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Cascade Community Church Student ministries Servant guide and application

Welcome Letter
Dear Interested Servant Leader, I am pumped that you are interested in the Servant Leadership Team here at Cascade Community Church Student Ministry (CCCSM). We are always looking for servant leaders to jump into the ministry God has here. We believe that a solid ministry is built on relationships between students and adults, each living life together to reach this generation for Christ. Both relationships and service are key to understanding Gods love in practical ways. When these two elements come together, real spiritual growth takes place in our lives. The purpose of this team is to mentor, develop, and equip students to find a transformational relationship with Christ; and to discover how their passions and purpose can bring Jesus into their world. We are looking for men and women who have a growing commitment to Christ and desire to care for students. We are not looking for perfect people, but people who know their brokenness and have submitted to Gods healing and restoration. We are not looking for people who view student ministry as an extension of their social life or just a thing to check off on your list of good deeds. With prayer and consideration, please read the enclosed material. Because we place a high value on this ministry, we place great value in those who serve on this team. My hope is that you will read this and become so familiar with our ministry that you can make a prayerful decision. Once I have received your application, I will call you to schedule a time to talk through your area of calling. All information will be kept completely confidential. The questions here are not to see if you are suitable for ministry. Instead they are a means for me to better know you and how you can best mentor students. Student ministry is a great place to see Gods impact in His Kingdom. I cant wait to sit and chat about how He might use you to change the life of generations of hurting people. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call. In His Grace,

Michael Lodge Student Pastor at Cascade Community Church 404-788-9527 email: Michael.lodge@cascadechurch.org

If god is leading you to work with us . . .

1. Express Interest: You may have an interest to serve God by loving people, but are unsure as to where you can help make a difference. We will help you with this. Talk with another leader or with Michael to find out more information. Most of the time the most common people make the greatest servant leaders, so take the next step and prayerfully consider this ministry. 2. Receive Youth Ministry Material: Read over all the pages and information in this packet. This will give you all the basic information that you will need in order to make a decision about your involvement. 3. Browse through www.cascadechurch.org/students: Our student ministry is not limited only to weekly meetings and periodic events. We want to empower students to use their passions and purpose to create ministry ideas. 4. Prayerfully Consider You Commitment: We want you to take time to pray and think through your commitment. We encourage you to seek the counsel of family and/or friends regarding your decision. 5. Complete the Consideration Packet: This packet was developed to obtain information for our screening process. Not just to see what passions you have but to know how to connect you with them within the student ministry. Once completed please drop it off at the church office so Michael can read through it. 6. Sit and Chat with Michael: This is an opportunity for you to share your observations, describe your spiritual journey, and communicate your gifts and desires for working with the youth leadership team. We also will discuss your application and specific areas of involvement. Someone will contact you to set up a time to talk. 7. Observe Programs: If it looks like you are passionate and ready to lead in the student ministry, then Michael will plug you in to an area of ministry for two or three weeks. This is the time to get in and see if you were meant for this. You will meet other servant leaders and students. It may be natural for you to feel uncomfortable while observing (students dont always go out of their way to make you feel welcome until you get to know them), so keep that in mind. 8. Criminal Background Check: Your consideration doesnt go any further until we have completed a background check. All information will be kept securely under strict confidence. 9. Meet with Michael: We will set up a time to sit and debrief your experience with Michael. After a time of prayer we will plug you into the ministry that is right for you. Sign the commitment sheet and we will jump in. 10. Evaluation Meeting: At your two month mark, we will meet to evaluate your feelings and perceptions regarding your involvement with the team so far. We will continue to check on your role to help equip you to success in our ministry.

What to expect from the servant leadership team

A community that cares for each other Structure and leadership Encouragement and support Training and learning opportunities Communication of vision and direction Challenge to develop are of ministry A leader who cares about your life A leader who prays for you everyday A group that wants you to succeed

Our General philosophy of youth ministry

Purpose Statement
CCCSM exists to introduce students to a saving belief in Jesus Christ and to then provide them with sources for spiritual transformation where they will have the opportunity to develop a Gospel lifestyle that will create mature relationships and a desire for service to both God and others.

