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Leveraging the Power of First Call Resolution

The SOLUTION: ING Implements Agent Answers from IntelliResponse; Level 1 Agents are Given One Right Answer

The CHALLENGE: Empowering Level 1 Agents to Resolve Customer Issues Promptly and Reduce Escalations
ING Direct was suffering from a high escalation rate at their customer service contact centre. At the root of the problem was INGs central Intranet database, which housed all supporting documentation on products, services, policies and campaigns. First-line agents found it sluggish and hard to navigate. As a result, agents were reluctant to search too long for information. Too many times, these searches were unfruitful. As Evelyn Chan, Database Administrator, Sales and Service explains, There was a general lack of confidence among the representatives to know that the answer they found was the most accurate and applicable to the question being asked. Escalation of calls to second-level supervisors became a routine occurrence in the contact centre. ING knew something had to be done. The number of escalations had to be dramatically reduced. ING needed to quickly replace the Intranet interface with a contact centre tool the agents liked. Whats more, the new tool had to be highly accurate in its results, so agents had the confidence to lead customers toward resolution on the first call.

ING reduced first-level call escalations by 33% virtually immediately by implementing Agent Answers from IntelliResponse.
Agent Answers allows call centre agents to key in a question, phrased in natural human language, and see the result on the very next screen, presented as a single, accurate answer. Rather than the agent searching for information, Agent Answers finds the right answer for the agent. No more navigating through screens, no more risk of taking a wrong turn in the search while customers are left to wait on the phone. Agent Answers is now the single repository for all customer-related ING information, housing 100% of the companys customer service related information to support all products, services, policies and campaigns. By simplifying the agents search for answers to a single act of asking a question, Agent Answers has helped increase first-call resolutions at our contact center says Chan.

FCR is the most important metric for measuring customer service and cost performance. Mike Desmmarais World Class Call Center

For every 1% increase in FCR, you get a 1% increase in CSAT. Mike Desmmarais World Class Call Center

Canadas Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores: ING has the highest CSAT score in the Canadian market, 7.0, compared to other large Canadian financial services companies, which typically score from 2.0 to 3.0. As the most widely used tool in our contact centre, Agent Answers a notable contributor to our high NPS achievements, says Chan.


Leveraging the Power of First Call Resolution

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The RESULTS: Agents Embrace Solution; Escalation Calls Immediately Drop

Agent Answers was precisely the right solution to help solve the escalation problem at ING. Using Agent Answers, ING significantly reduced the number of escalations despite increases in total monthly call volume.

Agent Answers

from IntelliResponse

Agent Answers
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Our representatives love the simplicity of Agent Answers, says Chan. We couldnt survive without it, and I cant even imagine the reaction if we told them IntelliResponse was being taken away.
Escalations Drop Immediately, and by 49% in One Year Escalation calls to Level 2 supervisors dropped by an average of 33% when Agent Answers went live, and by 49% at the end of the first year. Escalations continued to drop afterwards, even as ING Directs customer volume was significantly growing due to an expansion in INGs customer base.

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Agent Answers Contributes to INGs industryleading Customer Satisfaction Scores ING measures customer satisfaction (CSAT) by Net Promoter scores (NPS). Their NPS is consistently around 7.0, which is significantly higher than other Canadian financial services companies. Agent Answers is a critical support tool to deliver accurate, consistent answers from agents, and to handle them the first time without escalation, says Chan. As the most widely used tool in our contact centre, Agent Answers impact on our first call resolution performance is a notable contributor INGs high CSAT scores. New Agent Training is Enhanced and Streamlined Agent Answers has helped resolve the common training dilemma of agents feeling pressured to learn and retain an overwhelming library of product-related knowledge. With Agent Assist now integrated into agent training, now the teaching is focused on agent tools and customer service excellence, as well as product knowledge. Directors Time is Freed Up for More Strategic Activity The Agent Assist platform is the single repository for 100% of customer-related ING information. Despite the massive scope of this information, updates are easily made. Only 60% of the Directors time is required for to support and maintain IR for all this information. This frees Chan to focus on more strategic, highercontribution aspects of her role at ING, like business planning and team management.

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Ask Question in Natural Language One Right Answer Result Top Questions Dynamically Ranked Related Questions Offered Real-time Agent Rating System Multi-context, Multi-lingual Knowledgebase

Most contact centre knowledgebase solutions are cumbersome to access and use effectively. They are built based on complex and time consuming search, tag and browse methods that require CSRs to embark on a scavenger hunt for the right information, while keeping their customer on the phone and waiting.
FAQ approaches only work when they are a limited number of questions that a CSR can easily scan and pick, but quickly become ineffective when the complexity increases. Studies show that it takes an experienced CSR an average of five steps to find the answer, and newer representatives 10 steps. Every step that can be elimintated while maintaining performance and accuracy has a significant impact on call centre cost and productivity. This is where Agent Assist from IntelliResponse makes the difference. Agent Assist is easy to use, and provides effective knowledge management and rapid service capabilities all in a single tool your agents can conveniently and centrally access.in its results, so agents had the confidence to lead customers toward resolution on the first call.

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