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Publishing Guide

This book by Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. CinnamonTeal Publishing Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 16, Housing Board Colony, Margao GOA 403601 India http://www.cinnamonteal.in

Publishing Guide
for authors who wont settle for less

CinnamonTeal Publishing
Self-Publishing Guide
Self Publishing
While traditional publishing is often viewed as a model of publishing where the publisher exerts control over every aspect of the editing, designing and production of the book, selfpublishing is imagined as the exact opposite: a model that puts the author in control of everything. Self-publishing involves the author coordinating all the activities needed to create a book including the processes of editing, typesetting, cover designing, printing and book marketing. While self-publishing has been around for a long time now, it has only recently found its feet. The motivation to self-publish are numerous, no more is it seen to be the poor cousin of traditional publishing, rather a perfect alternative for aspiring authors who dont make the cut, yet wish to be involved with every aspect of the publishing process. Technology has also played its part by reducing the gap in costs between offset print runs and ondemand digital printing, providing the same quality as that of a commercial book. Nowadays many retailers are selling self-published books without even realizing it. This market promises great potential for authors and, in an extended form, for publishers alike.


The Guide
This guide will provide you with information on how to publish your book yourself, using some or all of our services. Authors must be driven enough to research all they can about self-publishing. Our own website, www.cinnamonteal.in provides every detail about the entire work process and information on all our services. It stresses the use of each service and its requirement in the context of your book. You will also know the costs involved with each service so that you have a realistic idea of the expenditure involved. On our part, we have tried to make the process as convenient as possible for the author.

About CinnamonTeal Publishing

CinnamonTeal Print and Publishing is the publishing division of Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd.. It owes its genesis to Dogears Etc., an online bookstore for used books. This bookstore gradually morphed into a platform where independent and small publishers could list their books for sale and thus avail of an effective sales channel. In response to request by authors who wished to self-publish and required a little assistance along the way, CinnamonTeal Publishing was born. While we are essentially a support mechanism for authors who wish to self-publish, we are still mindful of our authors interests. That means you can rest assured that we will work with you to explore avenues to cut costs without cutting corners and to ensure that your book reaches its intended audience. In a short period of time CinnamonTeal has published over 200 titles including books of almost
2 www.cinnamonteal.in

every genre. In recognition of its efforts, CinnamonTeal Publishing was awarded the prestigious British Councilsponsored Young Creative Publisher Award in 2010. The company prides itself on the simplicity and ease it offers to authors who wish to self-publish. We understand that, as an author, all that matters to you is your book. Hence we are aware that you need to focus on writing without worrying about the production, legal and marketing aspects of the publishing process. We also realize that you dont have the time to look around for each service hence we help you develop the book from scratch and provide you with all the services you need to complete your book and adequately market and sell it. While we provide the basic services of editing, design and printing, we also facilitate the commercial success of your book by helping you price the book appropriately and ensuring its availability through popular online stores like Flipkart, Indiaplaza and many others. We guarantee all our authors that their work is in professional hands and we ensure that the integrity of their work is maintained. Many authors do not wish to publish their books for sale but only for a small circle of family and friends or for their own aims. Regardless, we see to it that the book developed is as good as any other. We apply the same standards of quality to all our books. Before we proceed with the steps that you must take while self-publishing with CinnamonTeal, we wish to emphasize a couple of points: a. In the self-publishing model, unlike in traditional publishing, the author pays for the entire process. This implies that the author bears the financial risk involved with the book. Self-publishing must therefore be seen as an entrepreneurial venture - where the author has invested money and must go the whole distance in ensuring the
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commercial success of the book, especially when it is time to market the book. b. In most self-publishing models, including the one we practice, the author retains all the rights to the book. That means the book cannot be translated, or reprinted in whole or part, without the authors explicit permission. However, if CinnamonTeal issues the book an ISBN, CinnamonTeal is recorded as the publisher of the book i.e. the book is published by CinnamonTeal. If the author does not want this, he/she can apply for an ISBN for the book him/herself. In either case, the rights rest with the author.


The Process
The process to self-publish at CinnamonTeal proceeds as detailed below. Here you means the author and us or we implies CinnamonTeal Publishing.

