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From My Heart

I was going to write about on another topic, but the recent events (you know the recent events) caused me to write about the truth. The truth is stable, insurmountably accurate, and diligently real. 2012 is a new era of the 21st century 2012 opened my eyes about a lot of political, social, and economic issues in the world. On the eve of me being 30 years old (I will be 30 in the year 2013 or next year), I do subscribe to the belief that an alerted, progressive citizenry is a just bulwark against tyranny. Being informed is vital for us to make the rightful decisions surrounding our lives. Tyranny is not just found in the degenerate actions of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Tyranny exists now in the prevailing puppets leadership of Libya (where innocent black Africans are being abused, assaulted, and lynched). Its found in the TSA agency that permits the molestation of folks. Its found in the transnational corporations controlling the functions of our government (and using GMO poisons in our land of America. This is where I live, but the struggle for alertness and tranquility is international too not just national). We realize the epidemic of police brutality. Thats transparent and ever present in our shores. Yet, there are still vigilantes like Zimmerman killing an innocent young black male named Trayvon Martin recently. Trayvon was no threat to anyone. He made As and Bs in school. He was on his way into becoming a young, strong black man. That all ended when Zimmerman killed him even when the 911 operator told Zimmerman to not go after Trayvon Martin. He was convicted of assaulting a police officer too, so Zimmerman was a criminal before being a murderer. Yet, the police in Sanford, Florida accepted Zimmermans story hook line and sinker. This man Zimmerman is hiding. This is a very strange case, because the local authorizes utilized disgraceful discretion in allowing a murderer to be out of jail. The man should of been arrested period. Trayvons father and mother are doing all they can to fight for justice. We as men and woman have no other choice, but to fight for justice. Its personal for me since I (and other that look like me) couldnt been of murdered if I was in that same situation. Like the President said, if I have a son in the future, he will look very similar to Trayvon Martin. There is always a black male code that every black man in America understands. It doesnt matter if we live in the inner city, the suburbs, or in the rural area. That code (or the talk) pretty much says to be better than average (in your personal conduct, intellect, and attitude), dont give police a reason to lock you up (yet, still maintain your strength and dignity), always oppose injustice, and always be careful of your surroundings (especially if youre new to an affluent neighborhood). Its an unwritten code that existed not only among brothers, but among sisters too. If youre black, you know exactly what Im

talking about. That is why in real life, when I speak with great diction and intellect, people ask me Where I am from? (if youre a person of color, you know what I am talking about. You know the questions). I answer to them that I am from the

ghetto and they become shocked. The reason is that some of them believe in the ignorant, stupid stereotype of blacks having no intellectual strength (or lack a down to Earth personality) if they are from an urban environment (or from the ghetto). I have got news for them: I am not ashamed of where Im from and I am not ashamed of showing intellectual strength. I am not ashamed of my black heritage. I will continue forward in improving my life despite stereotypes and obstacles. I will never be punked by this society. No, sir. I am a grown black man period. The truth is the truth. These are some of the experiences of numerous black men and black women in America. The truth is that a black man or a black woman shouldnt be ashamed of who they are. They shouldnt be ashamed if they act in an eclectic fashion or possess unique tastes in their lives.
This code existed among us as brothers and sisters for generations. This is probably the first time many non-blacks heard of this stuff. Well, this is what we talk about behind closed doors. My parents suffered Jim Crow. They tell stories about not going into certain places in Virginia and in the Deep South like Mississippi (when my father was in the military during the 1960s). My mother went into an integrated school back in late 1960s. I didnt suffer Jim Crow segregation, but throwbacks from Jim Crow plague our society presently. These throwbacks include the War on Drugs, other forms of bigotry against minority groups, racial profiling, the slavery mentality, and the disparities plus injustices found inside of the prison industrial complex. As human beings, we have the pristine right to expound on these issues and advocate change in the world. Its the same people that desire a radical budget amendment to harm the benefits given to poor, while they support harsh, unfair 3 strike laws in America. These laws dont work and the growth of the prison industrial complex has ruin lives and harmed our economy as well. Less people in the workforce mixed with regressive acts by the corporate dominated state arent positive indicators of an improved standard of living. All of the evidence in the world can be easily found to lock up Zimmerman, but he wasnt imprisoned. Kurt Nimmo is truly disgraceful by citing black on white stats (in downplaying the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. All people have issues [I don't believe in assaulting white people indiscriminately], but why doesnt