Biblical Imperatives
These are the five elements that drive every aspect of our student ministry. Each of these elements undergoes constant evaluation and re-evaluation followed by intentional revision in order to reach the highest potential of effectiveness. 1. Introduce: Gods purpose of Evangelism (Acts 1:8) CCCSM exists to be a means of students being found by Gods grace. Our ministry has a huge heart for the unsaved. We feel it is necessary to focus on this un-reached group, present the gospel to them through relevant means, and introduce them to a saving belief in Christ. Jesus came for the sick and we will accept them where they are in life. 2. Transformation: Gods purpose of Discipleship (Matt. 28:18-20; Titus 2:11-14) Every student needs to grow spiritually. This is marked by a life transformed not a life informed. Part of our purpose is to provide students with an environment where they will be encouraged and aided toward maturity in Christ. This maturity is marked by a relationship with Jesus that draws them into life transformation not legalistic duty. 3. Gospel lifestyle: Fulfilling Gods purpose of Worship (Rom. 12:1) Worship, often expressed by singing, is expressed throughout our life. It includes praying (Ps.95:6), hearing the Word (John 17:17), giving (1Cor. 16:1-2), baptizing (Rom. 6:3-4), meditating (Hab. 2:20), taking the Lords Supper (1Cor. 11:23-26), and selflessness (Phil 2:3-4). Each of these areas are just as important as musical worship and enriches our musical worship experience. Our goal is to have students living a life reflective of the Gospel outside of Sunday and Wednesday. 4. Relationships in Community: Gods purpose of Community (Acts 4:32) God made us to live in relational community. 90% of ministry takes place within the context of personal relationships with students. We believe it is vital for students to be plugged into a group of peers and adults where they can experience a safe and healthy community to grow in. This is the most vital part of our ministry! 5. Service: Gods unique purpose for our life. Key sign of maturity (Eph. 4:11-16) Every student has a passion and a purpose that God wants to empower with the Spirit to bring His love into their world. When this happens both the student and the ministry opportunities will grow. We want to help the students discover their purpose and empower opportunity (globally and locally) for them to be implemented.

Core Values
Its important to know the core values that fuel a ministry one is involved with. If you do not share the core values conflict or disunity will arise. Each of these are purposefully implemented into the ministry as much as possible. These are in no particular order and are all vital to our ministry. Grace based Bible based Relational Food loving Fun Welcoming to outsiders (even in C.G.) Focus on being not doing Respond to love not legalism Transformation Loving confrontation Transparency/authenticity Willing to take risks Dream without boundaries Prayer Personal worship Evangelism Support for parents Non competitive with other ministries Value students individually, not collectively Safe environments Teach by modeling/example Value the Holy Spirits working Setting wise personal boundaries Musical worship Student led and empowered ministry Confidentiality Striving for excellence Relationships over religion Spiritual Disciplines as a means to grace Positive attitudes Servants spirit Team players Missions Gospel Living

The students we graduate

The Objective: a description of what we desire to send out We have a shared goal of the kind of student we want to graduate at the end of their time in our ministry. We work together to this same goal and play different roles as they mover through our ministry. The student we wish to see through the work of the Holy Spirit will hopefully have these qualities. First the student will have left his or her former life and entered into a saving belief in Jesus Christ. This is followed by not only a desire to know God, but also a desire to live a life centered on Christ and not self. Naturally, the student with this goal in mind will be motivated to leave their previous sins and transform to live in worship, selflessness, awe of God, and service (both globally and locally) to Him and others. When we see this life of transformation evidenced by a love for God and People, we have reason to celebrate. Cheezy acronym to summarize (forgive my Baptist roots) Salvation: (John 5:26) They have a genuine point of submission resulting in Salvation Abandon: (Eph. 4:21-24) They have left their sin as a response to the Holy Spirit and His Grace Veneration: (I used a big word!) (Rom. 12:1-2) They want to live for the Lord in worship and sacrifice Exercise: (1Pet. 2:2-3) Learned to use Spiritual Disciplines to build their relationship with God Desire: (Matt. 5:6, Isa. 55:1-2) Has a hunger to use their passion for His purpose and be connected to the greater body of the Church (not just a cool youth ministry)

In short we want students to graduate after being saved and transformed by the Holy Spirit in response to Gods grace. They will have grown in their relationship with God and understand that He has created them for a purpose in life. They will have a heart to be used by God. They will also understand that they are part of the Church and not just on for a fun ride in youth ministry. We understand that many students graduate from High School and soon walk away from their faith. We are committed to finding the elements to make their faith stick after high school so they can walk into life prepared to love God and be used by Him in College and in life.

