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Northern Ireland-The impact of the Conflict

Factors involved: Social impact. Economic Impact and Political Impact -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Identify:Social Impact Describe: The Protestants and Catholics grow up in an atmosphere of tension and violence. They each received different education, each praising their own and condemning the deeds of the other. In addition, most of them live in separate residential areas. The violence in the country also means that the two groups of people believe that their own people were right and the other party was responsible for the conflict in Northern Ireland Explain: Thus young people of northern Ireland could grow up without meeting the other community. This has led to the lack of understanding between the two groups. This led to the growth of hatred and prejudices between the two groups of people. With Increased hostility, violence continued to rise. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Identify: Economic impact Describe: Prior to the conflict, many overseas companies in invested in Northern Ireland. Tourists came to the country as it was peaceful and attractive. Explain: As a result of the conflict. both foreign investments and tourism declined. People were afraid of their safety and did not want to come to northern Ireland. Investors were afraid to invest in N. Ireland This reduced the revenue (income) for northern Ireland, leading to economic slowdown. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Identify: Political impact Explain: Prior to the conflict, the NICRA organized several demonstrations to end discrimination against the Catholics.

The Civil Rights marches pressured the Northern Ireland government to pass anti-discrimination measures in Northern Ireland. Describe: As a result of the conflict, the government agreed to abolish (bring to an end to) the unequal voting system. After Bloody Sunday in 1972, an agreement was reached to introduce power-sharing between the Catholics and Protestants in 1988. However, this agreement had not been fully implemented as different political parities refused to share power. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Which of the above is the most important consequence of the conflict? I think that social segregation is the most important conflict. this is because social segregation leads to many young people in Northern Ireland growing up with hatred and prejudice towards the other community. With the rise of prejudice, there would be no end to in the conflict in Northern Ireland. If the prejudice could be overcome, there would be better understanding among the people. This would reduce violence, leading to grater reconciliation and greater success at both political reforms and the return of investments and tourists.