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This is a table of matrix operations commonly performed in Octave and their equivalents in C++ when using the octave libraries.

Matrix Operations
Operation Octave A+B add A-B subtract matrix A*B multiplication element A.*B multiplication A./B element division A' transpose* select element m,n A(m,n) of A** select row N of A** A(N,:) select column N of A(:,N) A** extract submatrix A(a:b,c:d) of A absolute value of A abs(A) comparison to A>2 scalar***
A<2 A==2 A~=2 A>=2 A<=2


product(A,B) quotient(A,B) A.transpose() A(m-1,n-1) A.row(N-1) A.column(N-1)

A.extract(a-1,c-1,b-1,d-1) A.abs() mx_el_gt(A,2) mx_el_lt(A,2) mx_el_eq(A,2) mx_el_ne(A,2) mx_el_ge(A,2) mx_el_le(A,2)

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Octave-Forge: CPPQuickReference

matrix of zeros matrix of ones identity matrix inverse of A pseudoinverse of A diagonal elements of A column vector row vector check for Inf or NaN stack two matrices vertically uniform random matrix normal random matrix sum squares of columns sum along columns sum along rows product along columns product along rows cumsum along columns cumsum along rows cumproduct along columns cumproduct along rows number of rows number of columns Notes:

A=zeros(m,n) A=ones(m,n) eye(N) inv(A) pinv(A) diag(A) A(:) A(:)'

A.fill(0.0) A.fill(1.0) identity_matrix(N,N) A.inverse() A.pseudo_inverse() A.diag() ColumnVector(A.reshape (dim_vector(A.length()))) RowVector(A.reshape (dim_vector(A.length())))

any(~isfinite(A)) A.any_element_is_inf_or_nan()


B.stack(C) octave_rand::distribution("uniform"); octave_rand::matrix(a,b) octave_rand::distribution("normal"); octave_rand::matrix(a,b) A.sumsq() A.sum(0) A.sum(1) A.prod(0) A.prod(1) A.cumsum(0)



sumsq(A) sum(A,1) sum(A,2) prod(A,1) prod(A,2) cumsum(A,1)





cumprod(A,2) size(A,1) size(A,2)

A.cumprod(1) A.rows() A.cols()

*Transpose, addition, and multiplication operations also apply to RowVector, ComplexRowVector, ColumnVector, and ComplexColumnVector data types
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Octave-Forge: CPPQuickReference

when the dimensions are in agreement. **The difference is due to the fact that arrays are zero-based in C++, but one-based in Octave. **The names of Octave internal functions, such as mx_el_gt, are not documented and are subject to change. Functions such as mx_el_gt may eventually be available at both the scripting level and in C++ under more common names such as gt.

Complex Matrix Operations

Operation Octave conjugate tranpose A' C++

Octave Class Reference

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