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Head Office: D-40, Zahid Square, Block 16, F.B.Area, Karachi Pakistan. Defense Campus: 7/C, Stadium Lane 1, Khayaban-e-Shamshir, Phase-V DHA, Karachi Pakistan. Gulshan Campus: Coming Soon ; Gulberg Campus: Coming Soon

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos offers Academic & Professional Courses. Authentic and Approved Certifications (2 Months) and Diplomas (6-12 Months) make students able to generate their resources of income and career building. Students judges by an inhouse or online examination. Weekend School of Certs & Diplos conduct their courses initially at Defense Campus and soon at Gulshan & Gulberg Campuses equipped of all facilities, including multimedia, computer systems, airconditioned rooms and technical expertise.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is owned the overall training facilitators in the various fields of professional education from basic to advance diplomas and certification courses. Weekend School is providing trainings in the field of Media Studies, Advertising, Business Management, Fashion Designing, Call Center, Finance & Project Management, Information Technology.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos has easy accessible location at Defense Area. We will start our more campuses in coming months in areas of Gulshan and Gulberg as well. Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is having clean environment with well equipped facilities including multimedia and computers. Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is open for all ages including youths, adults, senior citizens either belong to corporate world or school going kids. Courses are offer at reasonable course fees payable in easy installments. The certifications and diplomas are in process of affiliation with some leading training monitoring groups and government authorities.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is not an ordinary training center with a single objective is to generate money, Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is concentrated on social aspects of education as well by providing educational opportunities for the deprived sector in terms of skill generation and freelance culture. The main mission of Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is creating a mediator-ship between academia and private sector by generating resources for underprivileged youth.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is basically deliberated on Skill Generation activities by organizing special certification programs for the under deprived youth from rural areas of Pakistan and from the slum areas of Cosmo cities. The objective of skill generation also providing a platform for the youth from leading universities of the country and able them to coordinate with the practical world of industries. Weekend School of Certs & Diplos has been affiliated with the leading media and consulting groups of the country for providing skill based trainings and workshops.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos helps in selfemployment by providing skills . Self employment is working for one's self. Self-employed people can also be referred to as a person who works for himself/herself instead of an employer, but drawing income from a trade or business that they operate personally. To be self-employed is not the same as being a business owner: A business owner is not required to be hands-on with the day-to-day operations of his or her company, while a self-employed person has to utilize a very handson approach in order to survive.

Freelancing, a term commonly defined as an individual who sells his services for an organization or a client but has no permanent affiliation with any of the two rather he/she is hired on project to project basis. Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is promoting the culture of Freelance, by creating a linkage with private sector based on industries and business community. world has become a global village and you can earn money while working from home as a free lancer if you have a PC and and internet connection while working with any freelance website or organization.

Weekend School of Certs & Diplos faced quite tough time while supporting under privileged youth by providing expensive resources. So Weekend School of Certs & Diplos established a teams for different courses, trainings, certifications, skills comprises of 10 students each and in each team, fee charged from 7 students only, while 3 will get the free of cost education based services. These 3 students in each team has been belong to rural and slum areas of country.

Information transmitted to the trainee with presentation methods through PowerPoint slides. The Extreme Presentation method is a step-by-step approach for designing presentations of complex or controversial information in ways that drive people to action. It is based on extensive empirical research and has been pilot tested among leading corporations, including Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil, Kimberly-Clark, eBay, and Motorola. Presentation method comprises on: a. Lectures b. Audio-visual techniques

Hands-on methods refer to training methods that require the trainee to be actively involved in learning. a set of methods for 'applied ludology', a practical handson analysis and design methodology. It complements theories of games as systems with psychological theories of cognition and emotions. A sample of casual games is used to highlight the use of the methods. Presents a model that enables analysing the eliciting conditions for game-related emotions, such as suspense. These methods include: Simulations, Case studies, Role plays, Behavior modeling & Hobbies.


Group building is pursued via a variety of practices, and can range from simple bonding exercises to complex simulations and multi-day Group building retreats designed to develop a Group (including group assessment and group-dynamic games), usually falling somewhere in between. It generally sits within the theory and practice of organizational development, but can also be applied to sports teams, school groups, and other contexts. Involve trainees in Sharing ideas and experiences, Building group identity, Understanding interpersonal dynamics & Learning their strengths and weaknesses and of their co-workers.

Educational visits provide a safe and valuable experience for all involved. All schools also have a designated Educational Visits Coordinator who has received appropriate training in the planning of educational trips.

