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Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

Praise belongs to Allah Lord of All the Worlds. Praise to the One Who has completed Islam. Blessed is He Who sent the last Messenger as a bearer of good news and a cautionary against the dreadful punishment for the disbelievers, the sinners, the hypocrites and the innovators.

Unfortunately, today is the era of blogging, Tweets, Facebook, Wordpress and forums, all of which have become a surgical instrument for misguidance, slander and ignorance. The youth are far away from sound Islamic knowledge and information. Many have involved themselves in issues which are nowhere near their feeble way of thinking.

I have compiled a chapter in ," Fiqh among the 4 Imams", the Manhaj section. The total compilation has Fiqh, Manners, Aqeedah and Manhaj. No one who loves Islam, the Sunnah and the Salafy Manhaj denies the rank of these four contemporary ImamsBin Baz, Al-Albani, Al-Uthaymeen and Muqbil (May Allah have mercy on them). The common folk who surf the net, and trip on these vicious sites, need a quick reference point. Therefore, I have provided simple guides which can assist someone in knowing the correct answers to their questions, which have become modern confusion. Finally, I ask to accept this small deed for my scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgment.

Translated and compiled by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle Sr. Doha, Qatar 1432

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

Jarh wa Ta'dil Today?

These four Imams of the Sunnah all view that Jarh wa Ta'dil exists today and isnt something that has come to an end. The scholars who say it's ended are referring to the Isnad, because the men in the chain have all been recorded. In regards to refuting Ahlil Bidah then its wajib. Some ulema call Jarh wa Ta'dil; An-Naseehah. Bin Baz: Criticizing and Tajreeh (declaring someone unrealizable) is a duty for the people of knowledge against the person who deserves it. This act serves as advice for the ummah, a warning from innovation and specific deviations. Criticizing and Tajreeh is similar to the acts of the past and present scholars. Al-Albani: The flag bearer of Jarh wa Ta'dil in our time is our brother Shaykh Rabee Al-Uthaymeen : Was asked, " It's being said we advise and dont criticize ( ) the mistakes of Ahlil Bidah. He answered, " This is wrong. We ( ) criticize and declare the person who deviates from the truth as unreliable. Muqbil: I dont take pleasure or find ease in talking about people; however this is from the section of brotherly advice in Islam.

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

The Principle "Let's work together in things we agree on, and excuse each other in the things we differ"
These four mountains of knowledge all viewed this principle to be false. Included in this principle in meaning is the phrase Ali Hasan and company babble. "Let's not let our differing about people, be a reason for us to differ" Bin Baz: "It's a must for us to work together in what we agree on in supporting the truth and calling to it. Furthermore, we work together in warning about what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited. As for excusing each other in what we differ, then this isnt in general. It requires more explanation and detail. Al-Albani: The people who say this principle are the first to oppose it. We have no doubt the first part of this phrase is correct in meaning. It's taken from the verse, "Work together in righteousness and piety." Nonetheless, the second part of this slogan requires restriction. Al-Uthaymeen:" Let's work together in what agree on" this is correct. However the second part of this saying needs explanation." Muqbil: "This Principle is one of the greatest causes of corruption and evil.

Protests and Demonstrations

These four Imams were of the same mind that Protests and Demonstrations are evil, sinful, and bring no good. Bin Baz: Marches, Protest and Demonstrations arent good. They arent from the way of the Salaf. Al-Albani: Going out for protests and demonstrations resemble the disbelievers. "Is it correct to think that these protests change the government and system?" I dont think so! How many protests has there been where people have died?! Then in the end everything remains the way it was before the protest. Al-Uthaymeen: Follow the Salaf. If this occurred doing the time of the Salaf , then there is some good in this action. Conversely, if it was non-existent during their era, then it's evil. No doubt protesting is evil. Muqbil: Protesting and demonstrations are an innovation.

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

Al-Muwazzinah (counterbalancing)- mentioning someone's good when criticizing himThere is a consensus on not mentioning the criticized person's good when rebuking him among these four scholars. Bin Baz: "It is a must for the people of knowledge to obstruct Bid'ah and sin with evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. This has to be done with mentioning the rewards for good deeds and punishment for bad ones, along with good manners. However, it isnt obligatory to mention the innovators good." Al-Albani: This is the way of the innovators. When scholars talks about a hadeeth narrator, they say , "He had a weak memory" Did they mention he was Muslim? Did they mention he was pious, a scholar or a Faqeehah? Where do they get this idea that you must mention their good? This approach is really amazing! Allahu Akbar.

