
other path, which is again limiting our selves nothing else? Through the science,
religions, humanity, and many side affects have broadened them selves within us. Just
go on assuming that the matter can be negative or the positive can’t help us at all.
This isn’t the ultimate search for us. What is again negative or the positive matter is
unknown to us and most probably we have had been predicting about it. Our
predictions have made us more unable to think and there aren’t any canals to do so,
except this part. Let us explore on what is weak & strong matter and what is called
negative and the positive matters? What is called dark matter, soft matter and the
neutral matter all are our source of knowledge and to find out is our curiosity all the

What is a dark matter? Cosmologist and the astronomers have been predicting that a
matter; which doesn’t emit any light is to be called dark matter. Our assumption is
different that; what our professional scientists have been assuming about it. In the
universe, there are unlimited numbers of the matter and which science too couldn’t
find out. What they tried to do is partial zed about the matter by naming in a various
categories. This is similar to the unifications of the physics or the GUT, which is
significant. Every theory has been partial by the scientist in the world. So that each
theory will be made in to one and united in to one theory, this is the concept that our
scientist have in their mind. Dark matter is something which don’t disturb the luminous


matter like that of the sun. The amount of the dark matter in the universe is huge,
which is assumed to be of 90%.

Dark matte which even has the huge mass in the universe, and don’t emit the light at
all. So they aren’t useless at all in the universe. I am not trying to find out its uses or
disuses, rather I am studying what is dark matte and what exactly is the matter? If the
present of the dark matter and the dark energy is sure to be double or the triple than
the luminous matter and the luminous energy then and than the universe would keep
on expanding and there wouldn’t be a question of contracting. We are here only to talk
about the probabilities and the possibilities what it can be done and can’t be done. We
aren’t going to theorize them that this is the definitions of the matter or the dark
energy in the world. Neither would I like to castigate about the matter on the basis
what the people have said so and will say about it. What does it get contract or the
expand? Is it the matter or the particles or the atom, or the proton, electron, neutron
what is that it gets’s expanded and contract? We aren’t clear about it, what really it
gets expand & contracts we got to find out and invent It what is the reality behind? All
of us are still in the process of predicting and assuming what is what? Which is I think
is wrong idea and the principles to implement it in the universes.

Hot dark matter & cold dark matter and as well as hot dark energy and the cold dark
energy is found in the universe.atom,particles,nucles,anti partilces,anti
atom,antinucles,molecules and anti molecules all are very much have a strong effects
in the matter. There are more of anti matter in the universe than the matter; which we
knew well about it. These are the constitutive elements for the building up the
universe. Why does the universe have so much of anti-matter than the matter is yet
not found and not inquired by any of us? Now the times have for us to do so,
technologically the science and the world is advancing and up to the level of the sky.

Lao Tse clearly mentioned that the light & molecules as the foundation of the matter,
which we can’t forget about it; so light and the molecules being the foundations of the
matter, what else is left for us to know about it. We only need to delve in to the matter
and it’s implications within the human lives, which plays a significant roll in finding
what exactly the matter is. There is also a cosmic sound which affects our lives in
many ways. Matter simply can’t be explained, as we have been thinking till now and
will think in the future. There is an enormous link between atoms, anti-atom, particle,
anti-partilce, molecules, anti-molecules, proton, anti-proton, electron, nit-electron and
neutron and anti-neutron which are the fundamental elements of the matter within
which again it gains the recessions and unite together.

Matter after all a good side to study and only to know about the matter will let us know
about the whole universe alone. When we complete the theory of the matter ,I am sure
that a person will know about the universe, galaxies, spiral galaxies and how many
spiral galaxies are present in the whole universe is still a matter of interest we have
within us, an within the world. Ours is the open and one spiral galaxy that we knew
well and yet to be finding it out.

One by one, I think it’s necessary to articulate what are proton/electron/neutrons.

Proton is an electric charge that has positive charges within it self. Electron is that
which has negative charge and neutron is a charge that has both negative and positive


charge within itself. Matter is composed of atoms; and atom itself is composed of
proton, electron and neutron, which is known as the structure of an atom.

All known particles can be grouped and regrouped in to two group ,they are particles of
spin ½ which make up of the matters in the universe and particles of spin 0,1whcih
give the matter particles rise to forces.

Now let us see, what a positive is and a negative matter in terms of nature and
artificial manner. Force carrying particles can be grouped in to four group, they are
gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear forces and the strong nuclear
forces through which the universe is accessing its power to accelerate the consistent
attractions and the repulsions all the time. All these are easiest and tough to know
what these are and why are these?

A gravitational force is so weak that we can’t see or fell but it is always attractive in its
act. Electromagnetic force which mainly act with the electrically charged particles &
quarks, perhaps not with the uncharged particles or with the gravitons.

Weak nuclear force is in charge of radioactivity and smaller particles of spin ½ perhaps
not with the spin of 0, 1, 2 such as photons & gravitons.

Strong nuclear force is in charge of waves, that is also strong waves and the most
probably of the gravitational waves, which till now we have not find out. Along with the
combinations of the quarks, protons, neutron with the nucleus of an atoms,

So the combinations of the gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces, and strong

nuclear force do make a over all strong felling that most of the matter in the universe
is only positive and rest 10-15% is made of negative, which do make a sense of it.

Mass less matter/particles is also present in the universe, and these are also counted
as forces in the science concept. Without the present of the mass, mass less, forces,
weak and strong, gravity, electromagnetic forces the concept of the matter wouldn’t
come out in the world.

Positive matter & negative matter and neutral matter all makes a sense of our
existence in the universe, and it too give us that present of the positive matte is more
access than of the negative and to the neutral matters, that do have a sense of
understanding of it. Unifications of the matter are required and it’s urgent for this
centaury alone. Otherwise, science will be in a state of losing its own beliefs and
experiments too.

Positive or negative matter do makes a greater sense in the world of the physics if we
have ever thought about it, till now. These matters are the foundations of the matter
itself and can’t deny about it. From many points of views, positive matter doesn’t exist
and have existed in the universe. There is always a between answers in the
unifications of the physics and the G.U.T, that of course make a sense too. A matter is
normally divided in to three parts namely solid, liquid & gas, and the new matter are
existing in the world of the physics, they are plasma and the EINSTEIN BOSE
CONDENSET which are very new for the world. Matters are grater that there
characteristics couldn’t be find out so easily.


We got to think and act on the positive and the negative matter and especially on the
topic called neutral matter, because these are main course to be studied by all of us.
Simply, we can say that matters which have a value of ether and the waves especially
with the cathead rays, gamma rays and the most of the waves is present in the
negative matters. That can act and react wit the non negative matters and the stands
as a single source for the positive and the neutral matter is called to be negative
matters. Most of the negative matters act with the gravity, gravitational and the anti
gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces and the strong nuclear forces, takes full in
charge of controlling of the strongest natural powers in the universe. Through this
conscience one can travel even in the past and go for the future. However, one need to
consider that there are lot of challenges and changes & the chances in the universe; to
know what is what?

Last but not the least we do need to know what is what, only we aggregate and keep
on finding is simple about the matter. Axiomatically, all of have been implicating that
about the mathematics, especially hypothesis, which is most probably the bad ideas
and the fundamentalism all of have it. What all of us have been affirmatively, doing is
simple ad simply a bad ideas which is more of the predications. So our search at the
matter will be more of continuous and expanding one.

More characteristics of the matters are coming up, like the combustion, heating’s,
deducting, push, pull all are the best characteristics we have ever got till now. Our
speculations, inference is truth, that we are still looking for the matter in the world, in a
new prospective all the times.