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Dust Concentration Monitors for Emission and Process Monitoring

Product Overview

Technology and Applications

Solutions Setting New Standards in a Whole Host of Areas.

Our broad range of dust monitors and dust concentration measuring systems is suitable for both emission monitoring and process control. Well-established in all industries, SICK can fulfil all your measuring requirements whether you need a specific device or a tailor-made system solution.
Analyzers & Process Instrumentation One-Stop Measuring Solutions we provide components and all-in-one system solutions for dust measurements, gas analysis, flow rate measurements, water and liquid analysis and level measurements.

Emission Monitoring
Continuous, direct and precise our dust concentration monitors supply accurate and reliable dust loads in flue-gas and exhaust-gas ducts. This makes sure that you adhere to the permissible limit values. They fullfill the requirements of the German Clean Air Act, the 13th, 17th and 27th Impl. Ordinances as well as U.S. EPA PS 1 and GOST.

Measurement Principled
The dust concentration monitors operate according to the transmissiometer or scatter light principle. Transmissiometry When a light beam passes through a mixture of gas and particles, its intensity is attenuated by the particles as a result of absorption and scattering. The more particles in the light beam the greater the attenuation. By comparing the intensity of the initial and emerging light beams enables the accurate measurement of the transmission. By converting the transmission values into extinction values and by using a gravimetric comparative measurement, the meas. values are displayed in mg/m3. Suitable for medium and large dust concentrations and for duct diameters of up to 15 m. Scatter-light A light transmitter emits a beam of light which is scattered by the particles in the gas and is detected by a highlysensitive detector. This principle is suitable for low dust concentrations even below 1 mg/m3. The correlation between the measuring value displayed and the dust content is determined by carrying out a gravimetric comparative measurement. For scattered light measurements, back and forward scattering are used.

Process Measurement
The reliability, precision, and short response times of the dust concentration monitors significantly enhance the efficiency of open and closed-loop control circuits. Instantaneous measurements reflect the current process status even under extreme conditions, such as high temperatures or pressures.

Power generation Refuse incineration plants Residual waste incinerators

Processing industry Cement industry Iron and steel manufacturing Asphalt mixing plants

Application filter plants Monitoring/controlof electrostatic precipitators Monitoring of hose, cloth or fabric filters

Chemicals industry Textile industry Combustion plants Process plants Pharmaceutical industry Food industry Plastics industry Glass manufaxturing Asbestos industry

Process Control

Other areas of applications

Chemical plants

Emission Monitoring

Power plants

Waste-disposal industry

Overview of Dust Concentration Monitors

Device model

Application data Application

FW 56 filter monitoring

FW 300 emission monitoring

OMD 41 emission monitoring of dust concentrations or opacity

Measuring path flange flange Inner channel diameter Gas temperature max.

0.23.6 m


15 m

600 C Inner channel pressure 50+30 hPa Ambient temperature 20 C Dew point Compliance

600 C 50 +30 hPa


60+10 hPa +55 C


gas temperature above dew point, no condensate build-up

Qualified for qualitative/ quantitative emissions monitoring

In preparation Device Data Measuring principle Light source Measured quantity Meas. range/accuracy transmission opacity extinction dust concentration soot number Response time Signals transmissiometry LED/laser transmission, opacity, extinction, dust concentration meas. range: accuracy: 1000 % 2% 0100 % 2% 02.5 0.002 012 g/m3 4) 0.1600 s 2 analog outputs: 020 mA, 3 relay outputs: 48 V, 1 A 1 digital input: 1025/35 V RS 232 integrated purge-air supply (approx. 40 m3/h) 90260 V AC; 4763 Hz irradiation IP 65

13th BImSchV incl. PS 1

Interface Purge-air supply Power supply Penetration depth/ probe length Protection calss

LED abs./dyn. transmission, Opacity, extinction, dust concentration meas. range: accuracy: 1000 % 2% 0100 % 01.5 0.002 0.1120 s 1 analog output: 020 mA, 4 relay outputs: 250 V, 1 A 4 digital inputs: 1025/35 V RS 232, RS 422 external purge-air unit (approx. 80 m3/h) 90140/190260 V AC; 50/60 Hz