The Agreement
You first sign an agreement with us. The agreement, among other things, protects your interests through a nondisclosure clause and states that the rights remain with you and protects our interests by assuring that the work is originally yours or that you have the permission to use it. To draft that agreement, you need to submit your name, your postal address and telephone number and the title of your book. All communication between the author and CinnamonTeal is carried out by email and the occasional phone call. Based on that information, we will send you an agreement by email that we expect you to print, sign, scan and email back to us.

The raw manuscript is then forwarded to the editor where it is subjected to a round of copy editing or substantive editing as may be needed. In very rare cases, usually for books of poetry, the book may be only proof read.
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Copy editing
You have just finished writing your book, checked your text and again checked your facts. But still there will be a few errors not only in text but also in the design, style, alignment, placement of illustrations as well as in punctuation. You might argue saying that you have written the book and reviewed it countless times, hence you dont see the need for another round of editing. But the problem lies there; since you have been working on the book for such a long time you easily become blind to some of the errors, noticing an error only after it is pointed out. The book, by then, is already printed and there is nothing you can do to change that. So instead of going through the entire ordeal, it makes more sense to get a round of copy editing done. If nothing else, it works like an insurance policy ensuring that if an error is found, it will be taken care of. The copy editor is an independent person who checks your manuscript for such errors thus making it of the highest quality. Copy editing makes sure that the authors raw text is corrected in aspects of spelling and grammar. It also involves, among other things, ensuring that the text flows properly, that nothing is missing or redundant, that sentences and paragraphs are not complicated and are of adequate length and that the consistency of characters and plots is maintained. A copy editor also ensures that illustrations support the text and have appropriate captions. If you choose this service, a professional editor will review the manuscript you provide and suggest corrections in your manuscript. Consistent with our position that nothing is changed without your approval, you may then choose to accept or reject these suggestions.
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Substantive editing
This is a more rigorous form of editing where the editor, apart from looking for the minor errors and faults, also focuses on rebuilding sentences in a more suitable way if required. The editor also verifies the facts in the book by researching on the matter stated in the book. Substantive editing is almost entirely analysis-based, whether at the document level or at the paragraph, sentence, or word level as compared to copy editing, most of which is rules-based and is mostly concerned with grammar, spelling, punctuation, other mechanics of style and the internal consistency of facts and presentation. Both types are essential; they just focus on different issues.

Proof reading
The proof reader reads the proof (the edited and typeset manuscript) and acts only as a quality check for spelling and grammar, making sure that the copy editor has not missed something. He or she is not responsible for overall consistency and accuracy. Most authors tend to underestimate the number of errors they will find in their typeset book. Proof reading helps to take your book that much closer to perfection. Hence we recommend that it should not be overlooked. The editing process takes 2-3 weeks depending on the length of the manuscript and the type of editing preferred. After you have signed the agreement, if you desire to opt for the editing service, you can send us your manuscript by email though utilities like yousendit.com. For purposes of editing, the manuscript will be re-formatted in A4 size, with 1 in. margin on all sides. The manuscript is typed in Garamond
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12 with a line spacing of at least 13. A professional editor will edit your manuscript and provide suggested changes for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency of plot, all depending on the type of editing you choose. After receiving your edited manuscript, you may use Microsoft Word to accept or reject the suggested changes and thus choose whether or not to incorporate them into your final manuscript.

After the book is edited, it is then typeset. Typesetting involves taking the raw, edited, text of the manuscript and converting it into how it will look in a book. We give the text a typographical design, place pictures and graphics, choose fonts, colors and highlights, page size i.e. its dimensions, even decide the position of page numbers. These decisions are taken based on the genre of the book and its plot, in case of a fiction. The best written book can be ruined by a bad Typesetting is an art form typographical design. which should not be ignored. The style and design of The best written book can be typesetting gives a book ruined by bad typographical its reading appeal. It design. is not merely an act of setting up book pages but an art of judging what fonts go best with the theme of a book. The fonts have to accurately reflect the feeling of the book. Choosing a font and style for a book is indeed an art. We at CinnamonTeal take pride in our experience and judgment to choose the right typographical style for any
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book. We have a good understanding of the most economical design allowing us to use typographical elements to decrease the number of pages and thus reduce printing costs. We will design the first chapter of your book and submit it to you for review. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on each element, such as the fonts chosen, the spacing between the lines, the margins and indents. After you have approved the sample, we will proceed along the same lines with the rest of the book. After the book is completed, you will have another opportunity to review the book and suggest changes on aspects other than those finalized before. Suggested changes at this point will not include addition/ deletion of text or images, etc. These must be done while the book is being edited. After all changes have been incorporated, a PDF version of the book will be prepared for printing. Typesetting usually takes about 2 weeks.


