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Crm Initiatives In Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea and is the second largest and the fastest growing car manufacturer in India. HMIL presently markets 30 variants of passenger cars across segments. These are some of the key features for which HYUNDAI applies CRM software: -Sales management shares customer information between sales, service and parts departments - Vehicle management gives complete vehicle data along with sales, service and financial history, as well as dealer and license information and owner and contact information -Activity and e-mail management systems link e-mails with associated contacts, leads and opportunities -Service management increases customer loyalty by enabling consistent, personalized interaction across all customer touch points including, telephone, e-mail, Web, wireless devices and in-person meetings.

Hyundai Motors implemented Oracle's Siebel Automotive, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed specifically for companies in the automotive industry. Seamlessly integrated with Hyundai Motors dealer management system and SAP back-office applications, Siebel Automotive has delivered significant benefits across the extended organization, including improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue and productivity, and reduced costs. By tightly integrating Siebel Automotive and its dealer management system, Hyundai has streamlined transactions and ensured that dealers capture customer data as a part of their normal operations. The solution provides a 360-degree view of customers to the extended organization, with appropriate visibility controls to ensure that one dealer is not privy to information from

another. To further enlist dealer support, HYUNDAI Motors involved dealers throughout the solution configuration and deployment process. Integrating Siebel Automotive with our dealer management system ensured that our dealers would immediately see the value in the solution, Sreenivasan explains. This has helped us overcome the usual resistance to change and gain rapid acceptance from our dealers. Siebel Automotive has been closely integrated with a wide array of SAP back-office applications, including applications inventory management, fulfilment, and parts location. Pricing and tax calculations can be adjusted for each dealers requirements. In addition, comprehensive sales and reporting functionality built into Siebel Automotive enables HYUNDAI to distribute sales targets to its dealers and roll up sales numbers across the country Hyundai Motors links its 1,600 customer touch points with its centralized data centre in Mumbai using a combination of VSATs and high-speed virtual private networks. Siebel Automotive has already begun to deliver benefits for Hyundai Motors dealers throughout India. Overall, Siebel Automotive has transformed the organization and made it truly customer-centric; it has overcome the challenges of relying on disparate sources of information, as well as having inconsistent business processes. Today, the employees and dealers are much more responsive and can serve customers more efficiently and effectively drawing upon real-time, centralized customer and vehicle data. One of our first dealers to install Siebel Automotive said that his sales volume doubled in three months without the need for additional manpower, he continues.Another dealer said that for the first time he was able to view his entire stock of vehicles and how his inventory was aging, improving his control. Siebel Automotive has also helped dealers respond to customer queries regarding vehicles that arent in a dealers stock, but which can be ordered directly from Hyundai Motors. Within the first year of implementing the solution, we are targeting improvements of 5 to 10% in customer satisfaction, revenue growth, operating cost reduction, and productivity gains, says Sreenivasan. These numbers should increase considerably over time. He

concludes, Siebel has been very committed to helping us in all aspects of the project. Combining Siebel Automotive with our dealer management system is unique, so we have needed quality support. Siebel has played a major role in getting us to where we are today