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Ericom Extends its Leadership in HTML5 Browser Based RDP Zero Client Technology Releases Version 2.

0 of AccessNow Ericom AccessNow delivers unprecedented flexibility in accessing hosted Windows a pplications and desktops from the widest variety of end-point devices. Closter, NJ, March 28, 2012 -- Ericom Software, a leading global provider of App lication Access and Virtualization solutions today announced the general availab ility of the new version of its HTML5-based RDP client Ericom AccessNow version 2.0. Ericom AccessNow provides browser-based access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS, virtual desktops on Microsoft Hyper -V, VMware ESX and other hypervisors, and VDI platforms including VMware View, Q uest vWorkspace and Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect. AccessNow runs entirely within a browser and works natively with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and any other browser with HTML5 support. As a true zero RDP client, Ericom AccessNow requires no software installation or any under lying technology on the end-point device, such as Java, Flash, Silverlight, etc. This simplifies and lowers the IT department maintenance and support workload a nd makes Ericom AccessNow an ideal solution for over-extended IT admins and help desk staff which are expected to support an ever-increasing variety of user devi ces. Devices supported include Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, and any device that supports an HTML5 web browser (e.g., iPad / iPhone, Android, Google Chromebook, RIM Blackberry and Playbook, etc.). Ericom AccessNow also enables Cloud hosting companies and DaaS providers to deliver virtual desktops as a service to any end -user device at any location, supporting the growing BYOD trend. In addition, it enables ISVs to quickly SaaS-enable their Windows Client / Server applications, in support of customers that are migrating to a Cloud infrastructure. Ericom Ac cessNow version 2.0 includes major enhancements and dozens of new features, for example: 1.Printing print from the remote host to the end-point device. 2.File Transfer upload and download files between the remote host and the local, end-user device. 3.HTTPS communication AccessNow automatically switches to HTTPS communication if WebSockets are unavailable or cannot be used: a.Enables support for most SSL VPNs, such as Juniper and Cisco b.Supports browsers that dont implement WebSockets, such as Android native browse r and Microsoft IE9 (previously IE9 required installation of Google Chrome Frame ) 4.Extended usability with finger gestures for touch devices making it easy to pa ge through presentations, quickly scroll through documents, and more 5.Support for multiple keyboard locales 6.URL redirection clicking a web link in the remote session optionally opens it in a tab in the local browser 7.Auto Full-Screen - automatically enter and leave full-screen mode 8.Performance - improved display and audio performance Ericom partners comment on this new release: "Agosto is one of the nations oldest, most progressive and fastest-growing Cloud and Google Apps consulting firms. As we move more companies to the Cloud, and ou r clients become increasingly device-agnostic, we believe that Ericoms products, particularly Ericom AccessNow will be a key part of our strategy," Irfan Khan, C TO of Agosto, Inc. commented, We re witnessing a tectonic computing paradigm shif t, as more and more organizations transition to Google apps and other Cloud serv ices, while still having to retain use of their Windows-based applications. Eric om AccessNow helps bridge the gap and enables our clients to get the best of bot h worlds" As the leading provider of cloud-based solutions and services to govern ment and corporate customers, and a Google Apps Premier Reseller, were committed to supporting our customers needs to access both the new generation of Web Apps,

as well as their existing, Windows-based productivity applications, said Tony Bia nco, President of Onix Networking s Cloud Computing Group. Ericom AccessNow is an ideal solution as it enables our customers to take advantage of both infrastruc tures while protecting their existing IT investments. Additionally, the solution offers our customers the benefit of new and flexible ways to carry out their ta sks while lowering the support and IT workload. This new release of our zero-client, browser-based RDP client represents a major leap forward in extending and underscoring our technological leadership in this market said Eran Heyman, Ericom Founder and CEO. AccessNow version 2.0 demonstrate s Ericoms vision of high performance, any-device, anywhere access to hosted Windo ws desktops and applications, and enables and accelerates the adoption of BYOD a nd other advanced working modalities and trends. Heyman concluded, Last but not le ast, AccessNow empowers DaaS providers to deliver Cloud-based virtual desktops a nywhere and on any device, and enables ISVs to easily SaaS-enable their Windows applications for the Cloud. About Ericom Ericom Software is a leading global pro vider of Application Access, Virtualization and RDP Acceleration Solutions. Sinc e 1993, Ericom has been helping users access enterprise business-critical applic ations running on a broad range of Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual D esktops, Cloud Services, legacy hosts and other systems. With offices in the US, UK, EMEA, , Ericom also has an extensive worldwide network of distributors and partners. Our expanding customer base is more than 30 thousand strong, with over 7 million installations. For more information about Ericom and its products, pl ease visit: http://www.ericom.com Ericom US Contact Ilan Paretsky. ilan.paretsky@ericom.com 201-767-2210 x9718 Ericom UK Contact Ian Platt ian.plat t@ericom.com +44 845 644 3597 Copyright 2012 Ericom Software. All rights reserved. Ericom is a registered tradem ark and AccessNow is a trademark of Ericom Software. All other brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. Contact: Iris Heyman Ericom Software Inc 231 Herbert ave Closter, NJ 07624, USA 201 767 2210 iris.heyman@ericom.com http://www.ericom.com/