Nimmo expose the federal statistics on the majority of pedophiles, serial killers, those addicted to meth, the majority of the leaders of imperialists today, and the majority of elite today in America? The Maafa and white supremacy have harmed black people, but tons of black
people are fighting back). Nimmo lied and said that President Barack Obama exploited the death of Trayvon Martin for political reasons. He didnt. He said that if he had a son, it would look like Trayvon. The President didn't even talk explicitly about the issue of race during his comments about Trayvon Martin. I dont agree with the President on every issue, but I will respect the man as a man. Nimmo, why dont you expose the crimes of white supremacy against people of color (like Africans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Indians, Australian Aboriginals, etc.) for centuries? Also, regardless of what the pro-

John Birch Society Alex Jones and Kurt Nimmo says (they want people of color to be submissive to their views like a house slave), people like me have expose problems in the black communities, the murders of children worldwide, the murder of innocent black people in Libya, and other likeminded topics for years. Liars believe that social justice is code for Communism when it isnt. Some of the major people who funded Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others were international bankers or cartel-capitalists. Communism like laissez faire capitalism are advanced by the same people in order for society to be divided along class lines (and to prevent real revolution from taking place in the world). Personally, I reject Communism for its ethical relativism and its metaphysical materialism, but I dont agree with child labor, banning all welfare, or scapegoating the poor for the crimes of the super rich either. Those individuals slandering social justice as Communism are mostly pro-Republicans (since they are a part of the Left/Right Paradigm). See, Nimmo is a
reactionary posing as a truthseeker. Nimmo follows the Rockefeller Foundation funded Movement of Austrian economics. Radical libertarianism is just as much funded by the elite as communism is. I am a

man that will disagree with Nimmo and Walter Williams on their slander of the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. To minimize the death of an unarmed child in order for a person to support the reactionary lies from Ron Paul is sickening on Kurt Nimmo's part. If a black man did the exact same thing to a white child of similar age, that black man would be in jail right now. As a brother, I have no choice but to support Trayvon's family. People of every race feel the same way that I do (in that these events represent an obscene act of brutality against an innocent young person). The materialism in the USA, their fake gods, their wars, and their hypocritical culture can go into Hell in my eyes. I wear a plain, red hoodie from time to

time (Its a Champs 2X red one) and I

will keep on wearing my red

hoodie until I pass away. Additionally, I have a gray and black IZOD
hoodies. Just because a person wear a certain type of clothing doesn't mean a person is a total criminal. Bigots should end their stereotypes about people of different background. Zimmerman, like the coward that he is, is hiding like a punk. Zimmerman pursued Martin so "Stand Your Ground" laws shouldn't apply. He isnt a real man since a real man would publicly speak truth to power if he was falsely accused of being a cold blooded murderer. This murderer Zimmerman has no respect from me. Even Geraldo Rivera is wrong to assume that a person wearing a hoodie would make a person more of a target (of a deranged individual). Even Joe Oliver lied and said that the term goon is a term of endearment and the C word cant be a racial slur under certain circumstances. Even Geraldos son disagrees with Geraldo on this issue. Here are the ignorant, bigoted quotes from George Zimmerman:

*Just because a person wears a hoodie, speaks with slang, is from the ghetto or poor location (like me), listens to a certain type of music, and wears flashy clothing or jewelry doesnt mean that person is a criminal or inferior.

The more information that comes out about Zimmerman, the more the truth can come about. Zimmerman was convicted of assaulting a woman and assaulting a police officer. Yet, we don't hear anything about from reactionaries at all. Joe Oliver is the defender of the killer George Zimmerman. It doesn't take a genius to figure out about how he thinks about issues of race. LOL. I don't take shots. I show the truth. Now, we know that Oliver advances white supremacy since he denies that the c word is a slur and he tries to downplay of murder of the innocent black teenager named Trayvon Martin. He won't even expose white supremacy publicly. His mannerisms and his attitude denote an acceptance of corporate culture. Black people ought to never adhere nor submit to the status quo or the tranquilizing drug of gradualism as Dr. Martin Luther King said before. We should submit to strength, righteousness, peace, and justice. These awe inspiring concept can arose strength, inspire thinking, and move hearts forward into constructive activities. Now, Oliver didn't spend a lot of time with Zimmerman. Oliver was just an ex co-worker of Zimmerman. These racist hypocrites lecture about the Stand your ground law, but the Florida police arrested James Dooley (a black male). See, Dooley claims the stand your ground law as his defense. The Stand your ground law didn't prevent Dooley from experiencing an arrest, due process, and a criminal charge. Why not Zimmerman? We know the answer to that question. So, Zimmerman should have due process and be arrested within the concept of probable cause. The evil

