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GOOD FACTS BY THE PROSECUTION: SURROUNDING CIRCUMSTANCES Weeks before: - Jon Venables draw an artwork of a murder and it was a fantasy of his. They were deliberately looking for a child to kill - supported by a mother who her child was first abducted but failed by the accused. They were also seen stealing various items including sweets, a troll doll, some batteries and a can of blue paint, some of which were later found at the murder scene CCTV- It was seen that James was being led away by the hand. The boys took Bulger into a pet shop and were chased from the shop. The boys were seen by 38 people

THE METHODS OF KILLING They stopped occasionally to kick and punch him which leaves visible scars on the face and the forensics found that it matches the murderer shoe soles. One of the boys threw blue Humbrol modelling paint, which they had shoplifted earlier, into Bulger's left eye Batteries were placed in Bulger's mouth and some others may have been inserted into his anus They left James body on the tracks in hope it will be destroyed by the train and the act of killing was pre-planned so that James murder looks like it was an accident.


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EVIDENCES Both killers lied to a number of people where they are going with the victim, when asked by the passerby. Forensic tests confirmed by Andy Mulley (Forensic Officer from the Police Department) that both boys had the same blue paint on their clothing as found on Bulger's body. Both had blood on their shoes; the blood on Thompson's shoe was matched to Bulger's through DNA tests done by Graham Jackson (DNA Expert). A pattern of bruising on Bulger's right cheek matched the features of the upper part of a shoe worn by Thompson; a paint mark in the toecap of one of Venables' shoes indicated he must have used "some force" when he kicked Bulger this was proven by Philip Rydeard (Forensic Pathologist).

ACCUSED PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR The boys are troubled child which skips school on that day. Robert was the tough one, a purebred troublemaker. Robert acted the part and looked the part with his closely shaved head and pudgy, bully-like build Both kids know the difference and the consequences of good and bad act. This was supported by Dr Eileen Vizard a psychiatrist who interviewed Jon Venables, and Dr Susan Bailey also a psychiatrist who interviewed Rob Thompson. Dr. Susan Bailey, the Home Office forensic psychiatrist who interviewed Venables, said unequivocally that he knew the difference between right and wrong. Jon Venables did confess to his solicitors that he did kill James Bulger. This was point out when the solicitors offered his remorse to mitigate the punishment.


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