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Degrees Of Zodiac Symbolised Part-1 Deg.

1 Strenght & Passion 2 Display 3 Luxury 4 Ruggedness 6 Supiriority 7 Caution 8 Rash & Impetuous 9 Pride 10 Victory 11 Beauty & Gentlness 12 Conservatism 13 Reward 14 Isolation 15 Treachery 16 Passive Beauty 17 Earthiness 18 Amity 19 Acquisitiveness 20 Inquisitiveness 21 Conscious Merit 22 Instability 23 Weakness 24 Foolishness 25 Dominion 26 Attainment 27 Decadence 28 Favour 29 Labour 30 Isolation


Security Prowess Dignity Chance Judgement Peace Strife Dominion Healing Excess Spoliation Voracity & Self-Seeking Plunder Confusion Unfruitfulness Impotence Execution Perilous Disproportion Indifference Abandonment Friendship Cultivation Contest Melancholy Fruitfulness Doubt&Change Deception

Sympathy Indolence Spoliation Sensuality Betrayal Semblances

Dignity Weakness Wandering Subtlety Prowess

Feasting Poverty Research Efficiency Pleasure Modesty Contemplation Stagnation Seductive Fortune Entanglement Harmony Service Devotion Association Prudence Guardianship Robustness Fighting Covetousness Sensuousness Roving Loneliness Aggression Concord Bluntness Fruitfulness Ecclesiasticism Obscuration

Self-Preservation Self-Undoing Disintegration Mind-Wealth Bodily-Wealth Lassitude Ministration Grossness Self-Service Reciprocity Selfishness Liberality Mystery Relaxation Futility Strife Incompetence Envy Anticipation Utility Collapse Decline Pride Concord Success Vagary Despotism Luxury

Gathering Togather Harmony

Circumspection Produce

5 Uncertanity, Peril &Final Succes Heart-Wealth

Self-Assertion Superiority Self-Abandon Ardour Contentment Fruitfulness Obstruction Undoing Knowledge Success Usurpation Conquest Pioneering Satiety Execution Service Instability Elevation Mastery Self-Reliance Uncertainty Docility Harmony Restraint Freedom Display Peril Advantage Constancy Aimlessness Superiority Impulse Journeying Shining Foolishness Distinction Penetration Injury Intelligence Simplicity Instablity Steadfastness Destroying Sustaining Union Indigence

Self-Indulgence Utility

Geniality or Fellow-Feeling Indolence

Degrees Of Zodiac Symbolised Part-2 Deg. LIBRA SCORPIO SAGG.

1 Wounding

Alteration Vacillation Illumination Initiation Hospitality Devotion Jealousy Loftness Impotence Occultism Authority Aspiration Criticism Mollience Instruction Strife Stolidity Imitation Renovation Determination Incontinence Sincerity Superficiality Complacence Rusticity Definition Contemplation Decline

Lassitude Extension Authority Egotism Apperception Vulnerability Escapement Gonversion Disjection Forcefulness Restraint Assertion Collapse Affulence Inspiration Apathy Isolation Insecurity Providence Weakness Violence Industry Bending Malice Blinding Possession Spoliatation Execution Authority

Union Indifference Defence Accord Dsalvage Illumination Incompetence Pilgrimage Testing Liberty Curtailment Guarding Labour Directness Watching Collapse Catastrophe Wounding Wandering Cleavage Prostrating Speculation Sensuality Victory Security Reversal Knowledge Isolation Egoity

Offence Magnitude Disillusion Sound Wantonness Continuity Fortune Orphanage Simulation Insecurity Self-Defence Stablity Comradeship Indolence Humaneness Abandoment Jealousy Avidity Illumination Independence Dissipation Utility Seizure Sacrifice Security Faculty Attraction

Privation Wounding Sympathy Prudence Repining Servitude Placidity Zeal Capacity Strategy Restraint Intellect Direction Vacuity Disorder Captivity Concord Mastery Strife Restriction Abscission Excess Imitation Impotence Patience Inefficacy Discovery

2 Searching 3 Binding 4 Privation 5 Impulse 6 Labour 7 Falling 8 Effacement 9 Fighting 10 Seclusion 11 Alternation 12 Foolishness 13 Solitariness 14 Imitation 15 Vacillation 16 Force 17 Folly 18 Hospitality 19 Rulership 20 Religion 21 Collapse 23 Research 24 Pride 25 Elevation 26 Victory 28 Servitude 29 Gloom 30 Indifference

Preserverance Convivality

Inconsequence Hazard

Sensuousness Craftiness

Abandonment Persuasion

22 Carelessness Compulsion

27 Benevolence Persuasion

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