Visits of related trade shall be conducted. This activity helps trainees to understand: Real work environment, Questions and answer session with the professionals & Opportunities in the industry.

Weekend School of Certs and Diplos is offering different certification courses in Marketing Management, Media Studies, TV & Film Production and Fashion Designing. Certification Course and their codes are as follows:

Marketing Management Certificate Courses

Marketing management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Rapidly emerging forces of globalization have compelled firms to market beyond the borders of their home country making International marketing highly significant and an integral part of a firm's marketing strategy. Weekend School is providing specialized courses approved by leading business schools of Pakistan. WSC001 Advertising Creativity & Production
Minimum Requirement: Graduation Course Duration: 2 Months


Media Planning Expertise

Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months


Brand & Sales Management

Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months


Customer Service & Call Center

Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months

Media studies is an academic discipline and field of study that deals with the content, history and effects of various media; in particular, the 'mass media'. Along with Journalism based on practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience.

Media Studies Certificate Courses

WSC005 Mass Communication Expertise
Minimum Requirement: Matriculation Course Duration: 2 Months


Journalism & News Reporting

Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months

Filmmaking (often referred to in an academic context as film production) based on the process of making a film, from an initial story, idea, or commission, through scriptwriting, shooting, editing, directing and screening the finished product before an audience that may result in a television program.

Film Making Certificate Courses

WSC007 Film Making Techniques
Minimum Requirement: Graduation Course Duration: 2 Months


Documentary & Talk Show Specialization

Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months

Fashion design based on the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion today is a global industry, and most major countries have a fashion industry.

Fashion & Arts Certificate Course

WSC009 Fashion Designing Expertise
Minimum Requirement: Intermediate Course Duration: 2 Months

Weekend School of Certs and Diplos is offering special diplomas consisting on 4 month to 12 month duration breakuped in modules with practical application and special expertised lectures.

Course ID WSD001 Film / TV Production Diploma Course

Duration 6 Months
III Modules (Per Module 2 Months) Minimum Requirement: Graduation

Modules I Modules II Modules III

Pre Production (Scripting & Planning) Production (Direction & Equipments) Post Production (Editing & Releasing)

Course ID WSD002 Business Administration Diploma Course

Duration 12 Months
IV Modules (Per Module 3 Months) Minimum Requirement: Graduation

Modules I Modules II Modules III Modules IV

Research, Economics & Accounting Communication & Cost Accounting HRM, AFS & Strategic Management Marketing Management & Business Planning

Course ID WSD003 Fashion Designing Diploma Course

Duration 4 Months
II Modules (Per Module 2 Months) Minimum Requirement: Graduation

Modules I Modules II

Idea Sketching and Patterns Producing Garments & Marketing

Director, Weekend School of Certs & Diplos Secretary, Education, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Event Director, Karachi Advertising Festival Vice President, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group

Kamran Jawaid, BBA in Marketing, MBA in Advertising and MS in Media Sciences. He has 8+ years experience in Government Organization and Brand Management for Etisalat, PTCL, RoohAfza, Safi, Mechanzie & Co. and Bell Canada. He worked with Pakistani and Indian Media Gurus in several productions and became a first man in Pakistan for introducing Advertising Festival.

Fashion Head, Weekend School of Certs & Diplos Faculty, New Port Institute of Fashion Designing Member Advisory Board, Karachi Advertising Festival

Talha Shamim, Graduate from Iqra Institute of Fashion Designing and having experience to work with Fashion Legends like Vaneeza Ahmed, Nadia Hussain, HSY and also sharing his skills at New Port Institute as Faculty Member. He has presented and exhibit his collection in leading fashion platforms of Karachi and Lahore and pioneer in bringing European Nostalgic arts on the soil of Mughals.

Former Executive Director, PBA Pakistan Broadcast Association Faculty, Greenwich University, SZABIST, Dadabhoy Institute Member Advisory Board, Karachi Advertising Festival Advisor to CEO, Premier Corporation

As the first Executive Director of the Association of owners of country's broadcast media (TV channels and FM radio stations), he has the credit of nursing the Secretariat from nascence to adolescence. He has established Pakistan's first dedicated Business Unit for Media Research to cater to media and advertising industry.

