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(Proof No. 12)

By Professor Luis Alberto Pita Santos. COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS HOUSTON DIVISION Courthouses 10017 10017 U. S. 515 Rusk Avenue Houston, TX. 77002 Telephone No: (713) 250-5517 E-mail: <DCECF_LiveDB@txs.uscourts.gov>, <DC_Notices@txs.uscourts.gov>, <txs_webmaster@txs.uscourts.gov>, <district_ecf_helpdesk@txs.uscourts.gov>, <ecf_helpdesk@txs.uscourts.gov>, <pacer@psc.uscourts.gov>, <cm4141@txs.uscourts.gov>, <cmA487@txs.uscourts.gov>, <cmA580d@txs.uscourts.gov>, <cmA679@txs.uscourts.gov>, <Marianne_Serpa@txs.uscourts.gov>, <Sondra_Scotch@txs.uscourts.gov>, <Janice_Ellington@txs.uscourts.gov>, <Brian_Owsley@txs.uscourts.gov>, <nsimonson@canalessimonson.com>, <Jason_Libby @ FD.org>, <rwrogersiii@aol.com>, <rbarrosolaw@interconnect.net>, <Houston_operation@txs.uscourts.gov>, <myra_baird@txs.uscourts.gov>, <David_Bradley@txs.uscourts.gov >, LNH@txs.uscourts.gov, Kathy_L_Grant@txs.uscourts.gov, Lawrence McKinley Ludka <larry.ludka@usdoj.gov>, <AskDOJ@USDOJ.GOV>, U.S. Supreme Court <ptadmit@supremjecourt.gov> CIVIL CASE No. 4:11-cv-04611 JUDGE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT: VANESSA D. GILMORE PLAINTIFF: Luis Alberto Pita Santos (LAPS) 5455 Timber Creek Place Dr Apt 101 Houston, TX 77084-5319 Mobile Phone No: (281) 704-3105 Email: mvlaps@gmail.com VS. DEFENDANTS: Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited, LP, et al (Oros 25 respondents)

AFFAIRS: I. HEARING OF THE PAST 23 MARCH 2012. II. OFFICER DEFENDANTS SUMMONS. I. HEARING OF THE PAST 23 MARCH 2012. On March 23 (1:30 PM to approx. 3. PM), was held the first hearing of this case Civil No. 4:11-cv-04611, in the Federal Court referred, 9th Floor, Room 9 A, called (from the December 20, 2011) and chaired by MS. JUDGE VANESSA D. GILMORE. I noticed that attended (in addition to the judge, two secretaries, two constables and me) more than fifty people. Most of them, I supposed, were lawyers of my numerous defendants, testified that the judge (in groups of four, three and two). Another five or six, I supposed, were inspectors, one or more judicial institutions, it remained expectant, while I was in the room. After Ms. Justice called me to testify (I assumed the latter). Our communication was difficult because of my poor English and Spanish. I commented that in addition to my lidiomtica deficiency, was deaf (completely in the right ear and 25% from the left). He asked me who had no lawyer and I said I could not afford such service. I could not argumentarle (which I have written many times, since the courts and published) my application and any proposal to hire a contract contingency, no answer. Then Ms. Judge asked me (I assumed) that I complained and / or demanded? I replied that many violations of my rights, human, civil and labor, which were summarized in the said Exhibit No. 1 of this case: entitled "Updated 29 Complaints and / or Criminal Complaints Against Sovereign, oligarchs and U.S. Mercenaries Rabulas " (36 pages), I showed him a copy. I also asked (I guess). Why I had not cited as defendants, according to the rule of the Court? I replied that I was unaware of that procedure. At that time he could not explain that on two occasions (one for Internet and the other in a document delivered to the office of the Tribunal) will notify the court the following question: Should I meet some of the legal proceedings before the scheduled hearing for the March 23, 2012 at 1:30 PM? But I had no answer ever. Besides the Internet told them all my defendants their complaints and demands, shown in the aforementioned document, "Updated 29 Complaints and / or Criminal Complaints Against Sovereign, oligarchs and U.S. Mercenaries Rabulas". Ms. Judge also referred them to all of them, I suppose, the call for the hearing, why all lawyers knew and participated in the hearing. II. OFFICIAL CITATION 26 CIVIL DEFENDANTS IN THIS CASE.

Ms. Judge in that audience gave me a month to officially cite each of my 26 defendants and refer a copy of their complaints and demands (displayed above document, "Updated 29 Complaints and / or Claims Against Criminals Sovereign, oligarchs and U.S. Mercenaries Rabulas"). But I fulfilled this requirement quickly today to deliver the set of two documents in the Secretary of the Federal Court that it manages its cash sent to each defendant. CONCLUSIONS. 1. Expected of this hearing a final decision to approve at last my rightful claims for six years. But once again postponed the event. 2. Despite the further delay of a resolution casting of my 26 demands, I have a feeling the appropriate authorities (for the first time in six years of complaints) have started to give me a respectful and respected. Atte.

Signed by Luis Alberto Pita Santos. In Houston, March 27, 2012.

University Professor of History and Political Economy, Scientific MYTRUTHS heuristic and entrepreneur, History of the ADEPOs President (Association for the Defence of Political Rights and People's Democratic Alliance) Kidnapped and tortured in Cuba and the USA for my activism rights reforms and freedoms underwritten by the UN. Cuban exile, a Spanish citizen and permanent resident in the United States. My email: mvlaps@gmail.com, misverdades4@yahoo.com, misverdades5@att.net, My site on the Internet https://sites.google.com/site/misverdades5/ My photo albums and documents https://profiles.google.com/114712837140416663517/about Referred to over 3000 emails: more than 700 U.S. public, international and global, and over 2300 with hidden addresses. In addition, published on Scribd, Facebook and Twitter

The truths of all reality are exclusive to science, useful reasoning to infer their Causes and effects and create newer and better facts, the concepts are explained. But metaphors (vulgar or literary) mystify the truth and the concept with fetishism and psychiatrists. Other times violate with the esoterisms and phariseeisms.

One of the world is good without dogmatism fetishists, without believing in ghosts divine and/or evil, without faithful saints and temples. It is best also for their efficient intellect, to know the cause inferred from its effects and created to modernize and improve human goods.

It is a right of free fetish dogmatic thinking, metempsicsico and mystical. But such harm to the public to instill and enforce them by the conservative authorities is a major cause criminal of such discriminatory, abusive and corrupt.

Micro-Communism, a family or a sect, it is feasible. Suppose communism to the world or a nation, is utopia. Resulting the attempt to impose a regime other major criminal case discriminatory, abusive and corrupt.

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