Cover design
While the book is being typeset, the cover design process is also started simultaneously. The look of the book is what makes a reader pick it up. The cover design is often what really sells the book. Do not judge a book by its cover is a dictum often told but hardly obeyed. Being in the business we understand the importance of good cover design and always opt for a neat and attractive cover design, never repeating a cover that has already been designed. We can help you design a cover from scratch or can use the material you provide to make the cover. A book is always judged by its cover especially if A book is always judged by its its a self-published one. cover, especialy if it is a self The book cover needs published one! to make it stand out if it has to have any chance of selling. Should you choose to avail of our cover design services, we provide two design options to the author. One is designed as per authors specifications while the other is based on our interpretation of the book. The author decides the final cover (we dont charge for both the covers, only the one that is chosen) and can have it slightly modified if needed. Cover design includes the design of the spine and that of the back cover. In case an ISBN is assigned to the book, a barcode is also included on the back cover. To avail of this option, all you need to do is inform us that you wish to have the cover designed by us. The cover design process takes about 2 weeks.



ISBN registration
An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a universal code that publishers and booksellers use to identify and order books the world over. In India, ISBNs are provided free of cost. You can obtain one from the issuing agency in India. Alternately, CinnamonTeal will issue you one if we are satisfied with the editorial quality of the book and its presentation (typesetting and cover). In addition, CinnamonTeal also provides you an ISBN barcode that you can add to the back cover. Having an ISBN is not necessary if your book is for personal use or for circulation within a limited group of people. It is required if you wish to sell your book in bookstores, whether online or offline, or in any other retail outlet. Each version of the book, whether paperback or hardcover, first or second edition, must have a different ISBN. A unique ISBN distinguishes between different versions of a book, helping customers ensure that they get the book they want.

Finally, after the editing, typesetting and cover design processes are completed, the book is ready to be printed. While we do print in large quantities, for self-publishers we advocate the use of the Print-on-Demand option. PrintOn-Demand(POD) is a printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of minutes, making it possible to produce books in very small quantities (even one or two at a time) and delay printing until after the book is ordered. Single copies or ultra-short-runs of 10s, 20s, and 30s can be produced just as cost-effectively. Per unit, it will cost just the same.
www.cinnamonteal.in 11

The other option, called offset printing, is very cost-effective for creating a large number of copies (usually upwards of 500), but the cost involved is not always within a new authors budget. POD offers wide scope and benefits as listed below: Since POD ensures a fast turnaround time, it means books can be sold online, and only then printed and dispatched to the buyer, thus avoiding the need to have printed copies ready in inventory This also means your book can never ever run out of print POD also allows you to print in very small quantities. So maybe a Spanish version for your market in Uruguay? Or a customized version for your next workshop? Fast turnaround times means the book can be brought to market almost immediately It also means that, theoretically, every single copy can be customized for the buyer Low volume printing allows you to save on bulk printing and warehousing costs Hence POD has always been the first choice for selfpublishing authors. It helps you to test the waters before making a large investment. If large print runs (i.e. large quantities of the book) are needed in the future you can always take the offset printing route. The printing process at CinnamonTeal usually involves listing your book for sale on various online book selling platforms and printing the book on order. We then reconcile your earnings with an account that is sent to you every six months. If you wish to have copies of your own, we will send them to you in the desired quantities.
12 www.cinnamonteal.in

Cost structure
The costs pertinent to each service will be communicated to you before the commencement of each service. The author is expected to pay the full amount before each service is delivered.

A Note on Pricing
Pricing your book is a complex process and is best explained in the context of your book. The price of the book is often the sum of three components: a. the production costs of the book (i.e. the cost of printing the book) b. the authors revenue (i.e. the amount you wish to earn off each copy sold) c. the distribution discounts you must provide to online and physical book stores The pricing mechanism is explained on our website and can be addressed through specific emails. Authors often make the mistake of trying to recoup the entire costs of self-publishing by pricing the book high. That only ensures that the book is not purchased at all. Authors are therefore advised to play a volumes game - ensure that more books are sold and earn a small amount off each sale.