LED transmission, opacity, extinction, dust concentration meas. range: accuracy: 1000 % 2% 0100 % 2% 02 0.002 010 g/m3 4) 2% 0.1360 s 2 analog outputs: 020 mA, 4 relay outputs: 48 V, 1 A 2 digital inputs: 1010/25 V RS 232, RS 422 external purge-air unit (approx. 80 m3/h) 90264 V AC; 4862 Hz

6000/30 000 hPa with high pressure attachments

Optional: 30 hPa possible


with instrument air supply up to 1000 hPa possible


at 1 m measuring path

RM 210 emission monitoring of low dust concentrations

FW 100 filter monitoring, emission monitoring of low dust concentrations

FWE 200 emission monitoring of dust concentrations in wet flue gases

Gravimat control measurements and gravimetrical comparision measurements

> 0.26 m 500 C 60+10 hPa 20 C gas temperature above dew point, no condensate build-up 50 400 C

> 0.15 m 200 C

> 0.4 m 600 C 50 10 C +70 hPa +50 C

+70 hPa 3) 20+20 hPa +55 C gas temperature below dew point, condensate allowed

gas temperature above dew point, no condensate build-up VDI 2066, EN 13284-1, U.S. EPA Method 17

13th and 17th BImSchV

13th, 17th and 27th BImSchV

13th, 17th and 27th BImSchV gravimetric principle

scatter-light (back scattering) scatter-light (forward scattering) LED laser scatter-light, dust concentration after gravimetric comparission measurement meas. range: accuracy: 0200 mg/m3 2% 03 2% 1255 s 2 analog outputs: 020 mA, 4 relay outputs: 48 V, 1 A 4 digital inputs: 1010/25 V RS 232, RS 422 external purge-air unit (approx. 80 m3/h) 90260 V AC; 4862 Hz meas. range: 0200 mg/m3 meas. range: 0200 mg/m3 0.1600 s max. 2 analog outputs: 020 3 relay outputs: 48 V, 1 A 1 digital inputs: 1025 V AC accuracy: < 2% accuracy: < 2%


meas. range: 50 mg/m3 50 g/m3

accuracy: 1% vol. flow

RS 232 integrated purge-air supply (approx. 10 m3/h) 90260 V AC; 50/60 Hz 180/280/435/735 mm 1035/1335 mm IP 65

RS 232 purge-air supply with blower unit (approx. 10 m3/h) 90260 V AC; 50/60 Hz 115/230 V AC; 50/60 Hz

700/1600 mm

600/1200 mm IP 54; electronic housing IP 65

5004500 mm IP 54

h (800 mg/m3 at 15 m) and with a medium particle size of 10 m and medium density of 2.5 g/m3

Dust Concentration Monitors in Detail

Remarkably More Service

The here listed Dust Concentration Monitors can be seamlessly integrated into existing measurement landscapes at your plant. The measurement of the dust concentration is performed indepent of the gas velocity and the dust particle loads. If required, all dust concentration monitors can be parametrized with a PC and the user-friendly MEPA software (Menu-driven PArametrization, with multilanguage capability).

OMD 41 Dust Concentration Monitor Measurement of the dust concentration, even across long measuring paths
Special features of the OMD 41 Large duct diameters up to 15 m Automatic check cycle, contamination measurement/ correction, zero-point adjsutment of transmitter and reflector unit Integrated linearity check
Reflector unit TR unit Modem Strip chart recorder Purge-air unit MEPA OMD 41 RCU-MS Connection unit

Dimensions OMD 41 components

Transmitter/receiver unit (TR unit) 205 381.5

Advantages at a glance:
Direct and instant process measurements through non-contact in-situ technology High measurement accuracy Transmission and scatter-light principle Purge-air protects the device at high temperatures and aggressive gases Long maintenance-free operating times, low maintenance requirements Flexible, user-friendly parameter setting via MEPA software
Reflector unit >30 246





FW 56 Filter Watch Monitoring of filter plants across measuring paths uo to 3.6 m

