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Philippine womens university

School of International Relation and Diplomacy

Dean: Dr. Rosario G. Manalo
Tel no. (632) 526-8421 local 207 E-mail:

Courses Offered Master of Arts in Foreign Service Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Foreign Service Career Opportunities Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) staff members, officers, ministers, consuls, Ambassadors, trade, finance, labor, tourism and industry attaches of the Philippine government International Career Service in the United Nations (UN) and its systems Local staff/officer of foreign diplomatic establishments and multinational agencies Commentators and observers of international affairs in media Positions at tourism and hospitality management institutions Local staff/officers of multinationals and global companies Expat professionals of Philippine and global institutions NGO officers and executives of the Philippines and overseas Project Development Directors for International agencies Gender advocacy Professors and researchers in international studies Administrators in school of diplomacy and government Background The HZB School of International Relations and Diplomacy (HZBSIRD) is inspired by PWU alumna and Board of Trustees Chairperson Dr. Helena Z Benitez, whose lifelong career and enduring legacy in the field has been a great source of pride for the University. The HZB SIRD offers education to students who wish to pursue a career in Foreign Service, and to practitioners who wish to enhance their professional and work qualifications. The School likewise intends to share knowledge on International Relations, practiced in both government and private sector, and address the needs for diplomatic skills of officers and attaches coming from the Departments of Labor, National Defense, Finance, Tourism, Trade and Industry. In addition, the PWU Brand of Education develops in students love of country and heritage, respect for diversity, professional ethics and technical competence - invaluable traits for global citizenship, all eminently personified by Ambassador Helena Z Benitez.


Academic Programs
Graduate School Doctor of Philosophy in Education Doctor of Philosophy in Management Master of Arts in Education Specialization in: Supervision and Administration Computer-Aided Instruction Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Chemistry Master of Science in Management Engineering Master in Information Technology Master of Engineering Master of Science in Pharmacy Master of Arts in Theology Majors in: Pastoral Ministry Dogmatic Studies Vincentian Studies

College of Law Bachelor of Laws

College of Architecture Bachelor of Science in Architecture

College of Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Majors in: Financial Management Business Economics Marketing Management Operations Management Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

College of Education Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in: Special Education (SPED) Bachelor of Secondary Education Majors in: English Social Studies Mathematics Filipino MAPEH

College of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Bachelor of science in Computer Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Geology Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

College of Liberal Arts Bachelor of Arts Majors in: Economics Mass Communication Philosophy Political Science

College of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing

College of Pharmacy Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

College of Science Bachelor of Science in Biology Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Bachelor of Science in Information System Bachelor of Science in Psychology Associate in Computer Technology

National Service Training Program Citizen Military Service (CMS) Literacy Training Service (LTS) Civic Welfare Training Services (CWTS)

Basic Education Kindergarten 1 and 2 High School and Grade School (Boys and Girls) with Computer Subjects