President, Pakistan Advertising Practitioners Club PAPC Representing, Abby International Advertising Awards, India Representing, Cannes International Advertising Festival, France Advertising Head, Kohinoor Industries (TIBET)

A Professional name in the field of Practical and True Marketing i.e. Brand Management and Advertising. He is the first one, who brought Pakistani Advertising Industry on International platforms of Abby (Mumbai, India) and Cannes (France) and receiving appreciation for Pakistani Creativity.

It has been said that a classroom can have a "whole lot of teaching", a "whole lot of learning", or a "whole lot of nothing" going on. At Weekend School of Certs & Diplos, we realize that you come to a training course to LEARN. What is taught, is not nearly as important as what you learn and go back to work with. Everything we do is centered around maximizing the relevancy, the applicability, and the amount of what you learn at our training. We strive very hard to ensure that each of the topics and concepts covered in our courses, are relevant, and necessary. We avoid unnecessary theory, and instead explain the how's and why's of each concept in as direct and simple a way as possible. Our hands-on lab exercises are a primary component of all of our training courses. Labs are very well thought out and integrated into the overall training structure in a very methodical way. Some of the key goals of our lab exercises are to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Keep students interested. Enhance long-term retention of concepts & issues. Make concepts more applicable to real world applications. Allow flexibility for differing skill levels and goals. Ensure maximum interaction between students and Instructors. Make learning natural, easy, and fun.

In the real world, Technical personnel usually learn by seeing a problem, or raising a question and then finding the answer (or cause) to that problem. This 'natural' learning methodology is a keystone of our successful training. In our courses, the material is taught in a very purposeful sequence, such that students often find that the next question or concept they are wondering about - is the very next topic covered. We work very hard to sequence our courses so that they mirror this natural learning sequence.


Weekend School of Certs & Diplos is dream project by KamzKirz Media Marketing Group MMG, which is encompass of anthologized services related to Training & Development, Event Management, Marketing & Advertising, Media Productions and Business Consultancy. KamzKirz MMG is contemplated on T&D Activities and having a noteworthy name in the corporate industry with an competitive career in organizing business workshops at communal recognized venues or in-house set of connections. KamzKirz MMG is establsished on 27th September, 2008 (27th Ramadan, 1429 hj) under the leading guidance of highly experienced team of personnel, which will provide you high quality work with competitive terms. Following are the projects initiated by KamzKirz Media Marketing Group.


KamzKirz Media Marketing Group MMG is the only group, who brought Advertising Festival first time in Pakistan based on Cannes, London and Dubai Advertising Festival. Before 2010, only 19 countries in the world entertained Advertising Festival in their major city based on Advertising Industry. In 2010, KamzKirz MMG launched Karachi Advertising Festival at the business hub of Pakistan i.e. Karachi with 177 Accredited Advertising Agencies of the country. Karachi Advertising Festival comprises on Training Workshops, Panel Discussions, Special Seminars, University based Contests, Art Exhibition, Special Screening of Legendary TV Commercials and Documentaries dedicated to Advertising industry and Appreciating Awards.


KamzKirz Media Marketing Group MMG is brought Pakistans first online magazines dedicated to industries of Media comprises on Advertising, Marketing, Cinema, Television, Fashion, Arts, Exhibition and Festivals named as TGM The Great Media News. TGM is Bi-Monthly Newsletter available online Free-of-Cost with valuable stuff based on previews, reviews, interviews, articles, facts and coverage. TGM is objected for promoting media culture in educating manner with international standards.

KamzKirz MMG (Media Marketing Group), a name behind Pakistans first ever & Worlds 20th Advertising Festival Karachi Advertising Festival; has been started a series of workshop at Karachis leading institute of management sciences i.e. IBA Institute of Business Administration. The workshop comprises on PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Videos, Corporate Games and Course Material. The topics of workshop are marketing and advertising related and the workshops are FOC Free of Cost for the IBA Students. Prof. Ejaz Mian from IBA has supports for organizing the series of workshops at IBA. The lead trainer of these workshops is Mr. Kamran Jawaid (Managing Director, KamzKirz MMG and Event Director, Karachi Advertising Festival. The first workshop of the series on "Conceal Marketing" has been held on Februray 28, 2011 at IBA Main Campus (1150-1415). Concept and Term First Time Introduced by Kamran Jawaid. In Conceal Marketing, Kamran Jawaid combine Branded Entertainment, Ambush Marketing and Sports Marketing in One Basket. He discussed Ambush Marketing in relation with ICC World Cup 2011 Marketing. Conceal Marketing is the first term of Marketing Theory introduced by Kamran Jawaid in the workshop. He defined that Conceal Marketing is based on Hidden Marketing tactics based or support with known event either the entertainment or the sports. Kamran Jawaid defined Ambush marketing as a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee. Kamran Jawaid further added that Branded entertainment, also known as branded content or advertainment, is an entertainment-based vehicle that is funded by and complementary to a brand's marketing strategy. The purpose of a branded entertainment program is to give a brand the opportunity to communicate its image to its target audience in an original way, by creating positive links between the brand and the program. These projects are often the result of a content partnership between brands, producers and broadcasters. He also discussed Sports Marketing as one of the basic and important aspect of Conceal Marketing that Sports marketing is divided into three sectors. The first is the advertising of sport and sports associations such as the ICC Worldcup. The second concerns the use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes to promote various products. The third is the promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation. In the first case, the promotion is directly related to sports. In the second case, the products can but do not have to be directly related to sports. When the promotion is about sports in general, sports teams or sports events, the use of this kind of strategy is called Marketing of Sports.

