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A Publication of the DYouvill e College School of Pharmacy November 2011

D'Youville College School Of Pharmacy (DYCSOP)
Shows its Roots at Local Botanical Gardens
The DYCSOP has teamed up with
Mercy Hospital and the Buffalo and
Erie County Botanical Gardens
Society to create a perpetual
medicinal garden display. located
on the grounds of the Botanical
Garden. A kick-off reception
was held on October 5, 2011, at
the Botanical Gardens and was
attended by representatives of the
Botanical Gardens Society, Mercy
Hospital, members of the media,
botanical enthusiasts. as well as
over a dozen DYCSOP faculty.
The theme of the reception was in
honor of Cancer Prevention Month
and National Pharmacy Month.
Interactive demonstrations by
DYCSOP faculty included a medicinal
toxicology display by Dr. Rachel
Gorodetsky; a ginseng extraction and
chromatography display by Dr. Bob
Drobitch; a world map displaying the
location of various botanicals used
to prepare chemotherapeutic agents
by Dr. Michael Mac Evoy; and a
botanical-to-drug matching exercise,
also prepared by Dr. Gorodetsky.
Displays were also hosted by a
representative from the Seneca
Nation of Indians as well as an
information table from the Western
New York affiliate of Susan G. Kernen
for the Cure. The current exhibit will
run until early 2012. at which point the
Medicinal Gardens will shift its focus
to botanicals with cardiovascular
effects. Please contact Christopher
Jadoch, R.Ph., J.D .. for more
information at jadochc@dyc.edu.
WNY Hosts Prescription
Drug Abuse Summit
On October 1. 2011, the Office of the New
York State Attorney General, the local
branch of the U.S. Drug Enforcement
Administration, Catholic Health
Systems. Independent Health System.
Kids Escaping Drugs and numerous
educational partners held a multi-
disciplinary conference entitled ':4 Call to
Action: Combating the Prescription Drug
Abuse Epidemic" Respected members
from the region - with backgrounds
ranging from health care to law. education
to drug abuse treatment, law enforcement
to insurance - convened to voice their
concerns and potential solutions to the
problem at hand. DYCSOP is proud to
report that its own Christopher Jadoch,
R.Ph., J.D., was invited to be on the panel.
DYCSOP Students Turn
Dinner Into Donations
The P2 class of 2014 completed a service project
that culminated in the pu-chase and subsequent
donation of 75 calculators to local Hutchinson
Central Technical High School. DYCSOP class
officers initially toured several local high schools to
assess possible avenues for service projects, leading
to a vote by the class to choose Hutchinson Central
Technical High School as the beneficiary: Chef's
Restaurant graciously offered to host a fundraising
banquet. delighting the dinner's 60 attendees.
To compound the dinner's success, pharmacy owner
James Rutowski, vowed to match the dinner's haul.
bringing the total contributions to $1200. This
enabled the DYCSOP P2 class to purchase 75 Texas
Instruments SOLAR TI-30X II calculators. which
were recently presented to Hutchnsoo Tech by the
P2's 2010-2011 class officers Alex Caron. Josh Cahill
and Nicole Gong.
Hunger Steering Committee Update
DYCSOP's Dr. Teresa Donegan and Dr. Robert Leopold have
been announced as members of the DYC Hunger Steering
Committee. The committee. wlich was fornned in response to
President Sister Denise Roche's call to serve the hungy, both
locally and abroad. consists of faculty and staff leaders from
across the campus. Committee members have, in tum. fornned
integrated teams to assess ways the college and community
can rally to assist those in need.
As the Hunger Steering Committee is rewing up, DYCSOP
students and faculty have taken the initiative to help those with
nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Leopold recently collected $400
in donations toward the purchase of vitamins, which were
distributed on his Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
in Haiti during DYCSOP's October 20TI break for rotations.
Similarly, Dr. Donegan has worked through DYC campus
ministry office to 5eiVe meals at the soup kitchen of Friends
of the Night People, fostering the spirit of volunteer-ism
among students and faculty alike. For more information or to
volunteer, please contact Dr. Donegan at donegant@dyc.edu
or Dr. Leopold at leopoldr@dyc.edu.
New Hires ... FACULTY
Rachel Gorodetsky, Pharm.D, joined DYCSOP as
an asSistant professor in 20n. After graduating from
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Soences
with a PharmD., she completed a pharmacy practiCe
residency at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical
Center in Hartford. Conn., followed by a fellowship
in clinical tox1cology at the Georgia Poison Center
in Atlanta. Ga. Her current clinical practice site is
Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester; NY, on the
toxicology service. Dr. Gorodetsky is a member of
the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy,
the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology and
the American Association of Poison Control Centers.
She is also a certified instructor of the Advanced
Hazmat Ute Supporr course. Her research interests
include toxicology, dsaster preparedness and poison
prevention. Two of her most recent presentations
include "Risk Factors for Hypoglycemia in
Unintentional Insulin Overdose" and "Stewardly Use
of Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in a Time of
Shortage with Triage by a Regional Poison Center,"
both presented at the North American Congress of Clinical
Toxicology in 2011. Dr. Gorodetsky may be contacted at
gorodetr ~ d y c . e d u .