Other Allied Services

Marketing and Online Presence
Judging the effectiveness of marketing and promotion is always difficult. Authors can never be sure of their effect on sales. But without marketing, book sales will always be limited. Getting your book an ISBN may be enough for retailers to display books on their portals and shelves but without customers placing orders, the book will never be sold. Hence marketing your book to readers becomes crucial. Our marketing activities help you get your book noticed by those in the retail trade who make the buying decisions. The marketing services we provide will mainly help you target suitable places to advertise your book and prepare publicity materials like press releases, posters and bookmarks. We list your book on our own online store (dogearsetc.com) as well as other popular ones like Flipkart, Infibeam, A1books and Indiaplaza, among others, and in retail stores via distributors. Your book is also made available globally, on portals like Amazon through our tie ups with third party distributors. Marketing a book is probably the hardest part of the entire process. We will be realistic about your book reaching a wide audience. Marketing is a service that comes without a guaranteed measurable outcome but, by the same measure, without marketing it is almost guaranteed that book sales will always remain minimal.
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Marketing for individual books is not always alike. Each book always has its specific niche. We ensure that all our marketing efforts are driven to capture that niche market. A lot of marketing is driven through our Marketing is a service brand where we use that comes without a clear our blogs and social measurable outcome but media channels such as without which your book sales Facebook, Twitter and will always remain minimal. LinkedIn pages to drive sales for your book. We effectively use our online catalogues to push your book to retail markets as well and include our releases in our monthly newsletters. CinnamonTeal has made massive strides in the self-publishing world, especially though our work and events like Publishing Next, which is organized annually, thus making us a strong ambassador for your books.

Website Development
In order to cater to the needs of authors and publishers who wish to establish a web presence for themselves, we offer a variety of web design and hosting plans. Like everything we offer, these too can be customized to suit your tastes and your budget. Our website offering for authors consists of the following: Registration of Domain Web hosting for 1 year Home page with author bio and contact information List of books by author linked to places where the book can be purchased Free technical support for 1 year
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Distribution (ensuring that the book reaches the reader) remains the ultimate challenge that selfpublishing authors face, one that renders a book inadequate no matter how well written and produced or even marketed. At CinnamonTeal we have tried our best to provide distribution services for our titles but these had been previously confined to India. Many authors wish that their book be available elsewhere. Our latest offering provides for just that. Starting last October, we entered into an agreement with LSI, an international POD distributor as a result of which we have been able to offer POD services and make our titles available for buyers in Europe and North America. This agreement, allows us access to the following booksellers:

International Adlibris Agapea Aphrohead Amazon.co.uk Bertrams Blackwell

USA Coutts Ingram Eden.co.uk Amazon.com Gardners Baker & Taylor Mallory International Barnes & Noble Paperback Shop Espresso Book Machine STL NACSCORP

This service will go a long way in making our titles accessible to a larger audience. We have always believed that our authors have told some beautiful stories. We are glad many more can read them now.
16 www.cinnamonteal.in

eBooks and Audio Books (Development and Distribution)

Development: eBook and audio book services are an important part of our offerings. We provide eBook development services at a cost that is a fraction of those offered elsewhere. These services include conversion into EPUB (for reading on most e-Readers), MOBI (for reading on the Amazon Kindle) and PDF (for easy reading on computer screens) formats. In addition, we work with many publishers and authors to help them decide their e-strategy. Distribution: CinnamonTeal Publishing has launched a new distribution service that will cater to electronic books alone. This service primarily targeted for the distribution of books in Indian languages and other non-English languages will allow CinnamonTeal Publishing to leverage its association with several eBook distribution services around the globe and ensure worldwide visibility Books available worldwide and availability for its without the hassles of printing titles. In addition to and physical distribution. its revamped website dogearsetc.com, eBooks distributed by CinnamonTeal will also be available through smashwords.com and globalebooks.es, allowing them to be purchased on more than 100 websites and on a wide range of devices. This service will allow publishers to make their books available worldwide without the extra hassles of printing and physical distribution, in a medium that is increasingly gaining currency among readers. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that eBook sales are increasing worldwide and given that CinnamonTeal Publishing already provides eBook development services, this new distribution service will supplement that service and ensure that the produced titles are also now easily available to buyers.
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For new authors, especially those who wish to publish their books themselves, this service provides the low cost option of doing everything electronically and altogether rejecting the option of producing copies in print. This service will be available for all languages and books will be produced in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats. We strive to mirror the print version to the closest extent possible while developing the digital version.