The vision for our Youth group

Dream Big God did some pretty unstinkingbelievable things in the Bible. These stories of heroes, miracles, unexplainable happenings, and impossible events are meant to be more than just stories. We believe they are to show us what to dream for in our own lives. And we want our dreams and vision for ministry to be big and attainable only through Him. We know that these things are selfdom realized in youth ministry. And that excites us to see the impossible happen! Student Vision Our students Cant wait to invite their friends Stand out at school, not conforming Are a vital part of the Church Break cliques and barriers to make all feel welcome Are touched by God to be World Changers Influence every at risk student in town Know they are a Child of God Follow Christ instead of rules Know the absolute truth Understand the role of sex in their lives Have a mentor and are mentoring Know the SM is the safest place in town Make Jesus the #1 priority in life Has at least one friend to call in times of crisis Own their own faith Are responsible for their actions Use technology for godly purposes alone Are comfortable being real Dont care only for themselves Pray without stopping See their school as a mission field Have a burden for the lost and hurting Take a stand and share the gospel in love and action Love to be a part of the Church Are authentic and real Are not afraid to fail Understand the depths of and respond to Gods Grace Know and love the Bible Love to serve globally and locally

The Sycamore Project Vision

Zaccehaeus was a broken man hiding in a sycamore tree looking for Jesus. Jesus found him in his brokenness and he gladly received Jesus at this crossroad in life. After accepting, Christ used his passion for a purpose in the Kingdom of God. This is the vision of the Sycamore Project. We introduce broken students to the Grace of God and walk with them as they grow in Christ. The ultimate goal is for these students to discover their purpose by loving God and the people around them. Vision Verse John 13:35 By this everyone will know that y0u are my disciples, if you love one another. Vision Statement To find healing in our brokenness, transformation in our life and community, and purpose for our passion through Christ. Revolving Principles 1. Found Broken (Rom 8:5) Jesus came to our point of brokenness. Realizing our brokenness and need for God is necessary in learning how to depend on Him. 2. Submission at the crossroad (1Peter 5:6) When at a crossroad of faith that wrestles between self and God, we choose God. Salvation is about submission. A Spirit led life is about submission. Do we give Him permission to do whatever He wants in our lives. 3. Transformed by Grace (Titus 2:11-14) Christ draws us to Him through the Holy Spirit. Gods grace causes us to desire change in our life. We know our life is to be laid down so we can be more like Christ. 4. Community (Acts 2:42-47) We are the sons and daughters of God. He desires that we live in a community with each other for the purpose of spurring each other along in the faith. This is vital to our life in Christ. 5. Serve out of brokenness (2Cor. 1:3-7; 5:18-19) We have been healed to fellowship with God and to use our story, passions, and giftings for His purpose of building the Kingdom of God. Serving globally and locally is an expression of Gods work inside of us. The Sycamore Project is a group of High School students and adult leaders who have been found by Christ and changed by His grace. This group has found our Fathers love to be too big to be kept to themselves. It is our desire to discover our passions and gifts so He can use them for His purpose in His Kingdom.

Roots Vision
Middle School is often one of the hardest times in our lives. It is a formative time that shapes a lot of our future through struggles, pressure, and change. We want to walk intentionally with these students in this important part of their lives. It is our desire that we can love these students and provide a safe place for them to have fun, be awkward, be accepted, and become deeply rooted in Christ. We want to instill foundational concepts in their lives that will help them stand strong when they graduate into High School. Vision Verse Psalm 1:3 They are like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither- whatever they do prospers. Vision Statement To become deeply rooted in Christ so we can stand in our relationship with God. Revolving Principles 1. Trust God (Psalm 3:5-6) We want our students to be rooted in their understanding of Gods amazing love for them. Once you can have confidence in His love you can trust Him in every area of your life. We trust in Gods authority and love over us. 2. Spiritual Disciplines (Phil. 4:6-7) We want our students to have a relationship with God and become more familiar with who He is. We believe that Spiritual disciplines are the means by which we experience His grace and grow in our love and understanding of Him. 3. Moral Boundaries (Prov. 4:23) Students need to learn how to protect themselves by understanding and developing good boundaries in their lives. We seek to help the students develop a worldview based on God and a lifestyle that keeps us walking in His freedom. 4. Healthy Friendships (Prov. 13:20) God wants us to live in a community of believers to help build our faith and encourage us toward God. Nothing can affect your life as much as the people we choose to surround ourselves with. 5. Wise choices not right choices (Prov. 3:13-14) We want the students to begin making decisions based on Gods wisdom and not just on the basis of what is right and wrong. 6. Loving Others (Phil. 2:3-4) A students faith should ultimately be seen by the love they have for people. We want them to understand that to be like Christ is to serve the world around us.

