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Adamson University College Of Liberal Arts Department of Social Science


In partial Fulfillment for this course requirement GEOPOLITICS

Submitted by: ANDRES, Jhorolar N. 2nd Year AB Political Science

Submitted to: Professor Don Emmanuel Nolasco March 22, 2012


This term paper is pertaining to the next level of Geopolitical Idea, anyhow I dont have name for it because reports of the researches were not done yet. But based on the previous reports, my prediction for the future Geopolitical Idea will be somehow like DUAL WORLD Geopolitics. Why? Because I predict that in this time, time where the China is rising rise above hate the EASTERN (specially the China) and the WESTERN (specially the USA) part of the globe will be somehow be separated. They will be separated as the China is doing a great job in empowering their nation, empowering until they achieve the optimum quality of living and power just like what the USA has, and I think that there will be a possibility that the China will surpass the USA. What are my basis according to the previous research and reports? China is using the people very well, even though we know that China is the most populated country in the world, still their economy is rising and their name is proclaiming specially in USA (to be a threat). China is distributing their people very well. They distribute people all around the world for economic purposes (trades, markets and etc.) this is a factor in boosting their economic growth. China also uses people productively, as you can see even having the largest population still people of China were productive in terms of jobs. Unlike in any other large numbered countries like us Philippines, we cant use people very well. And this method is a so called advance Marxism, why? As you can see they uses their people very well just like in a Marxists theory the class-struggle or the slaves vs. the lords. But here in advance Marxism people is yes not slaves and yes no struggle, but as the term USES will provide us a good look in saying that it is a NEW GENERATION of MARXISM. Another one reason is the dominating action of the feminists, as you can see, the use of feminism in WESTERN part countries were at large and they are so well in having a good feminists idea. Countries in the west like UK, England and USA they give big opportunities to the women, and for that it helped them in empowering their state.

Because of that, women of their country also affect their countries economic growth, class, dignity and states quality. Unlike in the EASTERN PART we are late in developing feminism idea, because of our false belief about them and the culture in the EASTERN part countries. Even with that, EASTERN countries are still competitive against the WESTERN. And if we ever completed the competing potential of women of our time, I think that will be a big factor in surpassing the WESTERN domination. And last but not the least is the LIBERAL mind of the EASTERN against the WESTERN. Where do most of the terrorists live? Stay? Settle? And where is their nation standing? Their state? Obviously it is in EASTERN part of the globe specially the Middle-East and where does the so-called counter-terrorists is living? And who are the countries first in the line stating for the eradication for terrorists? Ofcourse they are in the WESTERN specially France and USA. This is also a factor in my point of EAST vs. WEST. As a predict China is a influential country and we know that China is a near socialist-liberal country, what if all of the EASTERN part countries meet their minds and conclude for unity. It will be the biggest LIBERATION FRONT against USA for sure, and who will defend it? obviously the WESTERN part countries and it might result for another WORLD WAR and for sure it will be the most tragic WAR of all times, as we are having advance technology today. Before I end my introduction I would like to clarify why I use the term terrorist in liberalism, it is because of the principle of the liberalism. Liberalism is more focused in their INDIVIDUALITY (individual rights, needs and wants) just like the terrorist, they are terrorizing us because of their belief and goal and it is to achieve and have LIBERALIST state, terrorist where there just not to kill people, they are there to fight for their LIBERALISTS IDEA. And it is enough to defend my introductory theoretical perspective.