Indexing services
This service provides Subject Indices (or Indexes), Author Indices and a combination of Subject and Author Indices, as needed.

Book archiving and restoration

CinnamonTeal Publishing provides end-to-end scanning and digitization services that meet requirements for both print (in books as images or text) and electronic media (in e-books or for display on your web page) usage. This service has proved very useful to publishers especially when they do not have the proofs required for reprints and for libraries where copies of rare texts can be reproduced for public circulation. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately reproduce books and texts that seemed lost to posterity.



Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions have remained unanswered, do contact us by email at contactus@cinnamonteal.in

Print-on-Demand and selfpublishing, how do they fit in?

Put simply, Print-on-Demand (often referred to simply as POD) is technology that allows books and publications to be printed in very small quantities, even one book each time. While authors who self-publish prefer POD as a way to limit investments and yet make their books available, publishers use POD for galley (advanced review) copies, to keep older titles (back lists) in print, and to experiment with new titles. Self-publishing refers to the publication of a book (or any other media) by the author of the book, without the involvement of a third-party publisher. The author bears the expenses involved in the process - those related to editing, cover design, typesetting and printing. At CinnamonTeal, we provide self-publishing services and then use POD printing technology to produce the finished book. That means, while the author decides the form the book will take, we provide the services that the author needs to get the book published. We do not provide packagebased services, just the ones that the author needs. During this process, should the author need printed copies of the book, we use POD technology to provide only the required number of copies.
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How does print-on-demand help the author?

If you are a new author or a small publisher, print-ondemand helps you avoid investments in large inventory i.e. it avoids the need to print a large number of books. Similarly, print-on-demand helps small businesses by reducing costs incurred in printing manuals and reports. Print-OnDemand also helps regular publishers by allowing them to make back lists available without large print runs.

Is CinnamonTeal a vanity press?

CinnamonTeal is a provider of services for individuals and institutions that wish to self-publish, not a vanity press. Most vanity presses require an initial order of hundreds of copies of any book they print. As an author, you are then responsible for the sales of these copies. CinnamonTeal offers POD (print-on-demand) services, other, allied, pre-publishing services and also a channel to help you to sell your books yourself. We charge only for the services you have availed of. There are no other charges. And you are certainly not required to buy a certain minimum number of copies.

What is your minimum print run?

There is no minimum print run. We can even print one copy at a time.



Dont lesser copies imply a higher cost?

POD implies a higher cost per book, but to appreciate POD, a little knowledge of the economics behind it might help. Imagine you have written a book. You have submitted your manuscript to established publishers but havent heard from them in a long time. So you decide to publish the book yourself but dont know how to proceed. You lay out your text, design your cover and approach the printers. You see a market for only 100 copies (for arguments sake) but your printer says you must print a minimum of a thousand copies (they too cant help it as anything else is very expensive for you). The cost of each copy is small, for example, Rs. 40 per book, but a thousand copies means a total of Rs. 40,000/must be invested upfront. You are not sure if all the copies will sell but that is a gamble you are forced to take. Or imagine you worked with us at CinnamonTeal Publishing and agreed to print on demand. In this case, you do not have to print a single copy before it is bought. The same book might cost around Rs. 120/- per copy, but you now are able to print your books depending on how many copies are ordered, and have it shipped to any corner of the world. That means if you need just 100 copies, you print only 100 and pay only Rs. 12,000/-. In most cases, since the book is printed only after it is sold, the book is already paid for before it is printed.

Does POD compare to offset?

Print-on-demand technology has continually been refined during the past ten years, and book quality has improved tremendously. Print-on-demand books are indistinguishable from other books printed in large quantities using an offset
www.cinnamonteal.in 21

press. CinnamonTeal books feature colour covers, clean graphics, and easy-to-read text. While the quality remains the same, print-on-demand methods costs much lesser than an investment in offset printing for small print runs, when total costs are compared.

How does CinnamonTeal ensure the quality of its publications?

While deciding to publish a book, CinnamonTeal does not consider the sales potential of the book. This is, in fact, a major differentiating factor when compared to traditional publishers. CinnamonTeal does, however, insist that a certain quality of writing be maintained. We recommend, at a minimum, a round of copy editing prior to typesetting. Further, we also insist that certain standards of typesetting are implemented within the book.

What if I need more copies printed?

