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Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

Onkine Matrimonial Application System
Online Matrimonial Application System is in the process of interconnecting all the branches and to develop a custom made software which covers functions like matrimonial management and processing of a matrimonial agency. The system not only takes care of registration but also contemplate on workflow, customer service, customer history, employee history(both work history and payment history) and nearpaperless operation

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Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations 1.4 References 1.5 Technologies to be used 1.6 Overview Overall Description 2.1 Product perspective 2.2 Product function 2.3 User charecteristics 2.4 Constraints 2.5 Use-Case Model Survey 2.6 Architecture diagram 2.7 Database design 2.8 Assumptions and Dependencies Specific Requirements 3.1 Use-Case Reports Software system attributes Action Sequences User Interface design Web Application Testing Acknowledgement Bibliography 39 45 48 49 36 5 8 8 9 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 12 12 17 18 19 19 19 34



4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

Software Requirements Specification 1. Introduction Internet is the rapidest growing media during the past decade. Online Matrimony is an organized web based Matrimonial/Marriage service facilitating wishful young men and women to find their suitable life partners. In India organized marriage services business is worth INR 10 billion Online Matrimony caters to people spread across the globe to find their suitable partner living in a remote place but matching his/her specific interests and requirements. Given the varied and complex match making process of Indian system that is based on diverse aspects such as Caste, Religion, Economic Standard, Job status, age, height, family background etc., Online Matrimony services have become quite successful. Over the years patrons of these services are going up. This World Wide Web based service has millions of users with millions of dollars business potential. There are also websites that cater to specific communities. Some communities, such as Jains run some non-profit web-sites

1.1 Purpose The Matrimonial site is intended to provide complete solutions for wishful people through a single get way using the internet as the sole medium.It will enable young men and women to look for there life partner in a more specified way.The administration modules have authority to accept and reject the request according to the provided information. 2. Scope

Initial functional requirements will be: Secure registration and profile management facility for customers Browsing through the email to see the matches found according to ther requirements Adequate searching mechanism for quick access to any particular profile Creating a favourite list whom customers wants to contact Regular updates to registered customers Maintaining database according to need Feedback mechanish so the customers give the feedback Adequate payment mechanish for populeer credit cards and other relevant payment option available time to time For the previous paragraph, depicting the functions of the system, from the perspective of the various users of the system, the following colour codes has been used : RED for administrator BLUE for customer of the shopping mall

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

GREEN for the employees Initial non functional requirements will be: Secure access of confidential data (users details). SSL can be used. 24 X 7 availability Better component design to get better performance at peak time Advertisement space where it will effectively catch the customers attention and as a source of revenue.

This list is by no means, a final one. The final list will be dictated by implementation constraints, market forces and most importantly, by end user demands for whom this is being built.

Definition acronym and abbreviations 1.2 References

1.3 Technologies to be used Programming language Tools and development environment


Overview The rest of this SRS is organized as follows: Section 2 gives an overall description of the software. It gives what level of proficiency is expected of the user, some general constraints while making the software and some assumptions and dependencies that are assumed. Section 3 gives specific requirements which the software is expected to deliver. Functional requirements are given by various use cases. Some performance requirements and design constraints are also given. Overall Description


2.1 Product perspective This is aimed towards the small matrimonial agencies who wants to reach customers and for those people who potentially wants to get married. The main objective is to bridge the gap betweens the men and women , so that they will know each other. It may be a satnd alone site and not depended on others. It should run on both UNIX and Windows based platform. 2.2 Product functions

Operators level : Operators provide login name and password to the customers. Operators will add , edit and delete customers from the database. They will manage the match fixing procedures. Send mail to the customers, also they create report.

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

Administrator level : Administrator will appoint and replace Operators. Complete control of master tables is the administrator. They provide login name and password to the customers. Administrator can add, edit and delete customer from the database. They will manage the match fixing procedures. Send mail to the customers also they create report.
2.3 User characteristics

The user should be familiar with the Matrimonial site related terminology like Shopping cart/Transaction etc. The user should be familiar with the Internet.
2.4 Constraints

There is no maintainability of back up so availability will get affected. Limited to HTTP/HTTPS. Real-life credit card validation and Banking system is not implemented.
No multilingual support
2.5 Use-Case Model Survey

1. Administrator:
Database Management: Control the database and keep track of all records of customers and employee details. Contact and Giving Permission to Contact: Contact with the vendors and give permission to sell their product under the site after testing the products quality. View all details: View the details of all employees and control the whole site. Advertising the Site: Responsible for making advertisements for the site.

2. Customers:
Login: Customers must have a valid login id to enter into the site. Registration: New users can sign up by creating new ID.

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

View and edit Own Details: Can view/edit his personal details, payment details, and details about services provided. Choosing : Can view all available people according to his/her choice and can compare them . Payment: Can pay through valid credit card. Giving Feedback to Customer Care: Can give feedback to the 24X7 Customer Care Service center about their impression for the site and services. Logout: Customer must logout of the site after purchasing products.

3. Visitors:
Visiting the Site: Can only visit the site without registration. Register :

4. Customer Care:
Getting Feedback from the Customers: Responsible for receiving complaints, queries and feedback from the customers. Providing Solutions to Customers: Provide feasible solutions to the customers on their complaints and queries.


Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

. It will be platform independent. 2. It will be supported by most of the web browsers. 3. It will be user friendly. 4. Error 1handling will be done properly. 5. Proper status and error messages should be displayed where ever needed. 6. Each registered member will be provided with a login and password.

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site

Requirements Specification for Matrimonial Site