Darowan Akajagbor, Pharm.D., joined DYouville College
as an assistant professor in August 2011. Prior to coming
to DYouville College. she completed her Pharm.D. at the
University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical
Sciences; her Pharmacy Practice Residency (PGYI) at
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and
her post -graduate residency training in critical care at the
University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Md. Her
current clinical practice s1te is the Medical Intensive Care Unit
at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. NY Dr. Akajagbor
is a member of the Amencan Society of Health-System
Pharmacists and the Society of Critical Care Medicine.
Her research interests 1nclude drug-related nephrotoxicity
and drug-dosing in renal failure. Dr. Akajagbor's recent
publications include "Evaluation of the Use of Phytonadione
in Warfarin Reversal at a Community Hospital, "published in
Pharmacotherapy and presented during a poster session at
the American College of Clinical Pharmacy Spring Meeting.
Dr. Akajagbor may be contacted at akajagbd@dyc.edu
New Hires ... STAFF
Joanne Bovey joined DYCSOP in May 2011 as the assistant to the director
of experiential education. Joanne started at D'Youville in January 2009 in
the purchasing department.
Prior to working at D'Youville College, she was previously employed as an
independent dealer for the Buffalo News. receptionist for Dr. Lata Shenoy,
D.D.S., accounts payable clerk for John Prozeralik Enterprises. She also
worked in the automated collection department for the Internal Revenue
Service. Joanne received her associate's degree in business administration
from Erie Community College and is pursuing her bachelor's degree in
business management at D'Youville College in the Advance Program, with
an expected graduation date of December 2011.
Joanne is married to Paul A. Bovey for the past 24 years and has two
children. Their son. Jordan, attends D'Youville and is in his second year of
the pre-pharmacy program. while their daughter, Alexandra, is enrolled in
the dietetics program at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pa.
Joanne may be contacted at boveyj@dyc.edu or at 716.829.7679.
Ant icipate the next issue in January 2012.
Educating for life
Gary P. Stoehr, Ph ann. D.
stoehrg@dyc.edu or 716.829.7796
Assistant Dean of Faculty
and Student Affairs
canio J. Marasco, Ph.D.
marascoc@clyc.edu ()( 716.829.7846
Department of Phannacy Practice
Robert H. leopold, PharmD, M.D.
leopoldr@dyc.edu or 716.829.8439
Phannaceutical and Social &
Administrative Sciences
Robert Drobitch, Ph.D.
drobitct@dyc.edu or 716.829.8438
Director of Assessment
David Gettman, Ph.D.
gettmand@clyc.edu ()( 716.829.8427
Director of Experiential Education
John Koford, R.Ph., M.BA
kof()(dj@clyc.edu ()( 716.829.8430
Phannacy Administrator
Jeamine Meinzer, B.A.
meinze<j@dyc.edu or 716.829.8098
D'Youville College School Of Pharmacy (DYCSOP) ORGANIZATIONS
accp American College
= of Clini cal Pharmacy
.....,"'"""' (ACCP)
ACCP held their New York state fall conference at
DYouville College on October 12, 2011. Over 100 individuals
attended in person or via webinar. Six hours of continuing
education credit were offered, including one presentation
by Christopher Jadoch, R.Ph.,J.D., entitled "New
Collaborative Practice Therapy Management Legislation in
NYS: Implementation and Issues."

A Ph A
American Pharmacists Association -
Academy of Student Pharmacists
DYCSOP's APhA-ASP members have been busy with their
public awareness campaign, "Generation Rx," educating
high school and middle school students and parents
about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. They have
reached approximately 3,000 individuals to date as they
continue to spread the word about this important issue.
Josh Cahill, P2 co-vice president, was elected "Regional #1
Member-at-largeon October 30, 2011, during the recent
APhA-ASP regional meeting held in Buffalo, NY.
In conjunction with the Buffalo Sabres hockey team.
Kappa Psi members have begun working concessions at
the Buffalo Sabres home games to raise money in support
of their activities and phi lanthropic ventures.
Kappa Psi is currently holding rush events in preparation
for their spring 2012 pledge drive. Faculty advisors and
members of Kappa Psi are Michelle Lewis, Pharm.D., MHA,
and Stephanie Brian, Pharm.O., BCPS.
Pharmacists Association
of Western New York
PAW NY would like to welcome DYCSOP students to their
monthly board meetings, held on the first Thursday of
every month at Classics V Restaurant in Amherst N.Y.
Five seats are reserved for DYCSOP students at each
meetingJhe reservations include a complimentary dinner
for attendees. Interested students may contact the faculty
advisor and member of PAWNY. Jack Koford, R.Ph.,
M.B.A. at kofordj@dyc.edu.