Simply contact us and we will have the required number of copies delivered.

My work is not in English. Can I still have my book published?

Yes, you can. We provide editing and typesetting services for many Indian and foreign language manuscripts. In fact, as the case studies provided later illustrate, we have published and printed in many languages other than in English.



What are the book sizes you allow?

We have no constraints on the book sizes we can offer. We can offer book sizes up to 10x14 (width x height, landscape format). However, it is better that you check with us before you commence typesetting.

What binding options do you offer?

We provide perfect binding (soft cover), saddle-stitching (centre-stapling), thread-stitching, spiral and wiro binding, casewrap (hardcover) and case wrap with dust jacket options. Please note that if the page count is lesser than 68, perfect binding and hard cover binding cannot be provided.

Do I retain the rights to my work?

Yes, you do. You remain in complete ownership of all your work. If you own an ISBN, it will be published by you. However, if you choose to avail of an ISBN owned by CinnamonTeal, it will be published by CinnamonTeal. In both cases, you continue to own the rights in your name and CinnamonTeal does not make any claim or restriction on the ownership of your work. However, please do note that if you wish to be published by some other publisher, after already being published by us you need to inform us a month in advance so that we can remove your book from our listings. In case your book is published by another entity, we will insist that the new entity issue you another ISBN.



Can I use CinnamonTeal in conjunction with other publishers?

CinnamonTeal enters into a non-exclusive agreement with every author and that means you can terminate the services of CinnamonTeal at any time. However, you need to give an advance notice of at least a month so that the book is de-listed from the online bookstore. This de-listing is done to avoid any legal complications that may arise out of a situation where the same book is listed more than once. However, if CinnamonTeal has issued the ISBN for your book, this ISBN belongs to CinnamonTeal and cannot be used on a book published by another publisher. We will therefore insist that the new publisher issue you another ISBN. Consequent to termination of service, CinnamonTeal is under no obligation to retain the manuscript files.

Are there only certain genres you will accept?

We accept all genres. The only kinds of books we do not accept are those containing pornography and other material that can be construed as derogatory or offensive towards women.

What is the process to get my book printed?

Quite simplistically, the process works thus. This may change depending on the book being published: i. You sign an agreement with us ii. The raw manuscript is then edited. Please note that we
24 www.cinnamonteal.in

prefer that your book be submitted at least one round of editing. You could choose to have your book edited yourself or engage our editorial services iii. The interior of the book is then designed i.e. the book is typeset. This involves the appropriate selection of font, margins and paragraph settings besides the formatting of the header, footer, the imprint page and the table of contents. iv. After your manuscript is typeset, the cover is designed. Again, you can have the cover designed yourself or engage our cover design services. If your book satisfies our criteria, we will issue you an ISBN that must be added to the copyright page of your book and a barcode that must be added to the back cover v. Indexing services, if required, can be provided at this point and the index incorporated within the book vi. After the manuscript and cover are both ready in PDF format, your book is ready for printing. Prints will be available within 8-10 days of ordering, time of transit included. vii. Further you may choose to develop your book as an e-book. We provide e-book conversion to .pdf, .epub and .mobi formats. viii. Similarly, we provide distribution services for both, printed and electronic formats of your book. If you do not avail of our pre-publishing services such as editing or cover design, there are no payments that need be done except when copies of the printed book are ordered.

How long does it take between order and delivery?

Once a completed manuscript is submitted, it takes 8-10 days to receive it, time of transit included. However, delivery could be delayed due to other, unavoidable circumstances.
www.cinnamonteal.in 25

What shipping methods do you use?

For shipping both within India and abroad we use private couriers. We choose not to ship using the postal service because the packages cannot be tracked and because there is no redressal mechanism in case packages go missing or get damaged. The option is still open for smaller packages (upto 3 kgs) or if authors insist that their packet be shipped using the postal service. Currently, we use DHL for overseas shipping and Blue Dart for shipping within India. These may change if we can obtain more favourable terms from other courier companies.

What payment options do you provide?

The following payment options are available to buyers on Dogears Etc.: a) Credit/Debit Card, b)Payment by Cheque/ DD, c)Payment through a direct deposit into our bank a/c. For more details, email us.

How will I get paid after my books get sold?

If your books have been sold to persons other than you (i.e. if you have not bought those books yourself), you will receive an amount equal to the Authors Earnings you have accrued by cheque at the end of six months. The cheque will be accompanied by a detailed account of each sale and the amount due to you. This seemingly large period of six months is because many distributors and retailers themselves have such a payment cycle.



