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War of The Roses

Monday, April 2nd at 8PM

Where: Greek Community Courtyard What: -The men of Pi Kappa Phi will kick off their War of the Roses with a Miss PUSH America Runway pageant! The pageant will consist of 3 sections- a questionnaire, evening wear, and swimsuit. During the event food and drinks will be sold in order to raise money for people with disabilities. -Raffle for a drawing at the end of the week will begin here, raffles can be purchased any-time and all day outside the Pi Kapp house for 1 dollar. The winner gets 60% of the pot. -the tickets for the cookout/band festival will go on sale on Monday as well. They are $10 and will include the amenities discussed under Fridays event. Why: To raise money and awareness for people living with disabilities.

Tuesday, April 3rd from 12PM to 3PM

Where: In the Greek Community outside the Pi Kappa Phi house. What: Pi A Pi Kapp. This event will consist of the privilege of smashing a plate full of shaving cream into a Pi Kapps Face. One pie will cost a dollar! Why: To raise money and awareness for people living with disabilities.

Wednesday, April 4th from 10 to 2PM

Where: Library Plaza Main Stage What: Pi Kappa Phi will be hosting a bikathon. This consists of us getting on stage and riding a stationary bike to resemble our annual Journey of Hope. The Journey of Hope is a 4,000 mile bike ride from San Francisco California to Washington DC that over a hun-

dred Pi Kapps participate in every year. During this Bikathon we will simply be collecting donations from people willing to donate to the charity. Why: To raise money and awareness for people living with disabilities.

Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM

Where: Gordon Biersch What: Pi Kappa Phi will have our annual empathy dinner. This dinner is devoted to people with disabilities by actually temoporarily living with them. Each girl attending the dinner will draw from a bucket of disabilities. They will then have to eat their dinner with that disability. This event is very enlightening, yet extremely fun. Why: To raise money and awareness for people living with disabilities.

Thursday April 5th at 6:30 PM

Where: GCB 400 What:
The men of Pi Kappa Phi will be hosting a pledge/brother auction. The winning of a member during the auction will give you the property rights of a person for a total of 3 hours to do whatever you please. Bring your money with you to pay after winning the auction.

Friday April 6th from 4-8PM

Where: Hill Street (Justin Liberatore and Brandon Harris) House. The address is 939 Hill Street. What: This event will conclude our War of The Roses Week. It will be a laid back style band event with grilled food and cold drinks. At the event there will be lots of recreational activity such as corn-hole and much more. There will be 3 bands playing including Party Booby Trap, Concord America, and True Blue City. Tickets will be on sale all week for $10. The winning Sorority will be granted a trophy on this date for all of there philanthropic devotion towards PUSH America.

Lastly the winner of the raffle will be announced at 7PM during this event. Be sure not to miss this one!