Qualities for Community leaders and environment

1. Prayer: (1Thes 5:17) Prayer is the foundation for everything we do and our constant line of submission before God. If He doesnt show up and take control nothing will really happen. 2. Unconditional Love: (John 15:12-13) This is the visible expression of grace students need to see. Acceptance, caring, compassion, a sense of security, and committed construction are a must. It communicates to students that this is a place where they know they are genuinely loved without any prerequisites-they are welcome no matter what. 3. Trust: (James 5:16) Trust is the currency that will connect the students to the message we are giving them. This will open the door for the students to feel comfortable being real, honest, and genuine with each other. 4. Respect: (1Peter 2:17) Everyone has different opinions and perspectives. Although we have differences, we agree to respect each other and not allow it to affect our relationship or teamship. We do not push students to Christ we respect the process of the Spirit and help the students discover Christ on their own. We also respect each others time, efforts, and values. 5. Encouragement: (Hebrews 3:13) No one should walk alone. We seek to encourage each other and the students as they walk the unfamiliar road of their spiritual journey. Our ministry is built on motivation, inspiration, and support through encouragement in every area of a students life. We encourage as we challenge the students. 6. Fun: (Eccles. 3:4) We value a light atmosphere of fun and laughter. No one feels attracted to a strict and solemn environment. Having a joyful spirit and creating a joyful environment is used to enhance relationships by allowing students to relax and feel more comfortable. It also makes them more receptive to the Gospel. We do have rules and we will have solemn times inside of a joyful environment.

Target attitude of Servant leaders

Positive Attitude: The ability to work with and see people in a constructive way. Servanthood: The willing ness to sacrifice time and energy for others. Team Player: The mind-set of looking out for others and lifting others up. Growing Edge: Not perfect but hungry for personal and spiritual growth. Follow-through: A commitment to be responsible and to fulfill ministry areas. Integrity: Trustworthiness and solid character: consistency in words and walk. Focus: The willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood. Youth meetings are for students so stay student-minded. Relational: The ability to make students feel welcome and valued. Sense of Humor: If you cant laugh, be laughed at, and joke around you will get hurt! Patience: Be patient with yourself. Dont stress if you learning curve is high. Just be willing to learn. Also be patient with others. Remember everyone is at a different place. Reach out and love and support those who need it. The more you invest in students the more you will get out of it, so take initiative. Having contact outside of SM nights helps a ton. Teachable Spirit: The ability to be humble, open to loving criticism, learning from others, admitting you dont know, and always following the vision of the ministry. Supportive: Always be an advocate for the SM. When someone talks negatively then you speak support for the ministry and its leaders.

What students need

Someone who loves God and looks like Jesus. Someone interested in their lives. Someone willing to spend time with them. Someone praying for them. Someone that is real not cool. Someone going into their world. Someone to believe in them. Someone who can make Gods grace tangible. Someone to laugh with. Someone who will remember their names. Someone who will be consistent. Someone to be a leader and not a peer. Someone to share life with.

Expectations of Youth Leaders

Be COMMITTED to God and to Students. Regularly attend church services and participate in worship and service. Mingle with students from any school and make newcomers feel welcome. New people WILL feel out of place, so the more people who say hi and learn their names, the better. This doesnt mean that you have to spend hours with them, but let them know that they are noticed. Dont forget to say hi the next week too! Remember their names!! Everyone is welcome no matter what they look like, smell like, or how they talk! Participate wholeheartedly. Any game can be fun if you want it to be. Be the first to jump up when it is time to get in a team or a line, etc. Look for people not participating and pull them in. Clap, yell, scream, and cheer...when appropriate. No student leader should be sitting on the sidelines. Watch for people cheating or for the game breaking down and seek to correct it. Help with any props that may be needed. If you are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, we do expect that you stay sexually pure and continue to be above reproach in all that you do. Set an excellent standard in all that you do. Please dress very modestly. The last thing that we want is to be a subject of lust to students or other leaders. Actively look for ways to make the meetings and events run smoother. Follow through on responsibilities. If you are driving students anywhere, seatbelts and speed limit are a must! Pray regularly for our youth ministry and its leaders. Be on time for all activities or call if your late. If you have a concern or question about anything involving our ministry, please contact Michael immediately before chatting about the issue or situation with another leader, parent, or student. Attend staff trainings and meetings. Commit to regular prayer, Bible study, evangelism, personal worship, scripture, spiritual disciplines, and accountability. Participate in problem-solving. Find areas of need in the youth ministry and offer suggestions for improvement. Diffuse gossip, rumors and conflict. Stay positive even when things go bad. Help keep the students focused and not being a distraction to others.