KamzKirz MMG (Media Marketing Group), a name behind Pakistans first ever & Worlds 20th Advertising Festival Karachi Advertising Festival; has continue his workshop series at Karachis leading institute of management sciences i.e. IBA Institute of Business Administration by holding a seminar on Advertising Ethics and Role of PEMRA. The training comprises on PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Videos, Corporate Games and Course Material. Five research papers presented by different students of IBA under the supervision of Prof. Ejaz Mian and the Role of PEMRA Rules and Ordinance in maintaining Advertising Ethics presented by Kamran Jawaid (Vice President , KamzKirz MMG and Former Media Monitoring Officer, PEMRA) Kamran Jawaid expressed that 80% of Pakistani companies have a written Code of Ethics and probably 100% of you do too, if you gave it some thought and wrote it down. Ethics happen, or don't, in our relationships with others. Advertisers are in the business of communicating with thousands, even millions, of "others" all the time. That gives us thousands or millions of chances to practice what we believe every day. And try to get it right. Kamran Jawaid further elaborates that in Pakistan, many leading MNC and major brands involved in unethical advertising and violates the PEMRA Advertising Rules and Ordinance consciously or unconsciously. He took the examples TVCs of leading detergent brands, in which children involved in quite unethical behavior of putting off their pants in the name of sack race. He also discussed that being an Islamic State, in Pakistan, advertisement of contraceptives and hair removing creams are prohibited but we experienced their TVCs in our local channels even with foreign celebrities faces. He added that Sadly, the advertising industry has rarely cared to look beyond immediate marketing objectives. The argument in the industry is that it is the government's job to judge what is right and what is wrong. Shirking its own responsibility for regulation, the industry has belittled business values, and agencies have harmed their balance sheets. Is it any wonder society treats "advertising" like a dirty word? Do we have any right to question the public's dwindling respect for advertising professionals? And do we really need to hire research agencies to find out why seemingly brilliant ad campaigns flop?

In conclusion, Kamran Jawaid shared that extraordinary care must be granted in making advertisements in Pakistan, because our upcoming generations are technology freaks they love to watch television so advertisements must follow ethics in their messages because definitely it would be a first but a very effective step towards a stronger Pakistan.

KamzKirz MMG (Media Marketing Group) has conduct a series of lectures at 1st Karachi Advertising Festival by Leading Speakers of Town with having expertise in International Advertising. Speakers has been invited from India, USA, Chile and from own home land of Pakistan. Lectures has been delivered on variety of topics related to creativity, media planning, advertising and film making along with real life experience on major campaigns of the world.

Prof. Jamil Syed Former Executive Director, PBA Pakistan Broadcast Association
Mr. Jamil Syed has been discussed each and every step and terms of Media Planning along with Channel Selections, Time Slots and When & Where Queries in Media Buying. He has discussed the different aspects of Ups and Downs in the Advertising Industry of Pakistani. He present the complete timeline of industry and the basics of advertising". He has analyzed the Top 100 Pakistani TV Commercials by placing them on Advertising Balance of Justice and Corporate Responsibilities.

Neil Christy CEO, Headlion Advertising, NY, USA

Neil Christy made quite bold discussion on good and bad aspects of Pakistani and International Advertising. Neil Christy made an exclusive screenings of several known International Ad Films and his most successful Advertisement Campaigns. Mr. Neil Christy also enjoyed an active participation by the workshop attendees in the argument about Indian and Pakistani Culture. Neil Christy made the relevant logics behind the successful campaigns during the arguments.