Case Studies
Every book we produce is important to us and we have cherished the first copy of every title with equal pride and joy. The case studies listed here illustrate the sheer breadth and scope of our services and are meant to showcase our abilities.

The Golden Box by Brian Cook This book, written by the author in response to questions his son often asked, involved the production of a book 3.5 x 3.5 fitted within a golden box with some paper and a pencil that the reader could use to record her/ his own experiences. Although published by the author himself, CinnamonTeal was instrumental in designing the cover, typesetting the book and then producing the box and shipping it along with its contents to the author who is based in the USA.


Series of books by Globethics and Global Internet Society

Globethics, based in Geneva, and Global Internet Society Watch (GISW), based in Zurich, are two NGOs we work
www.cinnamonteal.in 27

with very often. In the case of the former, we have printed books in various languages, the latest installments being in English, Chinese and Spanish, and shipped them to the NGOs stakeholders in various countries. The same is done for GISW where again we are responsible for printing and global fulfillment.

Bangla Hobbit by S.P.Chatterjee

This book, a translation of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien into Bangla, is the first of its kind and has been received well by its readers. CinnamonTeal Publishing has printed this book ensuring that the clarity of the text and illustrations was maintained.

Ammas Recipes by Sita Jhunjhunwala

This book, a collection of Marwari food recipes, was edited, typeset and printed by CinnamonTeal. During its production, care was taken to ensure that the book could easily be used in the kitchen, opting for a wiro binding method to the usual perfect binding.



Sikkim And The World Of Rhododendrons by Keshab C. Pradhan

Photo books are an essential part of our offerings and this book is, in every way, a testament to our capability of producing such books. The book, a documentation of various Rhododendrons and mountain wildflowers in Sikkim, was typeset and printed by us.

Rang-e-Noor by Kunal Dutta

This book, a collection of Urdu and English poems, was our first publication of a bilingual book. We have, since, published many such books but this one remains dear to us primarily because of the exquisite illustrations that accompany the poems.

After more than 4 years in the business, our titles span almost all genres. We have published books for children, textbooks for colleges, teaching aids for students with disabilities, memoirs, family and school histories, paranormal thrillers, books of short stories, poetry, journals, anthologies, science fiction, books on religion and spirituality and books on a host of other subjects. With each title, we have approached the book uniquely, keeping in mind the topic the book addresses and the aspirations of the author. That includes the way each book is typeset, each cover is designed and each book is promoted. The next author approaching us can expect from us the same level of engagement and dedication for his/her book.
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Our Other Platforms

Dogears Etc.
Dogears etc. is our own online portal for sale of new and used books. The site allows the user to also trade books, both new and old through an easy-to-use interface. The portal also allows visitors to request books which they cannot find and we then source the books for them. [http://www.dogearsetc. com]

fivex5 is a concept of bookselling where you can sell books from within the comforts of your home, office or shop. We provide you with a shelf to display the books along with 25 titles of your choice. The deal is on a consignment basis so you need not make any tangible investment. Moreover, the books are provided at substantial discounts which are on par to those provided to retailers. Your stock of books will be replenished by us as per your requests. You need not worry about managing the inventory yourself since the process is automated. All you need to do is attend to sales. So if you wish to own your own bookstore, go ahead and contact us. [http://www.fivex5.com]



The Publishers Post

The Publishers Post, a bi-monthly newsletter, is an attempt to collate information about the book publishing industry in India and present it here in an easy-to-read format. Here you will find information about various developments in the industry including government policies, industry studies, new imprints and book launches. [http://www.thepublisherspost.com]

Publishing Next
Publishing Next was conceptualized to provide a free and uninhibited platform that would allow the future of books to be discussed and deliberated. In the first edition, held in September 2011, stakeholders of the publishing industry brought before an eager audience the issues facing the industry some that were obvious and stared in the face, like the advent of digital books and social media marketing, and others whose impact was more difficult to understand, like that of the proposed copyright amendments and the changing landscape of translated literature in India. In its second edition, tentatively scheduled for September 12, the conference will push the envelope a bit further by exploring issues that do not hog the headlines yet must be effectively addressed to ensure that a vibrant publishing industry is developed and sustained. [http://www.publishing-next. com]