done to Trayvon Martin is occurring now against brothers and sisters throughout the world not just in the wilderness called America. When a criminal murders an unarmed black person with no criminal record at all, then we have a problem here. People of numerous backgrounds and ethnicities are speaking up for Trayvon Martin. The liars like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity won't report on a black person (from Cameroon) being attacked with acid from a white racist either in the UK. There was a black girl being assaulted in South Carolina while she was just playing soccer. This is an epidemic of violent attacks by evil, degenerate souls. Infowars.com is so hypocritical to condemn Al Sharpton's civil disobedience calls in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin, but they advocate civil disobedience (in other cases) to oppose the new world order agenda. Infowars.com can cry about the New BPP (who didn't attack anyone period in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin murder. I don't agree with the New BPP in every issue, but they are right to promote self defense and black cultural solidarity), but they refuse to expose Ron Paul's hatred of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now, Alex Jones is promoting the slander that Barack Obama wants to stir a race war. What? Barack Obama isn't perfect and he deserves legitimate criticism on foreign policy (of the war crimes in Libya, etc.), his refusal to advance a public option, him signing the NDAA, his support of the Patriot Act, and many other issues. Although, even the President isn't trying to ferment a racial war. SEE, 2012 IS THE YEAR OF THE MASS AWAKENESS, NOT THE YEAR OF HUGE BIGOTRY AMONG THE REAL TRUTHSEEKERS. I HAD A FELLING THAT 2012 WOULD BE A SPECIAL YEAR. IT IS ALREADY.

Its seems that Infowars.com went into a more disgraceful tone in terms of their views of Trayvon Martin. They are exploiting his death. They promote the lie that white on black violence is a myth. Tell that to the victims of the Maafa. Tell that to the victims of police brutality. Tell that to the victims of violence in America, Canada, and Europe (not just in the UK, but in Russia, Poland, Italy, etc.). Its a total disgrace that Alex Jones and Nimmo believe in that garbage called Austrian Economics. No one is increasing racial tensions, but Infowars.com & the enemies of harmony. I dont agree with the Obama administration on every issue, but even they arent even obsessing with this issue. They made token remarks. How is some display of token remarks equivalent to incitement? Anti-black hate crimes are in epidemic levels worldwide including America. One death is an epidemic in my eyes period. Death against anyone of any race for an illegitimate reason is evil too. There is an operator who told Zimmerman to not follow the boy and Zimmerman did. Now, Infowars.com wants to yell about the Stand our Ground Law. I believe in the Second Amendment, but that law should be revised in order to prevent tragedies like Trayvon Martin to exist in the first place. Law abiding citizens have every right to defend themselves against criminals. Yet, a man has no right to kill an innocent teenager though. Also, civil disobedience was one of the means on how America was formed, yet Infowars.com hypocritically opposes it when it involves Trayvon Martin. They cry about Spike Lee, but the brother Spike Lee apologized. Infowars.com lies and says people have no discussion on crimes committed by blacks. Black leaders have exposed crimes done by criminals of every race for a very long time. Zimmerman assaulted a woman and assaulted a police officer. Hes a criminal. Also, Infowars.com wont use the statistics on who are the most pedophiles, who are the most murderers, who are the most serial killers, who are the most rapists, who are the most imperialists, and who are the most meth criminals in America. Infowars.coms biggest lie is to call black culture as equivalent to deviancy, glorifying violence, and other evils. Like a bunch of liars, they dont know a thing about black culture. Black culture is about overcoming obstacles, its about the love of family, its about promoting justice, and its about loving black people. Thats black culture. Infowars.com doesnt care about blacks. They care about making blacks submit to their reactionary views. That is why I am Independent and refuse to slander the brother Trayvon Martin.