Refuting Ahlul Bidah by name

These four Imams agree it's permissible and at times obligatory to mention the people of misguidance and innovation by name. When it was obligatory to mention the names of the innovators these four present-day Imams did so. Below are some of the names they considered to be Innovators, ignorant or just plain evil and astray. May Allah save us!

Bin Baz: Usamah ibn Laden, Safar Al-Hawali, Salman Owdah and in Sayyid Qutb's books there is shameful and repulsive speech. Al-Albani: Sayyib Qutb wasnt an Alim or a person of Fiqh. Al-Uthaymeen: Ikwanul Muslimoon , Jamaatul Tableegh. Muqbil: Ayid Qarni, Usamah bin Laden, Muhammad Hasan, Abdur Rahman Abdul Khaliq, Abdul Majeed Az-Zindani.

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

Sitting with Ahlil Bidah and breaking into Groups

These scholars have the same opinion that it's not permissible for the Muslims to break off into groups. Allah has prohibited splitting. Bin Baz : Whoever differs from the belief of Ahlus Sunnah enters in the seventy two sects. Jamaatul Tableegh and Ikwan are among those 72 sects, along with the murji'a and Khawarij. Al-Albani: We dont believe these groups and parties are on the straight path. On the contrary, we are absolutely certain that they are on the path which Shaytaan invites people to follow. Al-Uthaymeen: What is this idea, all of us can unite, Ahlus Sunnah and Ahlul Bidah against enemies of Islam!!! Muqbil: Splitting is Haraam.

Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadi Al-Madkhalee

These Imams from Ahlus Sunnah hold Shaykh Rabee to be an Imam in defending the Sunnah and refuting the people of innovation. However none of them considered him to be infallible. Bin Baz: "Fear Allah! Shaykh Rabee is an Imam of the Sunnah

Al-Albani : " I have read the books of Shaykh Rabee and I find them very valuable . In fact, I didnt find a single mistake inside of them, or anything that contradicts the Minhaj. Al-Uthaymeen : " Ask him about my condition"

Muqbil: "I advise you brothers to read the books from our brother Shaykh Rabee ibn Hadi. By Allah's will he has insight about partisanship and is able to expose a Hizbee by having a simple discussion with him.

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

Ikwanul Muslimoon
These four Imams agree totally that Ikwanul Muslimoon are Hizbees. Bin Baz: "The Ikwanul Muslimoon movement has been criticized by the people of knowledge. Reason being, they arent active in calling to Tawheed and preventing Bidah and Shirk. They have a special way of giving dawah, which doesnt include calling Islam and correct belief that Ahlus Sunnah hold.

Al-Albani: Our Minhaj is different from the Minhaj of Ikwanul muslimeen.

Al-Uthaymeen: It's wrong to divide this nation up into groups. This one belongs to Ikwan and this one to Tableegh.

Muqbil: We believe that the Dawah of Ikwanul Muslimeen is useless, inappropriate and doesnt have the ability to cultivate a society.

Jamaatul Tableegh
These four died on the same page in reference to Jamaatul Tabeeligh being a group of misguidance. Bin Baz: Jamaatul tableegh doesnt have any insight in the Aqeedah. It's not permissible to go out with them.

Al-Albani: Jamaatul Tableegh doesn't possess the correct belief or a knowledge base methodology.

AL-Uthaymeen : It has reached me that the leaders at the head of Jamaatul Tableegh have deviations in their belief. Hence, if this is true its a must to warn against them.

Muqbil : " We say to them their Dawah is dead. Your dawah is sick.

Fiqh among the 4 Imams-Manhaj

This is our Dawah- Shaykh Muqbil Protests on the Islamic scale: Abdur Rahman Ash-Shitri Majmu Fatawa of Uthaymeen Seeyanatus Salafeeyah- Shaykh Ahmed Bazmoul Durur Fawa-id from Shaykh Muqbil's classes by Abu Hammam Muhammad Al-Baydanee Bin Baz's Principles in refuting Ahul bidah- Faisal Al-Jassim Siisilah huda wa nur-Al-Albani Taarif ala Jamaatul Tableegh-Shaykh Sultan Eid. Irshad ulu al-bab ila Hukum Ta'adad Al-Manahaj li dawah wal ahzab- Abdullah An-Najmee

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