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South Canton Scholars Charter Academy

6th Grade

Weekly Newsletter for March 23, 2012

March is Reading Month

Calendar Counts

Voice of the Parent Survey
We have extended the deadline for the Voice of the Parent Survey from March 15th, to March 27th. You should have received your child’s code to complete the survey from their homeroom teacher during parent/teacher conferences. If you no longer have this information, please contact the office and Ms. Venus or Ms. Brittany can provide it to you. If you do not have internet access in your home, you can complete the survey at South Canton Scholars on the computer in the Parent Room or the Parent Volunteer computer in the main office which has been set up for parents to complete the survey quickly and easily- you could come a few minutes early for dismissal, get a prime parking spot and come in to complete the survey!


Congratulations to The Hunger Games st

Reading Month

place winner of the door decorating contest.

29th—Drama performances of School Live! Jr. 5:30 and 7:15 p.m. $1 for students $2.00 for adults



Vocabulary and Spelling Students are continuing their study of analyzing Greek and Latin Root words according to Harry Potter. Ask about Draco Malfroy! Also, students are continuing their root trees where they use the trunk of the tree for the root word and the branches for words formed with that root. Wordly wise has continued this week. Students are in charge of 15 words each week for spelling and vocabulary meanings and different ways to use each word. Reading and Writing All readers and writers have been working hard to understand different forms of poetry. This week students focused on poetry styles of limericks, shape poems, animal poems, and couplets.

30th Student of the Month Assembly

The math classes will be working on Geometry throughout the week. Students will continue to get daily homework. They also have a math packet which is due at the end of a unit (3 - 5 lessons). They must complete the practice sheets. The problem solving and challenge sheets are 4.0 opportunities.

Students have learned all about the social class of the Medieval Times. They all became a part of a specific social class or status and had to become experts in that field. After two days of expertise the students became the teachers and they shared with the class their social group or status information. (We all learned how to jigsaw in our learning!) 1st and 2nd hour ended the week learning about the Crusades of the Middle Ages; what they were, when they happened, why they happened and the outcomes of the Crusades. Each hour will also be reading a fictional book that takes place in the Middle Ages. Next week the class will be wrapping up the Middle Ages by discussing important people during in the Crusades as well as the end of the Middle Ages... the Black Plague!

After a very exciting journey through the different ecosystems of Earth, Scientists complete their study with a final test tomorrow and a photosynthesis lab next week. The next stop on the Science Train will be a unit on Energy. Students will experiment with different energy transformations which will lead to an understanding of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Mrs. Lee is looking for donations to help construct roller coasters for this unit. Students will need clear plastic tubing that will permit tiny ball bearings to travel through. If you can help with materials or know someone who can, please let Mrs. Lee know.

Box Tops for Education
Field Trip Reminder Each teacher has a collection box in their classroom for Box Top labels. Please continue to send in those TOPS! Thank you to all of the families who have already taken the time to cut the box tops. We appreciate your support and time!
DIA April 5, 2012 Howell Nature Center April 20, 2012 If you have volunteered to be a driver/chaperone please make sure that you have visited the office and taken care of volunteer information as well as driving information.