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Guideline on the Provision of Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles (EV) in Car Parks of Government Buildings


Number of EV Car Parking Space 1.1 The project officer shall liaise with the end-user to agree on the numbers of EV car park with standard charging (also known as normal charging or slow charging) facilities. According to Chapter 8 Internal Transport Facilities of the Hong Kong Planning Standard Guideline (HKPSG) issued in May 2011, the nominal provision of EV standard charging facilities is minimum 30% of car parking space for private cars in indoor car parks of new private developments. The project officer may make reference to the nominal provision of EV car parks with standard charging facilities as stipulated in this chapter of HKPSG.


Technical Requirements of Standard Charging Facilities 2.1 For standard charging facilities, 13A socket outlet should be provided at EV car park. 2.2 Indicating light should be provided at the charging station to indicate the power supply to the socket is healthy. 2.3 To isolate the socket from charging the EV, an on/off switch or other means of local isolation should be provided to switch on after plugging and switch off before unplugging of the charging cable cord. 2.4 To protect the socket from ingress of dust and water, the 13A socket outlet should have a degree of protection of at least IP 55. 2.5 The 13A socket outlet should preferably be installed at 1200mm above finished floor level or at mid level to suit the site condition. For disable car park with EV charging facilities, the height of socket should be 900 1100mm above finished floor level. The socket should also be positioned as close to the car park as possible to suit the site condition. 2.6 Each final circuit for EV charging should be individually protected by residual current-operated circuit breaker with integral over-current protection (RCBO) with residual operating current not exceeding 30mA. 2.7 The rating of RCBO should be 20A and the final circuit should be in radial circuit.
Building Services Branch, ArchSD Guidelines on the Provision of Charging Facilities for EV Issue Date: 8 August 2011 Page 1 of 2 Filecode: Appendix to cir1111.doc PWL/YSM


2.8 To cater for the flexibility of future upgrading of higher charging current without the need to rewiring, the cable size of final circuit shall be minimum 4mm2 or larger to suit the voltage drop requirement. 2.9 The power supply to the distribution board should be designed for simultaneous charging of the total number of EV car park. The maximum charging current may be designed at 16A to allow for future higher charging current of EV. 2.10 Digital Energy (kWh) Meter should be provided to record the electricity consumption required for charging the EV. If Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is provided, the data received from digital kWh meter may be connected to BEMS. 2.11 A guidance drawing illustrating the power supply arrangement for charging the government EV at the indoor carpark is attached for reference. 3. Other Requirements 3.1 Means of locking should be provided for the access to each 13A socket outlet to prevent unauthorized use by the non-government EV. Suggested method like housing the socket outlet in a padlock box or energization of the socket outlet by using car park access card may be pursued for this purpose to meet the projects requirement. 3.2 A label/signage should be provided to identify the car parking space for EV. (Signage/Label is to be specified/provided by the Project Architect) 4. Other EV Charging Facilities 4.1 Some EV models may require higher charging current, the use of 16A or 32A industrial type sockets (single phase or three phase) complying with IEC 60309 is acceptable provided that the project officer should agree with the end user for this provision. 4.2 Quick Charging This requires higher electrical power for DC quick charging. The project officer should agree with the end-user for the provision of power supply for quick charging facilities of EV as the quick charging station is depending on the advice from the EV and quick charger manufacturers.

Building Services Branch, ArchSD Guidelines on the Provision of Charging Facilities for EV Issue Date: 8 August 2011

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Filecode: Appendix to cir1111.doc PWL/YSM