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Bibliography Towards A Preliminary Review of the Literature on Deradicalization Research and Its Implications for Indonesian Deradicalization Programs

Jonathan Zilberg, Ph.D. Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta 5th Annual International Conference on Deradicalization Program Pascasarjana, IAIN Sultan Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi Draft Document Abstract This presentation and bibliography provides an overview of current research on deradicalization with special reference to the Indonesian context. Its main purpose is to provide a brief introduction to this recently emerging research topic and to make available a working bibliography of sources relevant to Indonesian scholars working more generally on the rise and consequences of radicalism. The presentations main goal besides providing an applied literature review is to communicate in this context the recommendations of the International Crisis Group, Indonesia - that local and comparative research is urgently needed to assess the scale and nature of the radicalization of youth. The ICG proposes that such research based pilot programs would provide contexts for the state to design and test both deradicalization and prevention strategies so as to develop a coordinated national policy. The discussion and bibliography also considers the most recent local research on drivers of radicalism in order to articulate the results of that research with the research on de-radicalization in general. It concludes that some researchers propose that disengagement rather than de-radicalization is a more realistic goal and that without a multi-dimensional national policy capable of tackling the drivers and monitoring and controlling the enablers and escalators, radicalization will outpace de-radicalization. In any event, as there is as of yet no published research on the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the discontinued de-radicalization programs in Indonesia. Accordingly, Indonesian de-radicalization research has barely begun. References Below Abu-Laila, Muhammed. 1991. "Islam and Peace", The Islamic Quarterly, 1991, 35(1), pp. 55-69. Abu-Nimer, Muhammad. 1996a "Conflict Resolution in an Islamic Context", Peace & Change, (21)1, pp. 22-40.

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