Irfan Iftikhar Director, SAARC Media, Mumbai, India

Irfan Iftikhar discussed some of his mega projects in India including, Tata Indigo, Raymond, Faber and more. He also discussed his Ad Films in Pakistan. He faced a quite excite-full response by the workshop attendees. Workshop attendees made several queries including Indian costing, Mumbai FilmCity, Indian celebrities, Indian Advertising Gurus, Indian Production Houses and more. Mr. Irfan Iftikhar also discussed Power of Jingle and he played several memorable jingles along with new creations.

Moin Qureshi CEO, Creative Headquarter, Karachi, Pakistan

Moin Qureshi has discussed the different levels of Creativity and Concepts behind successful campaigns. He create a lively environment with his open criticism on bad and open appreciation on good campaigns in his own view. He has taken a live example from the industry and also conduct executive games for briefing the logic behind successful campaigns.

Kamran Jawaid Vice President, KamzKirz MMG & Event Director, Karachi Advertising Festival
Kamran Jawaid He comprises the Production Sequence under the heads of Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Releasing. Under the Five Heads of Production Sequence he discussed the 24 Steps from Idea to Final Release. Kamran Jawaid also discussed the different aspects in differentiation between 3 hours Full Length Film and 30 Seconds Ad Film.

KamzKirz MMG (Media Marketing Group) has invited several big names from own Pakistani industry of media and also has been a part of leading media groups and societies by inviting known faces from Indian Media. Following are some of the major names with their brief intros.

Bhatt Camp
Indias leading directors Mahesh Bhatt (Vishesh Films) & Pooja Munshi Bhatt (Fish Eye Network)

Jehan Ara Hai

Vice President, APWA & Leading TV Actress and Known Face in Pakistani Ad Films

Manisha Koirala
Indias leading film actress famed by Mani Ratnams Dil Se & Lajja. She had attend Taj Mahal Premier in Karachi.

Fatima Surriya Bajiya

Legendary Script Writer of Pakistan & Former Advisor to Chief Minister, Sindh, Pakistan.

Sudhir Mishra
Indias known film director, critically acclaimed by Kareena Kapoor starrer Chameli & Traffic Signal

Akbar Khan & Team Shoab Mansoor

Leading Film & TV Producer, Director, famed by Khuda kay Liyee & his recent releasing of BOL Taj Mahals Producer & Director, Akbar Khan has been invited at Taj Mahals Premier along with Feroz Khan, Fardeen Khan, Syed Zulfi and Sonia Jehan.

Saqib Malik
Known Ad Film Director of Pakistan and now Film Director too by directing Love Mein Ghum

Anupam Kheer
Indias well known Film Actor, won several awards by Mein Ne Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara

Imran Ashraf
President, Pakistan Advertising Practitioner Club & Rep. Ad Oscar Abby International Advertising Awards, India

Subhash Ghai
Indias most famed film director (Mukta Films), brought Khal Nayak, Pardees, Iqbal and many more.

IBA Faculty
Leading Professors of IBA, Prof. Ejaz Mian and Prof. Dr. Kamran Siddiqi. IBA is Pakistans leading business institute.

Ajay Devgan & Vishal Bharadwaj

Indias Super Star Ajay Devgan hit films like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. And Vishal Bh. famed by Omkara, Yuva & 7 Khoon Maaf

The Major Training expertise are provided by KamzKirz Media Marketing Group and Weekend School of Certs & Diplos availed by following clientele. The following mentioned groups has been attended educational services offered by KamzKirz Media Marketing Group and Weekend School of Certs & Diplos and also invited for In-House Trainings.

The Procedure is Crystal Clear and easy to apply. The fee is received in advance for overall course tenure and non refundable. After registration, there is an interview for selection and after having selection, Weekend School will allow the candidate for admission. Brochures and Forms are easily available online. The procedure in bullets are as follows: ADMISSION PROCESS: Download the Registration Form Fill up and Submit the Registration Form at campus of Weekend School Submit Pay Order Worth Rs. 500 (Registration Fee) Then weekend School will call the candidate for Interview After being selected on Interview, Admission Form will be issued Fill up and Submit the Admission Form with Full Course Fee (accordingly)

PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Prepare Pay Order in favor of KamzKirz Media Marketing Group Enclose the Pay Order with Registration/Admission Form Submit at campus of Weekend School Fees are Non Refundable

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