Staff Boundaries
Utilize careful judgment at all times in the exercise of personal freedom, particularly when associated with and/or relating to students, either publicly or privately. We recognize that many of us have opinions and practices on certain lifestyle issues that differ from one another, such as how we conduct ourselves and the language we use. Furthermore, the Bible, to which we attribute the ultimate authority for all Christian life, is not explicit on every issue within our culture. Nevertheless, many Christians have historically condemned the use of certain words and body language. Lifestyle issues are complicated further by the reality that we are in a position of trust and influence in the youth ministry. Therefore, with respect to such issues as the use of language, entertainment, and other behavioral matters that are open to abuse, misuse and misunderstanding, the following biblical principles must be followed: Please Note: This is not intended to be a legalistic definition of right and wrong. It is meant to provide principles to limit the experience of Christian liberty because of the position of influence in which we find ourselves The Bible condemns self-indulgence and promotes self-control (Gal. 5:19-25). The Bible commands respect of ones body (1 Thes. 4:4; 1 Cor. 6:18-20). Community interests are to be put ahead of self-interest (Phil. 2:3-5). When its exercise could hinder a students spiritual development; When its exercise could be misunderstood in such a way as to hinder ones own witness, or that of our student ministry; When culture abuse suggests the need for Christian leaders to exercise self restraint. When an action could endanger another persons safety or well-being. No driving girls alone with a student of the opposite gender EVER! Sometimes there are sticky situations that may seem unavoidable, but they are avoidable. Call someone, get help, make two trips, be honest, do whatever it takes to avoid the situation. Along these same lines, be careful about even being alone in a room at church for too long with a student of the opposite gender. No dating youth members. Staff/student romantic relationships are an ABSOLUTE NO! Girl leaders will work closely with and minister to girls and guy leaders will work closely with and minister to guys. Mingling is cool, but a defined standard of boundaries is an excellent example for students. Dating a fellow youth staff member is no problem, but please keep your focus on the students at youth group. Be mindful of appropriate PDA. If youre married, then feel free to gross everyone out. Language: This includes coarse joking, rude remarks, gossip, and sarcasm. Use wisdom in your attitudes and expression of your stance on alcohol Immaturity in this area will not be permitted. (ask Michael for clarification)

Ministry Interests
Check the items that you would be interested in leading. Complete this form and turn it in to Michael with your application. _____ Small Group Leader _____ Drama _____ Young life _____ Set up Team _____ Girls Night Coordinator _____ Guys Night Coordinator _____ Greeting Team _____ Production Crew _____ Music and Worship _____ Office/Administrative Support _____ Prayer Team _____ Ice Breaker Coordinator _____ Campus Pastor _____ High School Hang Out _____ Jr. High Hang Out _____ Homeless Teen Ministry _____ Hispanic Outreach _____ Outreach events _____ Help at the Y _____ Missions (global or local) _____ Artistic and Crafty _____ I love talking details about events _____ Making Announcements _____ Creating or editing videos _____ Creative ideas (about lessons or events _____ Other: ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________

Youth Leadership Team Application

Please complete the application. All information will be kept completely confidential. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail Michael. This is a form to get to know you and your purpose in ministry. This is not to hold things against you. Instead it will help us direct students in need to you. General Information (Please Print) Date________________________ Name______________________________________________________________________ _______Address______________________________________ City, State, Zip ___________ _____ Cell Phone___________________________________ Phone_______________________________________ Date of Birth__________________________________ Emailaddress________________________________________________________________ _______In which of the following areas are you gifted and/or have training, education, interest or experience? This is not necessarily an indication of what area of the youth ministry youd like to serve in: Playing instrument Leading worship Drama Setup/teardown Confirmation Leading games/activities Helping others Hospitality/greeting Sound or video production Advertising, marketing Natural leadership Administration Small discipleship groups Teaching Event/activity preparation Other(explain below) Computers ___________________________________________________________________________ _____ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Hobbies and Interests How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do for fun? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Church History and Prior Ministry Experience How long have you been attending Cascade Community Church? ________________________________________ Do you attend weekly services regularly? (Circle one) Yes No