In here we need to discuss the previous theoretical discussion that we tackled and those been reported. The topic was MARXISM, POST-MODERNIZATION, LIBERALISM, FEMINISM, GREEN GEOPOLITICS, and the NATIONAL SECURITY. Maybe some of the topics here were not discussed and reported but I myself head on for well-researched information. I repeat here, that my Theoretical Perspective where the Eastern side of the world versus the Western side of the world or what I call DUAL-WORLD. Why do I call it DUAL-WORLD? As I had said already in the introduction, it is called DUAL-WORLD because the EASTERN COUNTRIES and WESTERN COUNTRIES will immerge. Eastern countries like countries in Asia, Middle-East and Africa and some parts of Australia and Europe will combine for a greater force called EASTERN COUNTRY a new generation union. Because of that liberation frontier Western countries will also form their union to counter the movement and power of the uprising EASTERN countries. How it will come to this? What is my basis? Where is my fact? How can I prove it? In the latter part of the discussion you will know the reasons on how it will happen just like this. Anyhow, how can I strongly and firmly say that the EASTERN countries were uprising? It is simple, can you feel the China right now? Can you feel and see Chinese people everywhere? Youre right they are everywhere, China or the Sleeping Dragon will soon became the Awaken Dragon and be the Roaring Dragon. How can I say it? China is uprising right now, as you can see and heard they are becoming the threat in the WESTERN especially in the USA, as we all know that China and USA had their great conflict during past years. Chinas economic growth is boosting so fast that no one can imagine right now, China is a candidate for being the new superpower country in the world. Up next is the technological intelligence of the Japan/ Japanese, we all know that Japan is a great alliance of USA, but what can we say if the direction of the wind changes. Remember, China is just a station away to Japan, secrecy there maybe occurred, new alliances there may be established including that they are both Asian countries. How about the come-back of the Russia today? Little by little is that they

are doing great in their economic state, technology and military. We all know that Russian will be a threat to the WESTERN someday. And last but not the least is the Korea, both south and north. According to the article that I had read many people are believing stupidly that north and south Korea is in war, common guys, the fact is that they were separated years and years ago because of some conflict, but now they were only separated because of the difference of them in government. Can you feel it already? Youre right these countries who are rising where socialist countries and if they conquer the whole EASTERN part countries by using IMPERIALISM, do you think other countries can do against it? ofcourse nothing, countries will just embrace it and accept it knowing that poor countries uniting with will have a chance for a new beginning. Let us go WEST, WESTERN countries like USA were continuing in accelerating, economically, technologically and militarily. But do you now that some countries in America and Europe were London Bridge is falling down, falling down, FALLING DOWN and it will be a great chance by the EASTERN to use it and dominate the WEST. But we know that WEST where tough to accept the challenge. In the latter part you will see for yourself and know who will dominate and who will be the superpower country. Let us first talk about the MARXISM on how it will affect the geopolitics and on how it will result in to my theoretical perspective. MARXISM the idea of class-struggle and the different use of object in Marxism is my proof and basis for me to say that my perspective is a good result. The class-struggle, class-struggle is the problem of the so called slaves unto their lords or masters, class-struggle is just an idea pertaining to the optimal power of the rich or lords in sustaining their power and using the slaves for it, at the same time slaves will remain as slaves. In our new generation of class-struggle rich people were using the poor ones for their own development. Looking on basically in China, China uses its own people productively and effectively for their growth. China uses the numbers of the people as advantage not a disadvantage. Contradict to USA that they are afraid in increasing their population. Large population of the Chinese is not a n obstacle for them, instead large number of Chinese were used effectively, on how? first in developing their countries, developing their economic growth, developing

OTHER countries, manipulating their economy and lastly manipulating OTHER countries economy. As we all know most of the Chinese were richer than any other nation and most of the Chinese peoples job where accounting and affecting the economy like being a businessman and etc. That is how class-struggle where used today. Next is the so called different use of object, on how? Look many in the Asia were a good alliance of the America but China never look on it as a threat, instead they were building new treaties and alliance on that country and that act is way to different on America. Remember how the bush doctrine goes? Threats to America were pre-emptively attacked and will continue to attack, especially those who are weaker than them, unlikely to China. Next is the LIBERALISM mind, I will explain it shortly as my introduction explain it clearly. Liberalists idea where scattered through the EASTERN part countries and the Liberalist where believing in individual, the individual rights and freedom. And that liberalist where known to be the terrorist. And where most of the terrorist stay and lie? Here in the most part of the Asia. And the WESTERN as the father of anti-terrorism specially will give a hot-eye in Asia for those terrorist. FEMINISM is an idea of equality for woman this idea where boosted in WESTERN especially in UK. Women in the EASTERN where given a minimal attention, especially in politics/geopolitics. But if this idea is to be spread and followed here in EASTERN it will give a big boost to EASTERN power, as the quote says things man cant do is can be done by woman. Women in EAST were neglected because of the culture. How about GREEN POLITICS, for me without any intention in offending readers is that, GREEN POLITICS is just a damn! why? Simple, because many in our time where REALIST. They will just follow on what is right and on what give them benefits. This idea is just about environment, this might affect but not that big. I repeat it is only in my opinion and according to my researches. NATIONAL SECURITY, this one is a great factor in developing the future theoretical perspective. USA and CHINA is really the best examples. What is the NATIONAL