There is an ideological war in the country of America. Some people want to take so much extreme positions on economic issues, they are nothing wrong than a slick version of social Darwinism (or you are on your own). Now, the good news is that an accelerated amount of human beings have awoken to the schemes and evils found inside of America. These radicals want to get rid of all public services or just privatize them all as for profit companies. The views of Ayn Rand, Rothard, and Hayek have been discredited time after time again. Tax cuts alone with the super wealthy have never solved our economic complications. What solved our economic problems include investments, spending, and even some tax increases on the super rich. Fascism is worse than socialism and even laissez faire capitalism since fascism merges corporate power and the government (as a means for a select few of individuals to dominate the people in a nation or Empire). Promoting labor rights is great as well. Fascism is a reaction by the rich to protect their huge wealth and class privilege. The fascists even oppose slight government assistance for lower income human beings, the chronically sick and other human beings that need assistance in life. Friedrich von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises were both admirers of fascism. The Nazis and the aristocratic imperialist empires of Europe accepted social Darwinism. Today, people demonize the sick, the handicapped, the unemployed, and the poor. Yet, I will never do this for no one is perfect. Also, human compassion is greater than brutal hatred of the suffering. Its very hypocritical for these fascists and reactionaries to legitimate advocate government assistance (plus compensation and benefits) for soldiers, but they hate government assistance to the elderly, the poor, etc. So, its the 99 % vs. the 1 percent. Radical libertarianism is a philosophy where the sick are exploited by private insurance companies, where the rich can sit and complain, and people who cant get public services can potentially die because of starvation. The ideas of Milton Friedman, Frederick Von Hayek, etc. influenced the coup of the democratically elected President Salvatore Allende of Chile. The Chicago "boys" economic views were used as the philosophically framework for Pinochet's brutal regime. Nixon approved of the coup back in 1973. Nixon wanted radical free market policies in South America, but he supported price controls in the early 1970's in order for him to get re-elected. The date of the coup was in September 11, 1973. Chile had peace before that time. The fascist Pinochet took over Chile after the violence. The plan was of shock and awe, which was similar to the Iraq war more than 30 years later ironically enough. Allende was a Democratic socialist. Soon, a fascism governed Chile and Chile suffered many problems like lax public benefits and corporate exploitation of Chile. The brutal free-market policies havent caused massive liberty to folks across the globe, not just in Chile. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher promoted such Austrian economic views even when both individuals didn't toe the line on Austrian views on every occasion. Each wanted to cut spending, cuts spending, and cut government. Thatcher's reign experienced rioting and protesting. Reagan experienced huge unemployment in his first term until he had to compromise with the Democrats during his second term of office (for economic issues). Free market fundamentalism just doesn't work period. It's too harmful among human beings and it's too unpopular.

*Racist conservatives (not all conservatives) are something else. They make the twisted racist logic involving the Trayvon Martin case in that since black people are in jail in America in the millions, then that means that black Americans are genetically predisposed to commit a crime. Trayvon Martin is a symbol about how some Americans view people of color. Some people view George Zimmerman as a saint when he isnt. Hes a criminal that assaulted a woman and a cop. A man like Zimmerman that assaults a woman has no respect from me at all especially if they refuse to apologize about it. The conservative racists view any alternative view from the rendition from Zimmerman as race baiting or a product of the liberal media. Nothing can be

further from the truth, because people from across the political spectrum want justice for Trayvon Martin. These bigots including Alex Jones smear a child like Trayvon Martin, but they refuse to expose the epidemic of people of color being executed in the world. Now, these slick racists try to use distorted or taken out of context statistics in order for them to promote the gross lie of African Americans being predisposed for violent actions. That black people commit more crime is a fallacy of both process and outcomes. African Americans are subject to discrimination in the legal system at every level. As documented by the Sentencing Project, and detailed in such works as Race, Crime and the Law, and The New Jim Crow, African Americans are more likely to be stopped by police without cause, more likely to be aggressively questioned, receive longer and more severe charges for the same crimes as white defendants, and have fewer resources to defend themselves in court. More black and brown communities have more surveillance by the police than mostly white communities. This is one reason why the prison system has so many black and brown human beings in them. Thats a fact which the racists cant deny or refute. Also, people like Alex Jones, Pat Buchannan, and Kurt Nimmo wont expose how many whites destroyed the global economy, serial killing, domestic terrorism, etc. Yet, these acts arent representative of every white person. That is why when the racists show so-called stats about crimes, these stats usually dont account for class issues (since middle class and upper class black people dont do crime percentage wise more than their white peers). As demonstrated by Jody Armour in her book Negrophobia, less than 2 percent of black men are incarcerated for violent crimes. Many black people are in jail, because of non-violent drug offenses not straight up murder. Most crime is intraracial. Only a House Negro traitor & a bigoted coward would blame black people collectively for violent crime in America. Just because a given group may constitute a higher percentage of those in jail, it does not in fact mean that a given individual is more likely to commit said type of crime. The criminal justice system has imperfections causing many minorities to suffer worse than their white counterparts when they are charged with the exact same crime. The recent Tulsa arrest of 2 racists is real. The suspects posted racist comments on their Face book page.
Lloyd Marcus is a notorious hypocrite and an acceptable man to his masters. He wrote that since most African Americans won't vote for Romney, then most of us black people must be ignorant of the truth or racists. For a black man like Lloyd Marcus to write something like that is truly sickening. This liar forgets that Mormonism is a heresy and he wants Christians to vote for a man that denies many concepts of the Christianity that Lloyd claims to love so much. He makes up the lie that racial loyalty is equivalent to idolatry or being against Jesus Christ. We blacks don't use our blackness as a means to have no other gods before me. This man Lloyd Marcus needs to realize that we use our blackness as a means to respect our black heritage and understand the great value of black culture including BLACK POWER in general. White supremacy has used an elitist Nicean faux Christianity as a means to oppress our black people (as religion used in the wrong direction is the opiate of the masses. The establishment wants us to bow down to a fake god under a slave trading tradition. I will not. I worship the Supreme God not a picture of an European). Many black people have forsaken nothing about their Christianity. We just reject white supremacy using religion as an excuse to try to pacify our people. Also, for the record, there are other options other than Romney or Obama. There are third party candidates all over the place. Fundamentally, people have the right to vote who they want to vote for. Lloyd Marcus may wear the hats, sings the hymns of America, and claim to be an unhyphenated American, but to his masters, he is that phrase (AfricanAmerican). To some of them, he is considered another word too (well, you know the name of that word. LOL. See, I am not PC when I am on a roll, Thank God for that. LOL). Lloyd Marcus talks about social issues. People of good will disagree or agree on social issues, but that doesn't mean that blacks should be a bunch of Republicans unconditionally. We have the right to believe in whatever political party we

