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Type Email Passwords Admin admin admin Doctor doctor@example.com doctor Nurse nurse@example.com nurse Administration administration@example.

com administration Laboratorist laboratorist@example.com laboratori?t Patient patient@example.com patient

Attention, Instruction for download. X Download Instructions: Please complete the 2Chec out payment process to start download. If any problem occurs during payment transaction. Please contact us with your tr ansaction details. We will must response you within 24 hours. I agree to Terms and Conditions.

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Software Help User Demo | Modules Demo Type Email Passwords Admin admin admin Doctor doctor@example.com doctor

Nurse nurse@example.com nurse Administration administration@example.com administration Laboratorist laboratorist@example.com laboratori?t Patient patient@example.com patient

Pre Hospital Management System System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics. System provides the benefits of streamlining of operat ions, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. The program can loo after Inpatients, OPD patients, records, database treatments, status illness, and billings. A systematic approach to the way documents are managed, can transform your Hospital resources to its highest utility and advantage. System has Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Administration, Pharmacist, Laboratorist and Patient m odules. Payroll and attendance record of employees can be maintained. Messages can be sending within this application. Patient can send online reques t for appointment. Medicines updated inventory record can be maintained. Blood donor s record can be maintained and they can be called as needed. Template c an be changed on one clic . Payments can be sending online via Paypal and 2Chec out. Features: Advanced Hospital Management System is a complete pac age one needs for a hospit al to deal with all the day to day operations ta ing place Hospital Management System has seven modules. Eac h employee has his own account on Hospital Management System Admin Add employees Insert Paypal and 2chec out account for receive online payments View, edit and delete employees records Can chec daily, wee ly and monthly views of doctors appointments Can chec login timing on all doctors on this application Detail of patients of each doctor

Record of a patient Documents of a patient Report of a patient Can chec and edit billing information of a patient Can view the medication of a patient that is given to him

Can chec out patients chec ed by each doctor and can also chec of that patient


Payroll information of an employee and can edit it Attendance of an employee Send messages to a doctor or to a module View online doctor on this application Search of an employee Search of an patient Search of documents Can set email text which is sent to employee on his/her registration, de letion etc

Change username and password View help Doctor Insert Patients View and edit patients record View, add, edit and delete patient disease information View patient personal record Add appointment Add documents View patient report Billing history Refer this patient View, add, edit and delete medication to a patient Can view medication sheet

Can set online appointment request enable or disable Can send request for a outpatient to a nurse and pharmacist and can chec status of that request

Chec appointment requests that is send online and can accept or deny ap pointment request Send Messages Can re-activate any patient record

Can set timing for chec


Can select and change template with a single clic

Search patients ? Search patients Search documents Manage email text Can chec his/her schedule on daily, wee ly and monthly basis Chang password View help Nurse Can insert medication Chec patient medication Send messages Chec requests for patients and update status Can leave messages which will be shown in popup window when any nurse wi ll login View help Change password Administration Insert bed Allot bed to a patient Entry when patient will leave bed Transfer patient from one bed to another Can chec patients which has allotted bed Bed allotment history of any patient Charge bill to a patient Receive payment from a patient Chec billing history of a patient Send message Register blood donors View, edit delete blood donors Record when blood received

View reserve blood Entry of issue blood Chec already issued blood Search blood Search blood donors Register new patients View, edit and delete outpatient record Can close a patient record Can insert payroll View payroll Send request to admin if there is a need of editing in payroll Can chec online doctors on this application Can chec doctors schedule Insert attendance with coming time and out going time and brea s View and update attendance Add, edit and delete new pages for users Manage help with heading and subheadings Manage emails text View help Change password Pharmacist Add medicines Add vendor Add inventory View, edit and delete medicines View ,edit and delete inventories Can record returns from any inventory View, edit and delete returns View, edit and delete vendors View, add, edit and delete medicines groups

Send messages Search medicines Search inventories Search returns Sell medicines ?iew sales Can chec request for out patients and can update status View help Change password Laboratorist Add document against a patient Send message Chec received messages View help Change password Patient View documents View medication Billing history View report Future appointment Can send online payment View help Change password

Requirements - PHP - MySQL - Ajax - Any Platform

Purchase 500 copies at the rate of $500 to ta e the product ownership.

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About | Privacy | Terms | Help | Report Violation | Contact Us 2004 Preprojects.com All rights reserved. have a complete Hospital Management System Ready made for sale. It contains full specifications to cater the needs of any hospital including patients management ,indoor and outdoor patients,patients reports,doctor salary and etc. I will also give full source coding of the project to buyer so that this project is open so urced for its buyer. I will give this project to highest bidder. I will accept payments through freelancer or moneyboo ers or alertpay whichever way is possible for the buyer.