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BFP3001 Professional Development 3 Project Brief Project Title: To setup up a new production line for Oxo-biodegradable additive.

Project Background T- Brand Polymer (M) Sdn. Bhd is a Malaysian resin manufacturing and distribution company which was set up in the year 2010. Recent years, Malaysia government is campaigning to impose an environmentally friendly policy, such as the No Plastic Bag Day is being imposed. As results shows that the excess amount of conventional plastic bags in the environment are harmfully linked to environmental damage due to the fact that it takes for plastic bags hundreds of years to degrade, the government is taking measurable steps to come out with a solution. Although the current environmental protection policy is to be complimented however, it is a major obstacle which the plastic industry faces due to decreasing sales as a result. T- Brand Polymer is one whose sales have also been directly affected. To sustain, a number of plastic manufacturers have introduced the environmentally friendly oxo-Biodegradable plastic bags, which is an alternative for conventional plastic bags. So our Beyond consulting team has proposed to set up a new production line for oxobiodegradable additives to fulfil the trend of adopting oxo-biodegradable plastic bags in the market. Project Purpose Malaysia government has taken numerous efforts to conserve the environment, among others by developing green technology (Nooralisa & Siti 2011). Oxo-biodegradable plastic bag will be one of the green technology products to replace normal plastic bag in the future (Adriana 2011). Oxobiodegradable plastic bags are in general more environmentally acceptable (Scott 1999). Oxobiodegradable plastic bag will be an important part of the future of creating a greener world. So the demand of oxo-biodegradable additive which is one of the raw materials of oxo-biodegradable plastic bags will in the future. Manufacturing strategy is about creating operating capabilities a company needs for the future (Hayes & Pisano, 1994). The project will purpose to T-Brand Polymer Sdn. Bhd to setup a new product line to produce in its existing factory. It also can fully utilize the space of existing factory. Through to setup the produce line, T-Brand Sdn Bhd can provide oxo-biodegradable additives to supply the production of oxo-biodegradable plastic bag. Industry Overview Oxo-biodegradable technology was found on the year 1887 by Frank Roberts & Sons. Now it is slowly growing until over 50 countries are using it. Plastic products manufacturers totalled up to 1,500 in the country in 2010 (Market Watch, 2011) There are four sub-sectors in the plastic industry which is packaging, automotive components, environment and ecology, and consumer/industrial. In the plastic industry, the main processes of production are blow moulding, film extrusion, foam moulding, injection, and pipes and profiles extrusion, and others. Plastic Sales turnover was RM15.6 billion in 2010, which increased 7% from RM14.6 billion in 2009 (Market Watch 2011) the growth in downstream plastic processing activities is also due to the developed petrochemical sector in Malaysia. It is a source of steady supply of materials for the plastic industry with worldscale resin production facilities. More than 60% of the resins used for manufacturing plastics are produced in Malaysia. (Market watch 2010). SMART Objectives 1. To achieve a quantities of 10 tons Oxo-biodegradable additive every month by 1st of July 2012 2. To purchase and install the reactor, centrifil, revolving granulator and high effectified fluidized bed dryer machines by 1st July 2012. 3. To recruit and train 1 team leader and 3 workers to operate the machineries by 2nd of July 2012. 4. To achieve RM800, 000 of revenue every month starting from 1st August 2012.

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