want to. I am an Independent politically. The confused "brother" LLoyd Marcus is right that we should not worship the President and the President isn't perfect. The President is wrong to have a foreign policy in some cases that is more militaristic than Bush 43. The President is in error in promoting the surveillance, police state. Yet, we ought to respect the President as an equal, as a super intelligent family man (with a beautiful family), and as a brother with great accomplishments (who needs correction too). Lloyd Marcus talks about infanticide, which I don't agree with at all. I reject abortion on demand (for any reason in every trimester of pregnancy). He can talk about the President, but he can't find a single piece evidence that says that most black people endorse infanticide. Also, black people respecting their identity have nothing to do with some idolatrous worship of skin color. I respect my ancestors, I worship God, but I love my black skin color with great love for black people. Lloyd Marcus is a hypocrite by judging the President as anti-Christian, but he endorses Romney (that believes in heretical doctrines. Romney and Ryan want a voucher system for Medicare and they agree with war mongering, which is blatantly against the teachings of Jesus Christ). President Barack Obama is wrong on some of his policies just like Mitt Romney is wrong on some issues. You will notice that Lloyd Marcus will always cite the Bible. Well, the Good Book says to treat your neighbor as yourself, that the rich will have a low chance of going into Heaven, that the poor should receive justice, there is neither male nor female under Christ Jesus, and Jubilee was about the redistribution of wealth (this is anti-free market capitalism). The Bible also mentions eunuchs and respects people who choose not to be married if they don't want to tie the knot. Marriage is beautiful and it ought to be promoted, but there is a separation of church and state here. Regardless of our religious views (there should be religious freedom in America), we can't have a totalitarian theocracy. Also, discrimination and injustice is always immoral in any nation. Anyone of any background period without exception ought to have equal rights. I don't believe in sexual nihilism. I disagree with sexual perversion. On the other hand, a person, even if he or she choose to live a certain lifestyle, should at least have an income, have a job, experience equality, and have basic human freedoms (as found in the Bill of Rights, etc.) regardless of anyones theology. Yet, people have the free speech right to disagree with immorality. The Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Lloyd Marcus made the lie that the black church collectively is the home base or campaign headquarters for Democratic Party politics. Many black churches are politically independent. Even Dr. Martin Luther King opposed the Democratic support for the war on Vietnam. Many churches opposed the Democratic welfare reform law of the 1990's, so the black church collectively is very independent. Both parties have corruption not just the Democrats. To assume that the Republicans are our saviors is an example of political idolatry that Lloyd Marcus seems to embrace. I don't believe in bowing down to Republicans or Democrats. I am my own man. Lloyd Marcus wrote that: "...Rest assured; black churches which dis Jesus for Obama will not be investigated by the IRS for violating their 501c3 non-profit status..." Black churches have loved Jesus for ages and for this man to say some ignorant trash like defines his character. Getting up by your own bootsraps without assistance is fantasy for those extremely struggling in the world. Lloyd Marcus defends extremists like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck (who slandered the victims of Hurricane Katrina). Lloyd Marcus is in the Tea Party, which has been infiltrated by Freedom Works, the Koch brothers, and other corporate interests. Therefore, Lloyd Marcus can't fool me with his so-called preaching. The Tea Party is so obviously filled with numerous extremists and racists in that camp. Just because a black person isn't voting for a Republican, doesn't mean that this black person hates Jesus Christ or is against certain religious values at all. Micah is clear that we believe in mercy and a peace economy not a war economy (like the Tea Party so-called "Christians" believe in). Lloyd Marcus and people like Glen Beck may talk about capitalism, but social plus economic justice is superior to austerity. Unregulated capitalism has lost its usefulness in our day. Privatization has ruined America in an enumerable ways. Numerous privatized services are more obsessed with profits than the public good. For example, when the Skyway toll road was leased to a private company, something occurred. That company sold it to a Morgan Stanley group for 75 years. Most of the profits have been spend and there can a massive rate increase, which hurt small businesses. Some customers couldnt pay the parking fees. Even Atlantas 20 year contract with United Water Resources Inc. was canceled, because of tainted water and poor service. Many writers like even Naomi Klein and Parenti proved that radical unrestrained free market capitalism hasnt lead into democratic freedom, but the opposite. Pinochets dictatorship took advice from the neo-liberal leader Milton Friedman. That is why I must oppose union busting and the police state brutality against nonviolent Occupy Wall Streeters (including anyone else).

