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technical Glossary acess right this is permission granted or denied by the owner of a file to allo w others to read,right or execute

ACK This is a trasmited caracter that acknologes reciet of data Acrobat reader a free ware application to enable pdf files to be read Address identify of a phisycal or vitual distinge or intety network Advance cable testers specail testing devices that checked OSI Physical layers f or correct operaters AFP THis is apple talk filing protacal Agent this is a software that runs on a client computer but use by management so ftware running on the server AI Artificail inteligent ASCII American Standard code for information interchange APA Format Ample fire a device that increse the amplitubet and power of signals Ampitube range of signal strenght veriation from maximum to menimum voltage loud est and valume Modulation a modulation technique in which the amplitube of a signal is the pere meter that is vary ' SYSTEMSP@NAIVAK.COM TECHNICAL WWW.NAVIVAK.COM/WEBMAIL

Home pc Game Internet Movies Web Cam Personal Business Pc for specific porpuse are task this computer will use specific program for exampl e point of sale software example quick books Peach 3 pos sale software Personal computers u use it for wider range. the home pc is configured fascilita te a wider range of task. the Business pc is set fascilitate network connection with other computers

Promblems that can be encounter will installing an pc Damage parts Meomory lost Procesor legs getting bent Hardrive get damage in shipping

Cables breackage Wrong parts Could be a sata instead an ADE Incompatable parts Moder cant fit in the case Shortage of screws 2.5 inch hardrive use in Laptops and 3.0 inch use in cpu what can go wrong with costumers Disatisfy customers Case power supply can be in wrong place Wrong location of Internet Connection Example the room that the costumers reques t that the computer install in does not have an internet connection Unsottable enviroment Glare very hot eviroment Very cold enviroment Very dusty AD PERSONAL ADENTIFICATION AED Intergrated electronic device ICT Informaton comunication technoligist Incompatable mix matching incompatable Image reader Inferter electromagnectic readeation device that is provided and that is just be low that at of a visible light Intergrated software several diference type of application software which enable data exchange between each application and a common tole and menu structure to make t hem easier to learn Intergrated Sercets a complete electronic serket constructed on a single silicon warf and housed in a seramic or plastic package Binary Digits the smallest unit of information coresponded to 0 or 1 on or off c omputer useally store information of a a seris of binary digits commonly refered to bits BBS Bulleting bord system BDC Backup doeman controller