Special features of the FW 56 Extending of filter service liefe, selective monitoring of filter chambers Operation/status indication via LED or LCD depending on version Automatic check cylcle with the FW 56-I

FW 300 Dust Concentration Monitor Filter monitoring and dust detection across measuring paths uo to 15 m
Special features of the FW 300 Suitable for use with sticky dusts and in high temperatures Large measuring path range of 0.5 up to 15 m Simple installation, commissioning and operation Automatic check cycle, low maintenance
Reflector TR unit Connection unit with integrated purge-air supply

Reflector TR unit

Evaluation unit

Strip-chart recorder MEPA FW 56 Purge-air unit Strip-chart recorder MEPA FW 300

Dimensions FW 56 components
Transmitter/receiver unit (TR unit) 15 80 80

Dimensions FW 300 components

Transmitter/receiver unit (TR unit)




27 80 150

23 Reflector

Rotating reflector



14 20 27 80 150




Dust Concentration Monitors in Detail

RM 210 Dust Concentration Monitor Precision dust/soot number measurements in various application processes
Special features of the RM 210 Detection of lowest dust concentrations Automatic check cycle and contamination measurement Freely adjustable measuring ranges Representative measurements due to various penetration depths
RCU-MS TR unit Connection unit

FW 100 Dust Concentration Monitor Precision dust measurement made simple

Special features of the FW 100 Simple installation and easy operation High resolution Automatic check cycle and linearity control No mechanical adjustment neccessary No external purge-air supply neccessary

TR unit

Connection unit

Modem Purge-air unit MEPA RM 210

Strip-chart recorder MEPA 100

Dimensions RM 210 components Transmitter/receiver unit (TR unit)


Dimensions FW 100 components FW 101 with measuring probe

81 L2 L1 NL






FW 102 with measuring probe

275 210


L2 L1


Ligth absorber



440 L1 L2 300/600/ 900/1200 250/150 179/79 NL 435/735/ 1035/1335 180/280

Different sizes can be delivered depending on the application

FW 101 FW 102

FWE 200 Dust measurements in wet flue-gases

Gravimat SHC 500 The mobile dust measuring system

Special features of the FWE 200 Sample/recirculation of a part of the gas via probe Use after FGD or wet scrubbers (e.g. in waste/ incineration plants) or wet exhaust air in process control Compact design, simple installation and operation

Special features of the SHC 500 Gravimetric calibration and control measurements Patented sampling system no dust loss Fully-automatic isokinetic regulation in real time Automatic measuring value detection and storage Compact design and simple operation
Automatic unit

Measuring and control unit







t. Er

steh t. Er

t in

kein t in


kein t in

steh t. Er

Measuring gas probe Blower

Strip-chart recorder MEPA FW 56






steh t. Er






















dtex ist


ang enh ang amm enh Zus amm ang Zus enh ang ang em enh amm enh mm Zus amm ksa em Zus amm kein ang em Zus ang t in enh kein ang enh em t in enh kein amm Zusamm steh ang t in amm Zus ang em enh Zus steh em enh kein em amm t. Er in kein t in amm Zus kein t dtex Zus steh em t in steh Er steh n kein keinem t. Er dtext. t. Er stei t in Blin dtex t. Er steh ein Blin dtex t. Er ein Blin ist dtex ein Blin Dies ist ein Dies ist Dies steh t. Er

Filter head probe with dust collector

Strip-chart recorder

Dimensions FWE 200 Measuring and control unit

Dimensions Gravimat SHC 500 Automatic unit

310 290



Filter head probe


650 730


NL = 500 1500 mm

Collector LC

Collector HC

Operation Units and User Interfaces Connection Units, Evaluation unit and Purge-Air Supply

Dimensions Connection Unit of OMD 41/RM 210

Dimensions Evaluation Unit of FW 56



RM 210
out 0/2/4 - 20 mA on





Dimensions Connection Units of FW 100/FW 300 Connection unit with integrated purge-air supply

> 130

Dimensions Purge-Air Unit SLV 4

Connection unit without purge-air supply

> 130




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