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6x6 Gritter

3332AK 3336AK


3426 Unladen







3900 8040



dimensions (mm)
Wheelbase Frame height at rear axle (unladen) Ground clearance front Ground clearance rear Cab tilt angle Turning circle (wall to wall) m 3900 1248 370 347 70 18.3

weights (kg)
Kerb Weights Front axle Rear axle Total Plated Weights Front axle Rear bogie GVW GTW
* For 44 tonne option rear bogie must not exceed 17000kg.

5245 4255 9500 UK Authorised 9000 19000 26000 44000* C&U 9000 19000 26000 38000 Design 9000 19000 28000 60000

Weights and dimensions shown are for Construction specification with a day cab. Weights and dimensions are to standard specification with 20 litres of fuel, 5 litres of AdBlue, oil, water and tools. Kerb weights are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of 2%. The right is reserved to alter specification or equipment without notice.

3332AK 3336AK

Mercedes-Benz OM501LA 12 litre turbo-intercooled 4 valves per cylinder V6 direct injection diesel


Max. power @ 1800 rpm Max. torque @ 1080 rpm Bore Stroke Capacity Control Fuel Injection Cooling Security Engine brake Air intake Body interface Exhaust Power take off

235kW 320PS 1650Nm 1217lbft 130mm 150mm 11.95 litres

265kW 360PS 1850Nm 1364lbft

Telligent electronic engine management Direct injection via unit injectors Flame Start Water cooled with viscous fan Immobiliser to Thatcham H2 Constant throttle & butterfly Cyclone type behind cab Programmable special module Stainless steel with SCR catalytic converter with vertical tailpipe Continuous drive from engine rear with 3 bolt facing. 2 Bolt SAE B/4 Bolt DIN conversions available using locally sourced components.

Performance Curves

Gearbox & Gearbox Ratios
16 speed synchromesh range change with splitter and hydraulic gearshift operation. Type 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Reverse Transfer gearbox Type G210 Low 14.19 9.58 6.50 4.40 3.22 2.18 1.48 1.00 12.90 High 11.72 7.92 5.37 3.64 2.66 1.80 1.22 0.83 10.66

Type Diameter Hydraulically operated twin dry plate with air assistance 2 x 400mm

Front Mercedes-Benz driven hub reduction with differential lock Design capacity: 9000kg Mercedes-Benz hub reduction with interaxle and cross-axle differential locks Design capacity: 19000kg

Rear bogie

Rear Axles Ratios & Performance

Engine Axle Ratio Max. geared speed (mph) RPM at 90kmph (56mph) % Rolling gradeability 26 tonne
Other ratios are available depending on drive-train configuration

Standard ratio Cross country ratio

VG1700-3W Transfer gearbox with permanent drive to front axle and interaxle differential lock. 1.00:1 1.403:1

320 5.143 52 1939 +50

360 5.143 52 1939 +50

Front/Rear Service Drum brakes Telligent electro-pneumatic braking Dual circuit air 10 bar operating pressure Load sensing Automatic brake adjustment Heated air dryer Anti-lock brakes ASR traction control Hill hold feature Spring brakes on rear bogie Linked to accelerator with override

Fuel Tank
Fuel AdBlue Capacity (litres) 400 steel 35 Lockable caps Position RHS RHS

Electrical Systems
Voltage Batteries Electrical Distribution System Alternator 24 volt Negative insulated return 2 x 12 volt, 220Ah Circuit breaker protection 28 volt/100 amp

Parking Exhaust brake

Type Recirculating ball Variable ratio Integral power assistance Steering column adjustable for height and rake Steering column lock

25 tonne jack Protective grille for headlights Bolted rear crossmember Provision for snow plough mounting Steel front bumper

Front axle Parabolic leaf springs Double acting shock absorbers Stabiliser Two spring Parabolic dual rate leaf springs Double acting shock absorbers Stabilisers

Rear bogie

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels Tyres Spare wheel and tyre Front 11.75 x 22.5 Rear 9.00 x 22.5 385/65R x 22.5 Front 12R 22.5 Rear Temporary chassis mounting

Weight Adjustments
Description Brakes Aluminium air tanks Cab Maxi day cab Front Rear Total






Component weights are provided as a guide but may vary according to production tolerances


For cab options please see the separate Actros Cab Specification Sheet CV 700

Issued by: Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd., Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8BA. Telephone: (01908) 245000. Fax: (01908) 245093 www.mercedes-benz.co.uk CV 707 AUGUST 08

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