SECURITY for USA, according to some article, USAs NATIONAL SECURITY where more on pre-emptive attacks specially those threats, but they never knew that pre-emptive attack will just cause their NATIONAL SECURITY in bed of thorns as some countries will give them a hot-shot on what are they doing. Chinas NATIONAL SECURITY is called defense, they never attack those who are called threats especially the weaker ones why? Because they were smart by doing it, Chinas NATIONAL SECURUTY is locked-on in their country as a defense not for attacks. Instead Chinas attack is not militarily but by doing some treaties and alliances. That is the difference of those who are thinking they are the MOST POWERFUL and those who are HUMBLE, or so called watermelon GREEN OUTSIDE; RED INSIDE. POST-MODERNIZATION is the toughest discussion, I will make it short because this idea is so risky to be discussed. This idea is just pertaining to the modernization development of the world in any aspects, and we know that EASTERN where most efficient in modernization development. No need to discuss, because it is related to my previous assumptions. How do I come in this perspective? Including that some of my classmates or most of them where on the CYBER-style or OUTERSPACE? Cyber? Because of the emerging social networking? Emerging of those who are braver to chat than to talk? Or the emergence of those who has the pakialam pagdating sa internet, pero sa personal wala naman. Social networking indeed give us some courage to chat to be involved and to say because we know that there will be NO or LESSER consequence. But do you think the ideas of the politicians all over the world will just scatter through the internet? That their allegiances, alliances and secrecy will be bold in the eyes of the people through internet? Dont be stupid somewhere else. These secrecy, allegiance and alliances will be treated personally, people to people not internet through internet if you were updated in the social networking problems you will know that it will not be that effective that CYBER will be a theoretical perspective. Is it because of the revolts cause by the twitter? And facebook? The origin of that revolt meted them-selves personally to talk about it they scatter information through-out the use of internet. But I

repeat it is not that just ONE CHAT to start a revolt, nothing happens like that. People responsible for that revolt were having their meetings during the latter time, internet is just for scattering information, and the revolt happens because of one-self idea not the because of the internet. Also if you were aware you will noticed that they blocked the Wikipedia for a short time to lock the information, so internet is not that powerful as one state can lock it easily. How about their ideas in OUTERSPACE? They just think of it because if the stupid launching of the missiles in the outer space, because of the missile launched there is automatically a theoretical perspective without basing to other researches and ideas. How stupid! Discussion is ending here, and I hope that my discussion is that good to prove and defend my theoretical perspective.


I therefore conclude that my theoretical perspective of DUAL-WORLD is a more part of the so called THE RISE OF THE EAST based on the problems that I had discussed already in the Introduction I do believe that the EASTERN will be the one who is dominating the world sooner. My synthesized observation in my discussion part is that the EASTERN is really ahead according to my points, in my researches and according to some article that I had read, problems that I stated is the conflict of EAST to WEST and here in the conclusion part we will answer it. As we read and analyze my introduction and discussion we can say that the conflict is ended by the DOMINATION of EAST. On how? Economical State of the East were to high compared to the West, Military power of the East is also uprising based on the skills, kinds and numbers of military force of the EAST (India+China), and the technological asset of the East is at the good stake as they will soon have the Japan as a great alliance. And I FINALLY CONCLUDE that my theoretical perspective is appropriate on how I state its reason, cause and points. On how I defend it well, I hope that the key-points in the discussion part of this term paper are enough to justify my perspective. I also believe that this will be more appropriate that CYBER and OUTERSPACE theoretical perspective. And here I end my term paper as I say that the EAST will soon hold the world in its palm, I hope that I helped you out in answering the problem in my term paper.