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Dear Customer, We know that your time is precious, youve got plenty of work to do and a tight project schedule to meet thats why we created Project Templates.co.uk. To help you complete project tasks faster, saving you time and effort. Rather than starting from scratch each time you start a project task, you can use our Project Templates to give yourself a head-start. You simply open our templates and fill in the gaps. Youll complete tasks faster and make your life much easier than before. You will save an enormous amount of time by using the templates, forms, tables, charts and reports included within the Project Templates - helping you to deliver projects on time and within budget. Our templates are totally unique, as theyve been written by experts and theyre pre-formatted ready to use now.

Project Management Manual

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Get a head start...

Delivering a project is a challenging job. Youve got a huge amount of work ahead of you and a limited amount of time within which to do it. To succeed, you really need a HEAD-START! Here are 5 reasons why our project templates will give you a head-start: 1. It tells you which deliverables you need to create 2. It explains how and when to create each deliverable 3. It provides pre-formatted templates for each deliverable 4. It includes the tables, forms and checklists for each deliverable 5. It has practical examples, tips and hints to help guide you. By using this template kit to give you a head-start, you can: 1. Create project documents quickly and easily 2. Constantly improve the quality of your deliverables 3. Produce deliverables faster than ever before In fact, more than 45,000 people in over 50 countries use these templates to get a head-start for their projects.

Project Management Manual

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Save time and effort

As well as giving you a head-start, our project templates will save you time and effort when creating deliverables. We all know that time is a scarce resource in a project. You have to produce your deliverables within a fixed schedule while managing change, risk and issues. Its no wonder Project Managers nearly pull their hair out! Here are 10 reasons why using project templates, can actually save time and effort. 1. Templates to create deliverables 2. Forms to resolve risks and issues 3. Checklists to measure success 4. Procedures to improve quality 5. Reports to communicate status 6. Logs to record project progress 7. Charts to control project change 8. Processes to monitor project delivery 9. Examples to gain knowledge 10. Plans to schedule tasks & resources

Project Management Manual

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Everything you need

In fact our Project Templates gives you everything you need to deliver your project successfully. It includes the following templates, forms, processes and checklists: Change Control Change Control Process Change Impact Form Change Request Form Change Request Register Communications & Requirements Project Change Process Communications Status Plan Communication Strategy Plan Communications Plan Template Cost & Finance Cost Baseline Expected Cash Flow Cost Control System Development Cost Change Request Initiation & Planning Acceptance Criteria Approval of Exception Plan Authorisation to Begin Initiation Authorisation to Begin Project Start Business Case Feasibility Report Guide to Assembling the PID Project Dependency Register Project Initiation Document Project Interfaces Worksheet Project Management Guidance Project Mandate Project Plan Project Portfolio Cost Estimating Checklist Cost Management Plan Cost Tracking Worksheet Functional Specification Template Communications Requirements Analysis Project Requirements Requirement Management Plan Generic Change Request Project Change Control Guidance Project Change Process

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Healthcheck Self Assessment Opportunity Form Precedence Diagramming Method Product Checklist Programme Brief Programme Business Case Programme Management Guidance Programme Mandate Programme Plan Project Blueprint Project Brief Project Charter Authorisation Project Charter Monitoring & Control Authorisation to Begin Next Stage Authorisation to Begin Project Delivery Authorise Tranche Delivery Document Review Form End Stage or Project Report Exception Report Template Investment Appraisal Sheet Project Monitoring & Controls Project Outcome Approval Form Stage or Exception Plan Customer User Acceptance Procurement Contract Performance Report Make or Buy Worksheet

Project WBS RACI Request for Proposal Sample Process Flowchart Simple Business Case Stage Plan Stakeholder Needs & Expectations Stakeholder Register Stakeholder Vision Analysis Statement of Work Short Form Statement of Work Vision Statement Work Request Form

Defect Tracking Pareto End Project Report End Stage Report Exception Report Follow On Action Recommendations Forward Activity Plan Off Specification Report Project Review by Consultant Release Exception Report Trend Analysis Chart Variance Analysis Worksheet

Purchase Order Request Form Purchase Order

Project Management Manual

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Procurement Contract Award Procurement Mgt Planning Checklist Product Descriptions Programme Mandate Programme Brief Vision Statement Project Blueprint Business Case Programme Organization Project Portfolio Benefit Profiles Stakeholder Management Strategy Issue Resolution Strategy Product Description Template Project Closure Benefit Realization Authorisation Benefits Profile Template Lessons Learned Log Lessons Learned Report Project Quality Control Chart Project Quality Plan Guidance Quality Log Project Reporting Checkpoint Report Daily Status Report

Vendor Selection Weighting

Stakeholder Map Planning and Control Strategy Resource Management Strategy Benefits Management Strategy Risk Management Strategy Quality Management Strategy Programme Plan Benefits Realization Plan Communications Plan Risk Log Issue Log

Post Implementation Review Report Post Project Review Report Project Close Authorisation Project Closure Checklist

Quality Management Plan Quality Matrix Quality Review Form

Project Board Agenda - Exception Project Board Agenda - Project Close

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Highlight Report Progress Report Project Highlight Report Project Board Agenda - End Stage Risk & Issue Management Cause and Effect Diagram Issue Capture Form Issue Register Issue Resolution Process Issue Resolution Strategy Probability Impact Matrix Project Risk Categorization Project Risk Prioritization Worksheet Quick Reaction Checklist for Issues Quick Reaction Checklist for Risks Schedules Activity Duration Estimating Activity Duration Gantt Chart Milestone Chart Project Scheduling Guideline Schedule Management Plan Schedule Variance Analysis Staff Management Programme Management Roles Prog. Role - Business Change Manager Prog. Role - Programme Manager Pro. Role - SRO

Project Board Agenda - Project Initiation Project Board Agenda - Project Start Status Review Meeting Schedule Work Results Guidelines

Rating Impacts for a Risk Risk Brainstorming Worksheet Risk Evaluation Worksheet Risk Identification SWOT Risk Management Process Risk Management Strategy Risk Register Risk Response Plan Risk Workaround Planning Worksheet

Tranche Schedule WBS Example Web Development Project Plan Work Package Description Work Package Template

Proj. Role - Senior Supplier Proj. Role - Senior User Proj. Role - UAT Manager Web Development Project Plan

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Proj. Role - Ambassador User Proj. Role - Project Assurance Proj. Role - Project Executive Proj. Role - Project Manager

Resource Requirements Worksheet Resource Usage Histogram Staffing Management Plan Staffing Requirements Skills

If you want to save time and effort making your life easier, then buy the Project Templates right now!

Project Management Manual

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Templates with a difference

These Project Management Templates are totally unique due to their:

Coverage: The templates fit neatly together to the entire Project Lifecycle. Depth: They describe in depth, how to complete step in the lifecycle. Quality: They have been professionally laid out have a high quality finish. Style: Theyre jargon-free, so they are easy to and even easier to use. Tools: Hundreds of charts, tables, forms, checklists and examples are included.





Achieve project success

Each template helps you to achieve project success by: Reducing the time taken to complete documents Improving the quality of your deliverables Giving you the tools needed to reduce risk Helping you control project scope Saving you money, effort and stress Helping you to deliver your project on time and under budget, achieving project management success.

Project Management Manual

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Project Management Manual

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