Diversity is better than monarchy. People can easily vote for a Third Party if some folks don't want to vote for Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama. Wealthy corporate special interests dominate both major parties. It's obvious that the imperialist system is dying off. Liberation can't be made by the vote alone, but we have the right to vote too. So, vote. We should use the vote and other tactics in fighting for our freedom during this struggle. Now, the real issue is that we need justice, peace, real housing, our civil liberties back, reparations, universal health care, an end to imperialism, and real progressive reforms in our land. Now, despite my transparent disagreements with Lloyd Marcus, we should hope that this man will wake up indeed. We should express that hope.

There has been a lot of talk about ALEC. ALEC is part of the Left/Right Paradigm just like Bilderberger George Soros. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council. This group supported the Stand Your Ground laws and the evil voter suppression efforts. Coca Cola is one company that didnt support ALEC. I dont support ALEC for its blatant support of anti-voting efforts in various states of America. Eleven other companies have done the same (or severed ties with ALEC). They are called Pepsi, McDonalds, and Kraft. Corporate interests still support the ALEC agenda. ALEC is in league with many Republican leaders as well. ALEC historically has been so extreme that back in 1978, they tried to oppose a constitutional amendment to give the District of Columbia to have full voting rights in Congress. Even CNP-connected Larry Pratt was elected to the Virginia State Legislature in 1981. In that year, Pratt was in the leadership position in ALEC. Pratt once allied with the blatant Knight of Malta Patrick Buchannan. Buchannan is an paleo-conservative and said bigoted remarks about black people, Jewish people, etc. Recently, ALEC ends its guns and voter suppression task force. More people have supported the group like Iowa Republican State Rep. Ralph Watts. Watts is a proud member of ALEC. Twenty-one Iowa lawmakers are ALEC members, according to Progress Iowa, including House Republican Leader Linda Upmeyer, who serves as ALECs national second vice chairman. ALEC is known for its undisclosed corporate funders and memberships. It remains secretive about the tax-exempt organization. Yet, one thing is