List what other churches you have attended regularly during the past five years: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ List all previous church work involving students (list each organizations name and address, type of work performed). ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______

List all previous non-church work involving students (list each organizations name and type of work performed) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ Present Employment If you have been employed at this position for less than 2 years, provide information on each job during that period on a separate sheet. Employer _____________________________________ Address _____________________________________ City__________ State _______ Zip_____ Employment date _______________ to ______________ Full Time Part Time Description of your position _______________________________________________________________________ Education Please circle the highest grade completed High School | College - 2 years | College - 4 years | Graduate School Let Us Get to Know You Have you personally accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are you committed

to having the character of Jesus live through you? Yes No When and how did you become a Christian? List any circumstances or people that influenced you to make this decision. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ How is God working in your life now? ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______

How would you describe your spiritual journey and your relationship with God today? What are your struggles (we all have them!)? Whats going well? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______

___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ In what ways has God used your gifts, talents, and abilities to make His name known? How has that tied in with your heart for student leadership? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ Personal History In caring for students we believe that it is our responsibility to seek an adult staff that is able to provide healthy, safe, and nurturing relationships. Please answer the follow questions honestly. Leaving a question blank will not disqualify you from serving in student ministries. If you prefer to talk to someone in person about any question in this section, please indicate this somewhere on the sheet. Are you (circle one) . . . Single | Married | Widowed | Divorced | Engaged Do you have children of your own? Yes No Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a crime? (circle one) Yes No (if yes, please explain -- attach a separate page if necessary) Have you ever gone through treatment for alcohol or drug abuse? Yes No If yes, please describe. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ Has there been alcohol abuse, drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse in your family background? Yes No If yes, what steps have you taken to minimize the impact that those issues will create for you, both now and in the future (do you have a group of accountability)? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ Have you ever been treated for any type of psychiatric disorder? If yes, please explain. Yes No ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______

Have you ever been accused, charged, or alleged to have committed any act of neglecting, abusing or molesting any child? If yes, please explain in detail, providing date and place of incident. Yes No ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ Is there any circumstance or pattern in your life which would make it inappropriate for you to serve with minors or would compromise the integrity of a life with Christ? If yes, please explain. Yes No ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Ministry What is your personal vision for ministry at Cascade Community Church? Do you have any ideas of how God might accomplish that through you? If so, please explain... ___________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________List reasons why you would like to join the youth servant leadership team. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ How well do you know your Bible? (check all that apply) Bible? Whats that I know where my Bible is. I know the books of the Bible. I read it rarely. I read it weekly. I read it almost daily. I feel comfortable teaching others from it. How have you gained the amount of Bible knowledge that you presently possess? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______

Do you have a spiritual accountability partner? Yes No Are you open to greater spiritual accountability? Yes No Is there anything else you feel that we need to know about you? Yes No If yes, please explain. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________

___________________________________________________________________________ _______

The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the personal information will be held confidential by Cascade Community Church Student Ministry. Date: _____________________ Signature: __________________________________________________

Time to Commit
After spending time in prayer and discussing with my family and friends about the commitment involved with being an adult volunteer youth worker, I choose to commit to the following: I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with him. I am committed toward growing and maturing my relationship with God through personal devotions, active and regular attendance at Cascade, personal times of worship, and involvement in accountability. I am committed to choices and a lifestyle that are both godly and above reproach knowing that my lifestyle is a model for the students that I serve (see Expectations and Boundaries). I am making a commitment to CCC Student Ministries for one school year. I will attend youth meetings and will make a committed attempt to attend staff meetings, retreats and seminars. I understand, agree, and will work hard to fulfill the purposes and vision of CCC Student Ministries and this youth servant leadership team. I am committed to releasing back to God my time and energy as an act of worship, trust and obedience to God. Because I am making a significant commitment and my presence is important, I agree to be consistent and timely in my responsibilities. I also agree to communicate with Michael when I will be absent. I am committed to praying for the students and leaders at our student ministry. Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ___________________________