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Junior AP English Thesis Author Essay #2 “Recurring

After completing the reading of your second novel written by your Thesis Author,
write a 3-4 page literary essay in which you address the following assignment:

The opening of Charles Dickens’ novel A Tale of Two Cities begins with
the words, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the
age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it
was the epoch of incredulity.…” Dickens continues the dichotomy
throughout the rest of the paragraph and throughout the rest of the novel,
revealing his perceived contrast between London and Paris.

Your task is to take a theme, a symbol, a phrase, a word, an anything

found in the first line or paragraph of your novel and discuss its
repercussions throughout the rest of the novel.

Be sure to use proper MLA formatting when you quote text from the
novel (use parenthetical page numbers to indicate where in the novel you
are finding the quoted material.)

Due dates:
First Draft: Tuesday Jan. 6
Final Draft: Tuesday, Jan. 13

A reminder about my late-work policy:

 All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date. There are no
 If a student is absent due to illness or field trip, the student must still turn in the
assignment that day, which can be done in the following ways:
a. Send your assignment with a friend or neighbor
b. Ask a teacher or secretary to place the assignment in my mailbox before you
leave on a field trip
 In dire circumstances, e-mail your assignment to vwarfield@pps.k12.or.us, and the n
pro vide a h ard co py up on your retur n, or mail your assignment to me (postmarked
on the due date) at:
Gr ant High Sch oo l
2245 NE 36 th Ave.
Por tl and, Orego n 972 12
Att n. : Ms . Warfie ld
 If you know you will be away on a due date, turn your assignment in early.

If these steps are not followed, then the assignment is late. You will be graded down
at least a grade. I will accept assignments up to a week late, but not later. If you
STUDENT NAME______________________________ SCORE__________

take the whole week to complete the assignment, your grade may be lowered more
than a whole grade
Peer Edit Guidelines: Thesis Author Essay #2:
(Recurring Image, theme, word, sentence, etc.)

1. Writers: write down three specific concerns, in the form of

questions, that you have about your essay that you would like
feedback on. The more specific, the better. Give these questions
to your editor(s).

2. Editors: After looking at the questions the writer has given you,
read the essay over once without marking or commenting on it.
Then go back and re-read it, giving comments and suggestions in
response to the questions the writer has.

3. Next, look at the STRUCTURE of the essay and give

feedback on the introduction, thesis statement, body
paragraphs and conclusion. Are these portions of the
essay complete? Are the book and author mentioned in
the intro? Is there a clear thesis statement that focuses on a
recurring image, word, phrase, etc. in the book? Write the EXACT
SENTENCE that you have identified as the thesis statement. Does
the thesis make clear why the specific image, word, phrase, etc. is
the focus of the essay? (What is going to be revealed through an
examination of this word, phrase, etc.?) Give suggestions.

4. Look at the body paragraphs and determine if they include topic

sentences that relate to the thesis and author’s purpose. Give

5. Look at body paragraphs and determine whether the textual

evidence is “fitting” and whether the writer has made clear how
we are supposed to understand the textual evidence in relation to
the thesis and author’s purpose. Does the writer cite page
numbers in parentheses? Give comments and feedback.

6. Does the writer use transitions between paragraphs to connect

ideas and thoughts, making the movements from one point to the
next smooth and logical?
STUDENT NAME______________________________ SCORE__________

7. Correct grammar, spelling, and other mechanical errors. Are

Blocked Quotes correctly formatted? Are only passages LONGER
THAN 4 lines Blocked?

8. Is the title original and does it indicate which book the essay is
about? Comment.

9. Does the essay address the question: What is the author’s

purpose and how does the recurring image contribute to
this purpose? This question should be dealt with throughout
the essay and reinforced in the conclusion.

Grading Rubric for Recurring Image Essay

Analysis and Thesis Textual Topic Introduction Formatting

interpretation Statement Examples Sentences and
and author’s Conclusion
4 Essay cogently Thesis Textual Paragraphs Intro and 12 point font
and carefully statement is examples are include highly conclusion are double-spaced
analyzes and precise and highly approp- effective topic cogent , one-inch margins
interprets a effective; it riate and sentences at or effective, and grammar and
recurring accurately especially near the careful, and punctuation
image/phrase/ reflects the fitting for the beginning of indicate exceed CIM
word/theme in focus on and context. Evi- paragraphs; topic importance of standards. Page
the novel; significance of dence clearly sentences are your findings, numbers are
discussion of the recurring explained and clearly and including noted correctly.
author’s purpose image/phrase/ tied back to effectively linking to All Block Quotes
is nuanced word for thesis and connected to author’s are correctly
author’s author’s thesis purpose formatted.
purpose purpose
3 Essay analyzes Thesis Textual Paragraphs Intro and 12 point font
and interprets statement is examples are include effective conclusion are double-spaced
recurring effective; it appropriate and topic sentences effective and one-inch
image/phrase/ reflects the fitting for the at or near the careful; indicate margins
word/theme and focus on the context. Usu- beginning of importance or grammar and
author’s purpose recurring ally tied back to paragraphs; topic implications of punctuation
in the novel, but image/phrase/ thesis/ author’s sentences are your findings; meet CIM
not necessarily word purpose. connected to discussion of standards.
with nuance and Evidence is thesis author’s Page numbers
not necessarily explained, but purpose is are noted
with consistent not always clear but not correctly
cogency thoroughly. nuanced
2 Essay attempts Thesis Textual Paragraphs do Intro and Margins,
to analyze and statement is examples are not always conclusion are spacing and
interpret recurring not effective. It not always include topic adequate, but font do not
image/phrase/ attempts to appropriate or sentences at or not always conform to
STUDENT NAME______________________________ SCORE__________

word/theme in reflect the fitting for the near the effective; standard.
the novel; but focus on the context. Rarely beginning of conclusion Grammar and
lacks under- recurring tied back to paragraphs; topic lacks a sense punctuation
standing or image/phrase/ thesis. sentences of importance meet CIM
cogency word but does Evidence is not attempt to of your findings standards.
so inadequately consistently connect to thesis Page numbers
or without explained. are not noted
clarity correctly

1 Essay makes Thesis Textual Paragraphs do Intro is Handwritten.

little or no statement is examples are not include topic ineffective; Grammar and
attempt to ineffective or not appropriate sentences or they conclusion punctuation
analyze and non-existent; or fitting or are are vague in their does not do not meet CIM
interpret recurring does not reflect nonexistent. connection to indicate
Page numbers
image/phrase/ a focus on Evidence not thesis implications of
are not noted
word/theme in recurring adequately your findings
the novel image/phrase/ explained