one my mind. It's fine to expose the reactionaries. Yet, the policies of the current administration: like the drone attacks in Somalia plus Pakistan, the Patriot Act existence, the administration's support of the Supreme Court upholding of strip searches by the TSA, the support of Big Pharma, and the agreement with the corporate bailout of Wall Street banks should be opposed too. The Democrats are just as much responsible as the Republicans for supporting an evil commission that wants to gut basically Social Security (when Social Security is very successful and has a huge surplus). Therefore, it is morally right to oppose racial profiling (including the NYPD's policy of stop & frisk, which is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. Bloomberg is wrong to support this policy and the profiling of Muslim American citizens too), the prison industrial complex, and the disparities in our criminal justice system. Now, when I write about Democrats and Republicans, I do realize that some Republicans and Democrats are trying to do the right thing to their nation. It's just that the leadership of both parties are financially controlled by the corporate oligarchy.
In this generation, political correctness has run amok. I dont agree with saying slurs and so forth. I understand that, yet now black people are falsely called racists for promoting Black Power. In the Internet, some of my peaceful words are now classified as adult content, which is silly. This tells me that I am on the right track in showing the truth. If what Im saying was malleable or non-controversial, this occurrence wouldnt transpire. There is nothing wrong with forceful, legitimate militancy. Exposing corporate criminals is a just way of addressing complications. Yet, the system of white supremacy is one originator the financial tribulations plaguing Western society today. Henceforth, we have the right to expose threats to our civil liberties, institutional racism, income inequality, and other programs without being falsely accused of bigotry. Promoting black roots is as common as drinking purified water. Its annoying to the deniers to witness any black person to strongly express their cultural identity without fear. They want black people to be docile, malleable, and just accept their reactionary (false) point of views unequivocally. Sorry, we dont have unjust anger. We possess righteous indignation and inspiration to promote justice, truth, and righteousness. I dont live in some post-racial society where we have an epidemic of police brutality, an epidemic of self hatred, and evil war on terror coming about. I will never shut up period. I thank God for what I am, but I will not ignore oppression. I will strive to be better and write about the machinations in the Universe presently. For the past few years, people have tried to censor my words. I know the reason why. So, the good news is that I will never change my core convictions. Also, great news is that people like us are on the right path. We know the truth. We know about the new world order agenda, about real religion, and about the Illuminists/elitists in our world. We just need to continue to fight for justice, help people in charity, give back to our community, and never submit to the nefarious agendas of the establishment. Its bigger than the President, because we realize that elite foundations and corporate elitists have more financial power and political influence than the President. A hypocritical nation that denies the poor health care, that allows murder (and supports it under the name of flag and exploiting the name of Almighty God), and supports laws that violate human rights have no right to lecture a nation on humanitarian matters. I am not going to sugarcoat an once of my personal views and my personal philosophies point blank period. I still believe that all men are created equal.
It is true that the international bankers wants a divide and conquer strategy along class and ethnic lines, but a black person promoting their own cultural identity isn't about racism nor advancing evil divisions at all. No one call all white people devils regardless of what Jones cries about. What people that look like me mention is that white supremacy is real and it ought to be obliterated from the face of the Earth period. Alex Jones and Ron Paul refuse to expose how eugenicists historically (then and now) advance the antiimmigration agenda. Police brutality and police repression of human rights are key ingredients of the new world order agenda too. I don't agree with fascism, racism, or Communism. I just agree with common sense and true harmony (that doesn't relate to ignoring our problems, but enacting militant steps in order

for our complications to be solved diligently). People don't want revenge or vengeance. Individuals just seek out justice. Morality isn't just about following just laws. It's about following compassion, tolerance, and true love for your fellow man. God's Spirit would want us to improve our conduct, to have the journey of spiritual growth, and to eat the manna of unconquerable truth. Not to mention that: *A Black Woman named Rekia Boyd was shot to death by a Chicago cop and she was unarmed. *Anna Brown was a black homeless woman. She went into the hospital since she had pains in her legs. The cops arrested her in the hospital when the hospital called the cops. When she told them she couldn't walk they dragged her into the police station & then left her on a cold cell floor - where she died of blood clots- from her legs that lodged in her heart- shortly thereafter. These 2 events occurred recently in 2012. The lists go and on with the same story of an innocent person being assaulted or killed by evil people:

Aiyana Jones (a young girl killed by pieces of work) Oscar Grant Sean Bell Kathryn Johnston Timothy Stansbury Ousmane Zongo Amadou Diallo the New Orleans / Katrina Danziger Bridge Murders

These terrorists also killed more innocent brothers and sisters who are not forgotten. Their memories will not be vain. The other names of innocent brothers and sisters being murdered by brutes are the following: Latasha Harlins (in 1991) Gavin Cato (in 1991) Malice Green (in 1992) Jonny Gammage (in 1995) Ennis Cosby (in 1997) Amadou Diallo (in 1999) Sean Bell (in 2006)

Kathryn Johnston (in 2006. She was a 92 year old elderly woman. If they can do this to an elderly black sister, then they have no respect for me or you. These murderers have no remorse) Oscar Grant (in 2009) Aiyana Jones (in 2010. She was a 7 year old girl) Kenneth Harding (in 2011) James Craig Anderson (in 2011) Kenneth Chamberlain (in 2011. He was a 68 year old ex-Marine) Ramarle Graham (in 2012) Rebecca Mook and Tommy Brown (in March 24, 2012) This is an epidemic of Africans being murdered. Its sick and it should stop. We know what to do. Its been time to learn self defense, learn to build more strength, and educate our people on the real enemy. We know who the real enemy is. ; ) Its war and we should fight against oppression and against the genocide of our own people.