Amcric.1n Society of
Hcallh-Syo;lcm Pharmacisls-
American Society of
Health-System Pharmacists
ASHP presents their annual Midyear Clinical Meeting in
New Orleans, L.a .. December 4-8, 2011. Three DYCSOP
faculty plan to attend. Students interested in pursuing
residency or post -doctoral training are encouraged to
speak with a clinical faculty member regarding attending
"Midyear" during their P3 spring or early P4 fall semester.
Kappa Psi
Pharmaceutical Fraternity
(K'P Chapter EO)
Kappa Psi members participated in a fundraising walk to
support the American Diabetes Association on October
15, 2011. at Coca-Cola Field. They raised over $400
to support diabetes research and community-based
education programs.
Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy
Fraternity (Cl>6X)
In conjunction with the Kids Escaping Drugs Campaign
and DYC campus mnistry office. PDC members
distributed candy to trick-or-treaters at the Walden
Galleria Mall on October 30, 2011.
PDC is moving forward with its bid for a DYC chapter,
inducting its first class of pledges on November 12, 2011.
Faculty advisors and future initiates of PDC are Rebecca
Waite, Pharm.D., BCPP and Stacie Lampkin, Pharm.D.,
A. E.-C.
WESTERN New YORK Western New Yor1< Society
~ ~ ~ of Health-System Pharmacist.s
WNYSHP held their annual CE symposium at DYouville
College on November 5. 2011. Four hours of continuing
education credit were offered. including one presentation
by William Loeffler, Pharm.D., entitled "Oral Anti-Platelet
Therapy for Acute Coronary Syndrome."
A Different Kind of Drive-Through ... "NATIONAL PRESCRIPTION DROP-OFF DAY
/. . !"'"oN-. DYCSOP students and faculty
DruQ\. recently took p'rt in a prescription
< . drug collection and disposal
...,.,._:..,-_.., project throughout Erie and
Niagara counties on Saturday. October 29, 20TI. Volunteers
braved the elements, working outside to collect and sort
medications left by drive-up patrons. The ongoing goal of
the semi-annual event is to proactively encourage citizens
to remove unwanted and expired medications from their
homes. This benefits our communities by reducing drug
diversion and theft. preventing accidental poisonings,
reducing confusion for patients who have accumulated many
prescriptions over time as well as reducing environmental
Congratulations ...
P2 Class (2014) Officers
to the
D'Youville College
School of Pharmacy
Class Officers
Pl Class (2015) Officers
contamination through proper drug disposal.
A number of participants took part in the event including
the local Drug Enforcement Administration, Kids Escaping
Drugs Campaign, University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy
and Pharmaceutical Sciences. numerous area health
systems and others. DYCSOP was well represented by
24 students and 12 faculty members, both pharmacists
and non-pharmacists. The just -published numbers from
the most recent collection are impressive: 8913 pounds
of pharmaceuticals were removed from circulation in our
local communities. Christopher Jadoch, R.Ph.,J.D., DYC's
representative for the National Prescription Drop-Off Day,
may be contacted at jadochc@dyc.edu.
Kofi Asante President
Nicole Gong Co-Vice President
Josh Cahill Co-Vice President
Amanda Pinski President
Danny Basri Co-Vice President
John D'aloise Co-Vice President
New Pharmacy Student Newsletter
Coming Soon ...
A new student edition of the DYCSOP newsletter will be published
quarterly starting in early 2012. The student edition is scheduled
to alternate with the existing DYCSOP newsletter. for a total of
eight newsletters published each year between the two. Topics
slated for inclusion are important pharmacy-related news stories;
DYCSOP meetings and calendar events; a bulletin board which
may include housing notices and employment opportunities;
Buffalo area restaurant reviews (for our out -of -towners);
DYCSOP leaders would like to warmly
invite stakeholders from the Western
New York region to participate
in upcoming student admission
interviews. Interviews for the DYCSOP
are scheduled from early December
2011 through March 2012. The tentative
interview schedule is flexible for those
participants with busy schedules.
Interested pharmacists should contact Dr. Canio
Marasco, assistant dean of faculty and student affairs, at
marascoc@dyc.edu or 716.829.7846.
upcoming local events of interest; segments
highlighting individual students, preceptors and
faculty or staff members; student awards and
recognition Students spear -heading the newsletter
include Kofi Asante, Nicole Gong. Danny Basri,
Amanda Pinski and John D'aloise. Dr. Hutcherson
will act as the faculty editor. Students interested in
contributing to the new edition. either on an ongoing
or one-time basis, should contact their class officers.
This invitation will remain a standing offer to all those
interested in contributing to the paper.
Jack Koford. R.Ph., M.B.A. DYCSOP director of experiential
education. happily welcomes back the P1 and P2 student
classes from their fall 2011 experiential rotations. He is
encouraged by the positive remarks from precepting
pharmacists regarding DYCSOP students. Similar to
experiential rotations during the 2010-20U academic year,
a handful of students received job offers following their
rotations. Although Mr. Koford is still reviewing student
and preceptor feedback he believes the overall response
to be a compliment to the DYCSOP and its student body
If you wish to share a story with Jack Koford .. related to
DYCSOP student experiential rotations. please contact him
at kofordj@dyc.edu.