THE FOLLOWING ARE MORE FACTS ON THE SITUATION: *The famous Facebook image of a kid isnt Trayvon Martin. It came from the Twitchy.com page of Michelle Malkin. It is the image of another Trayvon Martin from George. Twitchy admitted its mistake after neo-cons used this image to promote the false stereotype of all black people living in an urban area as being thugs. *Trayvon Martin never swung at a bus driver. He wasnt a drug dealer. *George Zimmerman has a history of assaulting women and police officers like a coward. He even expressed dissatisfaction with the Samford, Florida police in general. *Trayvon Martin owed Zimmerman no justification as to his right to walk free in the location. Trayvon Martin has the right to live without fearing for his physical health or life. The truth is that Trayvon Martin is an innocent man and not a thug. A lot of real people are protesting this injustice in New York City, Sanford, all over Florida, and throughout the world. Even people are united against this murder where Im from in Lafayette Park in Norfolk, Virginia (on Granby Street). It is just for us to sign real petitions that call for the arrest of George Zimmerman, to protest, to speak out, and to change minds too. Changing minds about certain topics can go a long way in developing a more tolerable, progressive nation plus world. This event has caused a change though. The agenda for social justice among the oppressed and the outcast is much stronger than in yesteryears. There is no justification for an unarmed human being to be murdered via cold blood. No human should have a license to kill an innocent human being. So, the memory of Trayvon Martin or any innocent human being that was murdered will not be forgotten. It is a time to fight for justice in a vibrant fashion. Mothers and people of every background and ethnicity agree that Trayvon Martins death was unjustified and evil.

It's obvious that certain segments of the alternative media (not all people in the alternative media, so I want to make that clear) are mouth pieces for the conservative establishment or even Mitt Romney. In their eyes, government spending is bad under President Barack Obama. Why didn't they or these Tea Party, one cent tax increase is a sin, & deficit hawks say the same thing under the administrations of Bush Jr. Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan (when they all spent massive amounts of government money). I know the answer to that question and you know it. Romney's campaign leaders want a war with Iran. I don't agree with the President on every issue, but both men are funded by Goldman Sachs. Also, I don't believe in classifying these 2 men in the vilest terms possible as some have achieved. Some of them even criticize the President on legitimate grounds and then go overboard with displaying foolish rhetoric (like saying that the President is a socialist, a communist, a Muslim, etc.). The reactionary, Tea Party types have a hatred of President Barack Obama. Although, they use him as an asset as a means to try to con people to accept the old social Darwinist philosophies. The reactionaries cry and yell about black on white crime. What do I feel about it? As a black man, I don't believe in harming someone in an unjust fashion who is white. Yet, these same people ignore the 400 year oppression against black people in this country (slavery, genocide of native peoples, racism, and fascism are all products of a laissezfaire, corporate system. The 1 percent is most responsible for these realities). They ignore the stop and frisk immoral policies in NYC. They don't talk about racist white people killing innocent black people in the streets of the world (not only in America). They ignore the rape and murder of innocent people by imperialists and Western-funded terrorists in Africa, Haiti, and throughout the world. There are eugenics and population control programs being enacted in Africa now. They ignore and they don't want to fight against the negative stereotypes directed against black men and black women in the world (as found in the media, Hollywood, and the rest of the entertainment industry). Yeah, there's a war outside and it's directed mostly against people that look like me by the 1%. The reactionaries even in the "alternative media" refuse to offer sophisticated analysis of the political and economic condition of oppressed people in the world. This condition can be rectified with universal health care, a real stimulus, package, and other progressive solutions. Therefore, I will be independent of the Left/Right paradigm. Some talk show people may say that they don't exist in the Left/Right Paradigm, but they support the same interests & agendas (like a denial of the Rockefeller-funded Austrian economic movement, the refusal to

expose white supremacy, their support of the harm of the liberties of immigrants, and their hatred of the social safety net) of the globalists that they claim to abhor. They can talk about
civil liberties, the corruption of the UN, and the Second Amendment, which I have no issues with. Yet, you can't have peace without justice for all people. If you want justice for people, you have to look to expose corporate corruption. You have to expose the imperialism directed at people of color (and people of all backgrounds) throughout the world.

By Timothy

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

So, I do agree with those of every background (& every ethnicity) that want to fight against racial profiling, the war on drugs, the war on terror, racism, economic inequality, and discrimination. The Joshua Generation is stepping up to the plate. Hasnt the enemy realize that the truth can never be consumed or dominated. The truth remains intact and stable like the Rock of Ages.